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Getting the Whole Story
Reporting and Writing the News

Gibbs, Cheryl; Warhover, Tom
Publisher:  The Guilford Press, New York, USA
Year Published:  2002  
Pages:  451pp   ISBN:  1-57230-795-1
Book Type:  Handbooks/Manuals

Library of Congress Number:  PN4781.P525 2002   Dewey:  070.4'3-dc21
Resource Type:  Book

Abstract:  Gibbs and Warhover are American academics. This book is an introductory text for the American newspaper stream in colleges. It covers the five Ws plus How, beats, a bibliography for further reading, and exercises for the classroom or assignments. It looks into gathering information, conducting interviews, framing stories, writing organized articles, working with editors (in a positive vein: no horror or confrontation or personnel stories), photographers, public service (=Yankee) journalism. All examples are US, with AP style, US libel laws, etc. There is the obligatory section on grammar, spelling, tips and advice.

Some interesting facts: why this book? From the opening, "Our goal was to create a textbook that puts the "whys" of journalism together with the "hows"". I have the easy answer, since students are not stupid: DISCIPLINE.

What I don't like about this resource: I checked the index, and there were NO entries for Internet, email, web, Usenet, discussion group, forum. There was one page reference to "online editor". Research has a few entries#Hello? Hello?

What I do like about this resource: "further reading" is broken into categories "in print" and "on the web"#hello? hello? why is this here if the book doesn't talk about the Internet?

Quality-to-Price Ratio: 51 for us in Canada, 79 for Americans, 82 for newspaper streamers.

[Review by Dean Tudor]


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