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Event Planning

Allen, Judy
Publisher:  Wiley, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  2000  
Pages:  303pp   ISBN:  0-471-64412-9
Library of Congress Number:  AS6.A44 2000   Dewey:  658.4
Resource Type:  Book

A blueprint for planning and executing special events with flair and without any unexpected surprises and expenses.

Abstract:  Event Planning is a guide that covers all the details from start to finish of holding an event of any kind. It covers every consideration at every step, and proves useful to both amateur planners and veterans. It is full of tips of the trade, sample charts, lists of things to remember, examples of task delegation, and case studies. The focus is on business events, but other special events and gatherings can be improved by looking at these tips. The appendixes contain sample cost sheets, payment schedules, and function sheets, and more resources can be found at the companion
web-site. The book is meant to be used as a working tool for organizing events.

Chapters include: The First Steps (Initial Planning and Budgeting); Organization and Timing; Location, Location, Location; Transportation; Guest Arrival; Venue Requirements; Who's it All For?; Food and Beverage; and Other Considerations. The guide walks through the planning process from beginning to end and includes examples of situational problems that can be avoided, but are the last thing a planner would think of. This is a blueprint for not only the planning of an event but everything involved in its execution. The guide was designed to make sure the reader's event could come off without a hitch.

Events that can benefit from this guide include business meetings, weddings, product launches, corporate events, fund raisers, conferences, conventions, and premieres. Specific tips are added for these types of events and more. Differences in venue, timing and budget for each type of event is also described. According to the author, any company holding any event can learn something from Event Planning.

[Abstract by Mia Manns]

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The First Steps: Initial Planning and Budgeting
How Much Can You Spend
The Purpose of the Event
Initial Planning
Budget Breakdown

Chapter 2. Organization and Timing
Critical Path
Function Sheets
Timing is Everything
The Time of the Day and the Day of the Week
Date Selection

Chapter 3. Location, Location, Location
Site Selection
Location Requirements
Hotels and Convention Centres
Restaurant, Private Venues, Catering
Location: Q&A
Gala Openings in New Venues

Chapter4: Transportation
Motor Coaches
Transportation: Q&A

Chapter 5: Guest Arrival
Weather Considerations
Arrival & Weather Considerations: Q &A
Fanfare: Q&A
Registration: Guest Pass Security and Ticket Pick-up
Registration: Q&A

Chapter 6: Venue Requirements
Staging, Audio-Visual, Lighting
Staging, Audio-Visual, Q&A
Room Requirements: Q&A

Chapter 7: Who's It All For?
The Guest List
Media: Q&A
Children At Your Event

Chapter 8: Food and Beverage
Menu Planning

Chapter 9: Other Considerations
Entertainment; Q&A
Photographer: Q&A
Themes and Programs
Final Touches

It's a Wrap
Applause! Applause!
Your Nest Event

Appendix A: Sample Cost Sheets

Appendix B: Sample Payment Schedules

Appendix C: Sample Function Sheets



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