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The Muckraker's Manual
How To Do Your Own Investigative Reporting

Harry, M.
Publisher:  Loompanics Unlimited
Year Published:  1980  
Pages:  144pp  
Book Type:  Handbooks/Manuals

Dewey:  070.449
Resource Type:  Book

The skills of investigative reporting described for non-journalists.


Table of Contents

Forward: From The Author
Chapter 1: Investigative Reporting, Fact & Fiction
Chapter 2: What to Look For
Chapter 3: Do Your Homework
Chapter 4: Developing "Inside Sources"
Chapter 5: Documents: Your Gold Mine
Chapter 6: Who Are You… When
Chapter 7: Interviewing Techniques
Chapter 8: Infiltration
Chapter 9: Special Sources
Chapter 10: Information Analysis
Chapter 11: When To Stop An Investigation
Chapter 12: Protecting Sources
Chapter 13: Can You Prove It?
Appendix 1: Harry's Laws
Appendix 2: Editing For Accuracy
Appendix 3: The Public Investigator's Library
Appendix 4: A Recommended Resource


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