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Putting Power in its Place
Create Community Control!

Plant, Judith; Plant, Christopher
Publisher:  New Society Press/New Catalyst Bioregional Series
Year Published:  1992  
Pages:  137pp   Price:  $9.95   ISBN:  1-55092-159-2
Resource Type:  Book

Essays arguing for the devolution of government and putting forward workdable models, many of them tested in practice, of how we might restructure society to better represent the full diversity of its parts. Watershed stewartship, community forest boards, local currencies, and eco-constitutions are some of the ideas discussed.


Table of Contents

1. Brush Fires, Or The Bioregional Vision? An Introduction
Christopher & Judith Plant

Part 1: Power Out Of Place: The Context

2. Local Power Versus Global Profits: The Odds Against
Frank Tester

Part 2: Small Ideas: Conceiving of Community

3. "Free And Equal Intercourse:" The Decentralist Design
Kirkpatrick Sale
4. The Best Government Comes in Small Packages
John Papworth
5. Dis-Union Now!
Leopold Kohr
6. From Roadblocks To Building Blocks: Developing A Theory For Putting Power In Its Place
Don Alexander
* Reclaiming The Power Of Community
Priscilla Boucher
7. Our Home And Native Land? Creating An Eco-Constitution in Canada
Michael M'Gonigle
8. The Meaning Of Confederalism
Murray Bookchin
* Draft Of A Constitutional Declaration of Local Sovereignty
Tom Reveille

Part 3: Power In Place: Community Control In Action

9. Land Of The Free, Home Of The Brave: Iroquois Democracy
Oren Lyons
10. Bringing Power Back Home: A Blueprint From Vermont
Frank Bryan & John McClaughry
*Seven Decentralist Strategies
Carol Moore
11. Shadow Government
George Tukel
12. Watershed Stewardship: The Village Of Hazelton Experience
Alice Maitland & Doug Aberley

13. Community Forest Boards: Gaining Control Of Our Forests
Herb Hammond
14. The Temagami Stewardship Council
Mary Laronde with Judith Harris
15. The Need For Local Currencies
Robert Swann
16. A Metamorphosis For Cities: From Gray To Green
Peter Berg
*Workers, Communities And Toxics
Eric Mann
17. Two Kinds Of Power: A Different Experience At Oka
Helen Forsey


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