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A Threat from Within
A Century of Jewish Opposition to Zionism

Rabkin, Yakov M.
Publisher:  Fernwood Publishing/Zed Books
Year Published:  2005   First Published:  2004
Pages:  261pp   ISBN:  1552661717
Library of Congress Number:  DS149.R245 2005   Dewey:  320.54'095694
Resource Type:  Book

Rabkin brings to light continuing Jewish opposition to Zionism, a religious tradition which presents a fundamental challenge to the idea of Israel as a Jewish state.


Table of Contents

About the Author

Part I: Orientations
Secularization and Assimilation
History as Battlefield
Anti-Zionists and Non-Zionists

Part II: A New Identity
From Messianism to Nationalism
The Birth of the Secular Jew
An Incomplete Transformation
Jew, Hebrew, Israeli
Modern Hebrew and Secular Identity

Part III: The Land of Israel, Exile and Return
Transgression and Exile
Messianic Caution
The Zionist Idea
The Zionist Enterprise

Part IV: The Use of Force
Codified Pacifism
The Jews of Russia: Frustration and Violence
Pride and Self-defense
An Ambivalent Nationalism
Israel's Victories
The Roots of Terrorism

Part V: Collaboration and Its Limits
Resistance to Zionism in the Holy Land
Rejection of Zionism in the Diaspora
Relations with the State
The State and Judaism

Part VI: Zionism, the Shoah and the State of Israel
The Catastrophe and Its Causes
The Zionists and the Shoah
Miraculous Rebirth or Continued Destruction?

Part VII: Prophecies of Destruction and Strategies for Survival
The State of Israel in Jewish Continuity
Public Debate and Its Limits
Promise or Menace?

Biographical Notes


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