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Trails of the Don

Sauriol, Charles
Publisher:  Hemlock Press, Orillia, Canada
Year Published:  1992  
Pages:  344pp   Price:  $15.95   ISBN:  0-929066-10-3
Library of Congress Number:  FC3097.56.S38 1992   Dewey:  971.3'54
Resource Type:  Book

Charles Sauriol recalls Toronto's Don Valley.


Table of Contents


Part I: Camping with the 45th
1. The 45th East Toronto Boy Scouts Troup
2. The Ledge
3. First Overnight Camp
4. The Don Valley
5. The Pine Grove Camping Place
6. The Swimming Hole, the Big Hill and What Went With Them
7. Recollections
8. Camping
9. Camps and Incidents
10. The Fox Patrol
11. The Banshee, Wild Fruit and Stewed Raspberries
12. Scout Badges, an Old Belt and Photographs
13. Equipment and Food
14. Pup Tents and Convenience
15. Camp Fires and Entertainment
16. Being Comfortable and a Few Other Things
17. Trees
18. The River
19. The Railway
20. The Big Hill
21. The Weather
22. More About Camp Fires
23. C R Termperton, Scoutmaster of the 45th
24. The Locals
25. Cabin in the Silver Creek Woods
26. Severn Falls
27. The Last Post

Part II: The Halcyon Years
28. Spring in the Don Valley
29. Up the West Don and Down the East Don
30. Eric LaTrobe, Hiker par Excellence
31. Country Style Living
32. Candles to Hydro
33. The River
34. Tools
35. The Vegetable Garden - Fruit Trees and Bushes
36. Bees and Bee Pasture
37. Don Valley Tree Cover
38. History and Ruins
39. Cottage and Land Purchase
40. Local History Around the Corner
41. Trains
42. Cabins and Characters
43. About Trapping and Pig Raising
44. The Cottage's "Finest Hour"

Part III: The End of an Era
45. A Cable Bridge Over the Don
46. Exploring the Headwaters of the Don
47. The Don Valley Conservation Association
48. Hurricane Hazel
49. The Winds of Change
50. Good News and Bad News
51. End of an Era
52. Another Expropriation
53. Return to the Don
54. The Selling Job
55. A Dream Realised
56. The Long Trail Back



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