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Socialist Register 1996
Volume 32: Are There Alternatives?

Panitch, Leo (ed.)
Publisher:  The Merlin Press
Year Published:  1996  
Active Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)



Table of Contents

Socialist Register 1996 Preface -Leo Panitch
The British Labour Party's Transition from Socialist to Capitalism -Colin Leys
Developing Resistance and Resisting 'Development': Reflections from the South African Struggle -Patrick Bond, Mzwanele Mayekiso
The Use and Abuse of Japan as a Progressive Model -Paul Burkett, Martin Hart-Landsberg
A Kinder Road to Hell? Labor and the Politics of Progressive Competitiveness in Australia -John Wiseman
In Defence of Capital Controls -James Crotty, Gerald Epstein
The Challenge for Trade Unionism: Sectoral Change, 'Poor Work' and Organising the Unorganised -Anna Pollert
The Tower of Infobabel: Cyberspace as Alternative Universe -Reg Whitaker
'Sack the Spooks': Do We Need an Internal Security Apparatus? -Peter Gill
Sport, Gender and Politics: Moving Beyond the O.J. Saga -Varda Burstyn
Socialist Hope in an Age of Catastrophe -Norman Geras
Are There Left Alternatives? A Debate from Latin America -Carlos M. Vilas
Socialists, Social Movements and the Labour Party: A Reply to Hilary Wainwright -Barry Winter
Building New Parties for a Different Kind of Socialism: A Response -Hilary Wainwright


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