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The Psychic Grid
How We Create the World We Know

Bruteau, Beatrice
Publisher:  Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton, USA
Year Published:  1983   First Published:  1979
Pages:  272pp   Price:  $6.50   ISBN:  0-8356-0531-0
Library of Congress Number:  BP565 B82P76   Dewey:  121
Resource Type:  Book


Table of Contents

1. Helplessness and the Quest for Certainty
Forces Beyond Our Control
To Preserve Our Sanity
A Comfortable Consciousness

2. The Boundaries of the Possible
A Kantian Cosmos
Scientific Snobbery
The Fact Is, It's Only a Probability

3. The Psychic Grid
We Live in Different Worlds
The Triode Image
Power and Blindness

4. Our Necessary Superstitions
The Superstanding Psychic Grids
Perceiving is Believing
We Mean What We Say

5. The Conviction Community
Our Words Are Our Bonds
"Everybody Tells Me So"
"It Doesn't Matter What You Believe"
A Community's Conviction Is Its Castle

6. Alternative States of Consciousness
We Change Our Minds Every Day
How the Other Half Lives
Adventures in Dreamland
Out of This World

7. What Is Real?
The Desire for Reality
The Infinite Intercommunicating Universe
Is Nobody Ever Wrong?
Grids in Collision

8. Feedback Loops
A Moebius Strip Reality
The Initiative of the Anode
Your Freedum Shall Make Your Truth

9. The Gridmaker
Pro Creation
Tuning the Grid
Out of the Groove

10. Creation with Care
Making Up Our Minds
Caveat Creator
At Home in the Relatively Absolute Universe




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