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Atlantic Canada and Confederation
Essays in Canadian Political Economy

Alexander, David G. (compiled by Eric. W. Sager, Lewis R. Rischer, Stuart O. Pierson)
Publisher:  University of Toronto Press, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1983  
Pages:  150pp   ISBN:  0-8020-2487-4
Library of Congress Number:  HC117.A8A43   Dewey:  330.9715
Resource Type:  Book

In these essays, Alexander maintains that there was an economic basie for the provinces of Atlantic Canada in the resources of the region and the genious of its people. He affirms the integrity and viability of the small society and culture in the economic blocs and political federations of the modern world.


Table of Contents

Introduction: The Essays -
David Alexander: A Reminiscence
1. Development and Dependence in Newfoundland 1880 - 1970
2. The Political Economy of Fishing in Newfoundland
3. Canadian Regionalism: A Central Problem
4. Economic Growth in the Atlantic Region 1880 - 1940
5. New Notions of Happiness: Nationalism, Regionalism, and Atlantic Canada
6. Old and New Money
7. The Erosion of Social Democracy in Canada
8. Literacy and Economic Development in 19th Century Newfoundland
9. Convocation Address, Memorial University of Newfoundland

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