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The Mistress Condition

Breslin, Catherine
Publisher:  E.P. Dutton & Co., New York, USA
Year Published:  1976  
Pages:  248pp   ISBN:  0-8415-0431-8
Library of Congress Number:  HQ800.B63 1976   Dewey:  301.41'2
Resource Type:  Book

A look at some [American] women who live outside of conventional marriage.


Table of Contents

The Mistress Condition: What Is It?
Patch-Testing: Who Are the Mistresses?
How Did They Get That Way?
The Pleasures ...
... And the Pains
The Dreams
How Much Does Money Matter?
Freedom: How Does It Work?
The Big Three: Money, Power, and Sex
A Mistress in Spite of Herself
Combusting the Garbage
But What about the Kids?
And Ultimately - the Men


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