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Prejudices: A Selection

Mencken, H.L.
Publisher:  Vintage Books, New York, USA
Year Published:  1955   First Published:  1919
Pages:  258pp  
Dewey:  191
Resource Type:  Book

Essays by H.L. Mencken.


Table of Contents

Part I: From Prejudices: First Series
1. Criticism of Criticism of Criticism
2. George Ade
3. The Genealogy of Etiquette
4. The Ulster Polonius
5. George Jean Nathan
6. 3 American Immortals

Part II: From Prejudices: Second Series
7. Roosevelt: An Autopsy
8. The Sahara of the Bozart
9. The Cerebral Mime
10. The Cult of Hope

Part III: From Prejudices: Third Series
11. On Being an American
12. Huneker: A Memory
13. The Nature of Liberty
14. Memorial Services
15. The King
16. The Dismal Science
17. Patriotism
18. Virtue

Part IV: From Prejudices: Fourth Series
19. The Husbandman
20. The Politician
21. On Government
22. The Capital of a Great Republic
23. Bilder aus Schöner Zeit

Part V: From Prejudices: Fifth Series
24. Conrad
25. Lardner
26. Heretics
27. On Living in Baltimore
28. The Champion
29. Definition

Part VI: From Prejudices: Sixth Series
30. Journalism in America
31. On Controversy
32. The Emperor of Wowsers
33. Hymn to the Truth
34. Chiropractic
35. The Executive Secretary

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