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How Real is Real?
Confusion, Disinformation, Communications

Watszlawkiek, Paul
Publisher:  Vintage Books, New York, USA
Year Published:  1976  
Pages:  266pp  
Dewey:  301.14
Resource Type:  Book


Table of Contents


Part I - Confusion
1. The trials of Translation
2. Paradoxes
3.The Benefits of Confusion
The case of Clever Hans
The Clever Hans trauma
Subtle power
"Extrasensory perception"

Part 11- Disinformation
4. Noncontingency,
or the Emergence of World Views
The neurotic horse
The superstitions rat
The more complicated, the better
The multi-armed bandit
5. Randomness and Rules "Psychic" powers
6. Punctuation
7. Semantic Punctuation
Where everything is true, and so is its contrary
8. The "Divine Experimenter"
The windshield mystery
The Orleans rumor
9. Experimental Disinformation
Herr Slossenn Boschen's song
Candid Camera
10.The Emergence of Rules
The Prisoner's Dilemma
What I think that he thinks that I think...
How to make a threat stick, and how to unstick it
The threat that cannot reach its target
The threat that cannot be obeyed
13.Deception in Intelligence Work
Operation Mincemeat
Operation Neptune
14. TheTwo Realities

PART 111 - Communication
15. The Chimpanzee
Sign language
Project Sarah
16. The Dolphin
17. Extraterrestial Communication
Project Ozma
Suggestions for a cosmic code
Radioglyphs and Lincos
A message from the year 11,000 B.C.?
The Pioneer 10 plaque
Unimaginable realities
18. Imaginary Communication
Newcomb's Paradox
19. Time Travel
20. The Perennial Now

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