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Our Generation
Volume 19 Number 1

Roussopoulos, Dimitrios

Date Written:  01/09/1987
Year Published:  1987  
Pages:  233pp  
ISSN:  0036-6866X
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Article



Gorbachev and Glasnost, Frank Harrison
The Source of the Nile: A Search for the Origins of Male Domination, Rossella Di Leo
Terrains of Protest: Striking City Women, Martha A. Ackelsberg and Myrna Margulies Brietbart
Edward C. Carpenter's Socialism in Retrospect, William O. Reichert

Book Reviews:

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon and the Rise of French Republican Socialism, by K. Steven Vincent, reviewed by Allan Ritter
The Problem of Political Obligation: A Critique of Liberal Theory, by Carole Pateman, reviewed by Graham Baugh
Homage to the Spanish Exiles: Voices from the Spanish Civil War, by Nancy Macdonald, reviewed by George Woodcock
Montreal After Drapeau, by Jean-François Léonard and Jacques Léveillée, reviewed by Henri-Lustiger-Thaler


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