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  1. Accountability is the willingness and obligation to answer for one's decisions and actions
    Sources News Release

    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2013
    Today is Remembrance Day, when we salute the sacrifices and service of veterans and those who have served in the armed forces in war and peace operations. However, it is also a time to reflect on the accountability, or lack thereof, of leaders.
  2. Connexions Digest
    Issue 53 - January 1991- A Social Change Sourcebook

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    Published: 1991
  3. A freedom that we can't afford
    Rightwing thinktanks profess a love of freedom, but their refusal to reveal who funds them is deeply undemocratic

    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2011
    Freemarket thinktanks vastly outnumber those arguing for public spending. The author suggests that these thinktanks allow corporations to exert influence on public life without showing their hand, he advocates for legislation that would insure their funding is transparent.
  4. Panama Papers: The Power Players
    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2016
    This interactive presentation produced by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) explores the stories behind the use of offshore companies of politicians and their relatives and associates -- more than 100 in all. Among them are 12 current or former country leaders and 33 other politicians and public officials with direct connections to structures in tax havens. Their names appeared inside a cache of 11.5 million leaked files from Panama's Mossack Fonseca, one of the biggest offshore service providers.
  5. Police log 'domestic extremists' and keep database on activists
    Forces survey and file details of peaceful protests and political activities

    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2009
    'Domestic Extremists' are persons involved in political meetings and protests who are photographed and added to a national database by the UK police. This surveillance falls under the purview of "terrorism and allied matters" and these police tactics are now the subject of an internal review. They have been widely criticized for lacking accountability.
  6. Revealed: how Associated Press cooperated with the Nazis
    German historian shows how news agency retained access in 1930s by promising not to undermine strength of Hitler regime

    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2016
    The Associated Press news agency entered a formal cooperation with the Hitler regime in the 1930s, supplying American newspapers with material directly produced and selected by the Nazi propaganda ministry, archive material unearthed by a German historian has revealed.
  7. The Age of Accountability is Now: Are You Prepared?
    Sources News Release

    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2012
    Questions of accountability and building a reputation of integrity in personal and professional relationships.
  8. VW, GM and Takata: the Case for Jailing Corporate Executives
    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2016
    Making the case that executives at VW, Takata and General Motors should be jailed for corporate crime. The crimes committed by the corporations they head are extremely serious, and have caused and will cause hundreds of deaths. Why are the perpetrators allowed to get off simply by writing a cheque to cover the fine, instead of going to jail the way other criminals do?
  9. Wrongful Dismissal, Denial and Deflection - The Impact on Employees and the Organizational Culture
    Sources News Release

    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2010
    The PSLRB ruling in the D. Tipple/PWGSC case gives us a look at the reality in PWGSC, the Federal Public Service and any organization where the culture is risk-averse and focused on blame-storming, denial and deflection. What is the cost of this?

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