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Civil Society in Question

Swift, Jamie
Publisher:  Between the Lines, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1999  
Pages:  170pp   ISBN:  1-896357-24-5
Library of Congress Number:  JC336.S94 1999   Dewey:  301
Resource Type:  Book

Civil Society ranks as flavour of the month among community volunteers, academics and policy makers. Many view it as a key concept in the struggle against poverty and for social justice and democracy. Is civil society anything more than a projection of our desires, a chameleon concept that can mean all things to all people? Does it risk being co-opted beyond recognition and usefulness?


Table of Contents

Foreword - Richard Harmston


1. Introduction: Unpacking the Conceptual Ragbag
2. The Politics of Helping People: Canada and Sri Lanka
3. From Enlightenment to Globalization: A Historical Passage
4. "As Long as People are People": Voluntarism, Government, and Politics
5. Dams, Jeeps, and People-Centred Development: The South Asian Experience
6. Conclusion: Towards the "Double Movement"



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