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The Faltering Economy
The Problem of Accumulation Under Monopoly Capitalism

Foster, John Bellamy; Szlajfer, Henryk
Publisher:  Monthly Review Press, New York, USA
Year Published:  1984  
Pages:  357pp   ISBN:  0-85345-604-6
Library of Congress Number:  HB501.F26   Dewey:  330.12'2
Resource Type:  Book

The essays in this volume are part of a radical attempt to grapple with the problems of advanced capitalist development without discarding the real theoretical breakthroughs made by Keynes.


Table of Contents

Editors' Introduction

PART I - Monopoly Theory and Marxian Economics
Paul M. Sweezy: Monopoly and the Theory of Value
Paul M.Sweezy: Competition and Monopoly
Paul M. Sweezy: Some Problems in the Theory of Capital Accumulation
John Bellamy Foster: Investment and Capitalist Maturity

PART II - Income Distribution and Inflation
Michal Kalecki: Class Struggle and the Distribution of National Income
Maurice Dobb: A Note on distribution and the Price Mark-Up
Howard Sherman: Inflation, Unemployment, and the Contemporary Business Cycle
Harry Magdoff: A Note on Inflation

PART III - Excess Capacity, Effective Demand, and Accumulation
Michal Kalecki: The Mechanism of the Business Upswing
Paolo Sylos-Labini: The Problem of Effective Demand with Tugan-Baranovski and Rosa Luxemburg
Michal Kalecki: The Marxian Equations of Reproduction and Modern Economics
Josef Steindl: On maturity in the Capitalist Economies
Josef Steindl: Stagnation Theory and Stagnation Policy
John Bellamy Foster: The Limits of U.S. Capitalism: Surplus Capacity and Capacity Surplus

PART IV- Monopoly profits and Economic Surplus
Jacob Morris: Profit Rates and Capital Formation in American Monopoly Capitalism
Paul M. Sweezy: Marxian Value Theory and Crises
Ron Stanfield: A Revision of the Economic Surplus Concept
Henryk Szlajfer: Economic Surplus and Surplus Value Under Monopoly Capitalism

PART V - Productive and Nonproductive Labor
Henryk Szlajfer: Waste, Marxian Theory, and Monopoly Capital: Toward a New Synthesis

PART VI- The State and Crisis
John Bellamy Foster: Marxian Economics and the State


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