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Don't Forget!
Easy Exercises for a Better Memory At Any Age

Lapp, Danielle C.
Publisher:  McGraw-Hill Book Company, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1987  
Pages:  253pp   ISBN:  0-07-036373-0
Library of Congress Number:  BF371.L256   Dewey:  153.1'4
Resource Type:  Book

Exercises for memory training.


Table of Contents


Part One: Clearing the Way to Concentration
Chapter One: A Few Facts About Memory
Chapter Two: How Memory Works
Chapter Three: Memory, Aging, and Mental Attitudes
Chapter Four: Relaxation

Part Two: Improving Concentration
Chapter Five: Imagery and Visualization
Chapter Six: Sensory Awareness
Chapter Seven: Selective Attention

Part Three: Improving Organization
Chapter Eight: Association Techniques
Chapter Nine: Memorizing Names and Faces
Chapter Ten: First Things First: How to Remember a List in Order
Chapter Eleven: Reading for Keeps
Chapter Twelve: Numbers
Chapter Thirteen: Foreign Languages
Chapter Fourteen: Absentmindedness

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