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The Canadian Corporate Elite
An Analysis of Economic Power

Clement, Wallace
Publisher:  McClelland and Stewart, Canada
Year Published:  1975  
Pages:  479pp   ISBN:  0-7710-9789-1
Dewey:  301.51
Resource Type:  Book

An exhaustive study of the concentration and perpetuation of economic power in Canada.


Table of Contents

Editor's Foreword
Foreword by John Porter
List of Tables
List of Appendices

Chapter One: Themes and Issues in the Study of Corporate Capitalism
Chapter Two: Socio-Economic Forces, Institutions and Elites in Canada's Development
Chapter Three: Parasites, Satellites and Stratification: Current Trends in Canada's Economy
Chapter Four: Structured Inequality: Dominant Corporations and Their Interlocks
Chapter Five: Inequality of Access (I): Careers, Class Origins and Avenues to the Economic Elite
Chapter Six: Inequality of Access (II): The Private World of Powerful People
Chapter Seven: The Media Elite: Gatekeepers of Ideas
Chapter Eight: Structure and Concentration of Canada's Mass Media
Chapter Nine: The Corporate Elite: Economic and Ideological Power
Chapter Ten: Public and Private Power in a Liberal-Democracy



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