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Lincoln Reconsidered
Essays on the Civil War Era: Third Edition, Revised and Updated

Donald, David Herbert
Publisher:  Vintage, USA
Year Published:  2001   First Published:  1956
Pages:  210pp   Price:  $16.95   ISBN:  978-0-375-72532-6
Library of Congress Number:  E457.8D69   Dewey:  973.7--dc19
Resource Type:  Book


Table of Contents


1. Getting Right with Lincoln
2. The Folklore Lincoln
3. Toward a Reconsideration of Abolitionists
4. An Excess of Democracy: The American Civil War and the Social Process
5. Education Defective: Lincoln's Preparation for Greatness
6. Herndon and Mary Lincoln
7. Refighting the Civil War
8. The Radicals and Lincoln
9. Abraham Lincoln and the American Pragmatic Tradition
10. A Whig in the White House
11. Reverence for the Laws: Abraham Lincoln and the Founding Fathers
12. A. Lincoln, Politician

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