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Beautiful Rising
Creative Resistance from the Global South

Abujbara, Juman; Boyd, Andrew; Mitchell, David; Taminato, Marcel. (eds.)
Publisher:  OR Books
Year Published:  2017  
Pages:  272 pp   Price:  $22 (pbk.)   ISBN:  9781682191125
Resource Type:  Book

Follow up to 'Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution', Beautiful Rising showcases some of the most innovative tactics used in struggles against autocracy and austerity across the Global South.


Publisher's Description:

In the struggle for freedom and justice, organizers and activists have often turned to art, creativity, and humor. In this follow-up to the bestselling Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox for Revolution, Beautiful Rising showcases some of the most innovative tactics used in struggles against autocracy and austerity across the Global South.

Based on face-to-face jam sessions held in Yangon, Amman, Harare, Dhaka, Kampala and Oaxaca, Beautiful Rising includes stories of the Ugandan organizers who smuggled two yellow-painted pigs into parliament to protest corruption; the Burmese students' 360-mile long march against undemocratic and overly centralized education reforms; the Lebanese "honk at parliament" campaign against politicians who had clung to power long after their term had expired; and much more.

Now, in one remarkable book, you can find the collective wisdom of more than a hundred grassroots organizers from five continents. It’s everything you need for a DIY uprising of your own.


Table of Contents:

Battle of the Camel
Boxing gender oppression
Burmese students' long march
Flower speech campaign
Hacking apartheid
Honk at Parliament
Miniskirt march
Replacing cops with mimes
Sign language sit-in
Stolen gas campaign
Stop Prawer Plan
Welcome to Palestine
Yellow pigs in Parliament
Zapatista Caravan
Schools of struggle

Civil disobedience
Jail solidarity
Music video
Subversive travel
Activate international mechanisms
Change a name to change the game
Change is the only constant
Seek safety in support networks
Shame the authorities by doing their job
Would you like some structure with your momentum?

Al Faza'a (a surge of solidarity)
Baltajiah (thugs)
"Democracy promotion"
The Global South
The NGO-ization of resistance

Art of hosting
The onion tool
Power mapping
Pillars of power
Public narrative (story of self, us, and now)
SMART objectives

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