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Yemen Doctors: Hundreds Will Die Within a Week to Saudi Blockade
Key Medicines Have Run Out in Yemeni Capital

Ditz, Jason

Publisher:  Anti War
Date Written:  09/11/2017
Year Published:  2017  
Resource Type:  Article

In the past month, Saudi Arabia's naval blockade of Yemen, has tightened dramatically, and even vital medications and food are virtually impossible to import.



The consensus is that many hundreds of Yemenis will be dead within the next week simply from a lack of access to medication. There's no sign that the Saudis have any intention to do anything about this.

And it's the tip of the iceberg. Aid groups are warning that Yemen is down to about six weeks of food aid left, and the long-threatened famine may be about to arrive. They caution that as many as seven million are at risk of starvation without more food aid after that six weeks of food is exhausted.

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