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New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus

Mann, Charles. C.
Publisher:  Vintage, USA
Year Published:  2005  
Pages:  542pp   ISBN:  978-1-4000-3205-1
Library of Congress Number:  E61.M266   Dewey:  970.01'1--dc22
Resource Type:  Book

A portrait of human life in the Americas before the arrival of Columbus.


Table of Contents

Introduction: Holmberg's Mistake
1. A View from Above

Part One: Numbers from Nowhere?
2. Why Billington Survived
3. In The Land of Four Quarters
4. Frequently Asked Questions

Part Two: Very Old Bones
5. Pleistocene Wars
6. Cotton (or Anchovies) and Maize (Tales of Two Civilizations, Part I)
7. Writing, Wheels, and Bucket Brigades (Tales of Two Civilizations, Part II)

Part Three: Landscape with Figures
8. Made in America
9. Amazonia
10. The Artificial Wilderness

11. The Great Law of Peace

Afterword to the Vintage Edition
A. Loaded Words
B. Talking Knots
C. The Syphilis Exception
D. Calendar Math


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