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Todmorden Mills
A Human and Natural History

Herzber, Louise; Juhola, Helen
Publisher:  Toronto Field Naturalists, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1987  
Pages:  46pp   ISBN:  0-920011-08-X
Library of Congress Number:  FC3097.52.H47   Dewey:  971.3'541
Resource Type:  Book

An urban natural history pamphlet.

Abstract:  An urban natural history pamphlet.The natural history is well done. However, the authors seem to think that "human history" only began when white humans arrived on the scene in recent times. The thousands of years of human history preceding that are ignored.

Table of Contents

Description of Study Area
Human History
Current Uses
Natural History - Geology and Soils, Archeology, Historical Records

Appendix 1 - Study Methods and Activities
Appendix 2 - Annotated List of Animals
Appendix 3 - Annotated List of Plants
Appendix 4 - Location of Honour Trees
Appendix 5 - Plants around Historic Buildings
Appendix 6 - Further Reading
Appendix 7 - Aids to Enjoying the Site
Appendix 8 - Watershed Map Showing Site

Map 1 - Todmorden Ownership 1987
Map 2 - Todmorden in 1910
Map 3 - Todmorden in 1958
Map 4 - Todmorden in 1977
Map 5 - Honour Trees
Map 6 - Watershed Map


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