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The Brain Booster
Your Guide to Rapid Learning and Remembering

Finkel, Robert W.
Publisher:  Prentice Hall
Year Published:  1983  
Pages:  198pp   ISBN:  0-13-080895-4
Library of Congress Number:  BF385.F54   Dewey:  153.1
Resource Type:  Book

Techniques and exercises in organization, visualization and association that can dramatically increase your ability to absorb a large amount of information and remember it clearly.


Table of Contents

About this Unique Book

1. About Techniques
2. Questions and Answers
3. Your Mind's Eye
4. Application: Remembering People
5. Application: Vocabulary, Languages, Terminology
6. Telescopic Thinking
7. Application: Chemical Structures
8. Application: Equations
9. Better Learning
10. Mapping Thoughts
11. Reading
12. Application: Writing
13. On Notes
14. The Brain
15. Memory Pegs
16. Application: Speech Making
17. Application: Listening and Viewing
18. S.O.S. for Problem Solving
19. Application: Teaching with Techniques
20. Numbers
21. Perspective



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