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Indian Giver
A Legacy of North American Native Peoples

Lowes, Warren
Publisher:  Canadian Alliance in Solidarity with Native People, British Columbia
Year Published:  1986  
Pages:  114pp  
Library of Congress Number:  E77.L68 1985   Dewey:  303.48241
Resource Type:  Book

Traces some of the significant contributions made by Native people to the modern world.

Abstract:  INDIAN GIVER traces just some of the significant contributions made by Native people to the modern world. One chapter surveys some of the many, many place names of Native origin, and traces some of the words and terms which came to us from Native languages. The way in which whites learned from Natives how to survive and thrive on this continent, and were helped in establishing themselves, are the subject of another chapter. Also described are Native knowledge about health care and healthy living, and of agriculture and food. The final chapters look at Native influence on folk democracy, and point to the importance of the Native vision for the future if we are to live in peace with nature and each other.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Name Calling Made Popular
Chapter 2 The Gift of Survival
Chapter 3 Influences of the Sporting Tradition
Chapter 4 The Gift of Better Health
Chapter 5 The Gift of Agriculture and Food
Chapter 6 The Influences of Folk Democracy
Chapter 7 A Vision Experience for Tomorrow
Appendix: Vision For My People, by Art Solomon
We All Face This Challenge Together, by Robert Obonswan


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