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Ackroyd, Peter
Publisher:  Quality Paperbacks Direct, London, United Kingdom
Year Published:  1995  
Pages:  400pp  
Resource Type:  Book

A biography of William Blake.


Table of Contents


1. O why was I born with a different face?
2. The Whole Bible is fill'd with Imagination and Visions
3. All that we see is Vision
4. I devoted myself to Engraving in my Earliest Youth
5. Each Identity is Eternal
6. A Temple built by Albions Children
7. We do not want either Greek or Roman Models
8. My eyes are always upon thee
9. The Ocean of Business
10. And so he was quiet
11. From Lambeth we began our Foundations
12. The crushing Wheels
13. Jerusalems Inner Court
14. Eyes of fury
15. Walking among the fires
16. The Bible of Hell
17. Newtons sleep
18. Go on and on
19. Felphams Vale
20. Scofield the Accuser
21. Despair
22. Organized and minutely articulated
23. Arise with Exultation
24. I (was) am hid
25. Not drawing, but inspiration
26. The words fly about the room
27. I will arise
28. The Imagination which Liveth for Ever



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