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Guerin, Daniel
Publisher:  Monthly Review Press
Year Published:  1970   First Published:  1965
Pages:  166pp  
Resource Type:  Book

Guerin sets out to describe the main themes of anarchist thought.


Table of Contents

Introduction by Noam Chomsky


Part 1 - The Basic Ideas of Anarchism
A Matter of Words
A Visceral Revolt
Horror of the State
Hostility to Bourgeois Democracy
Critique of Authoritarian Socialism
Sources of Inspiration: The Individual
Sources of Inspiration: The Masses

Part 2 - In Search of a New Society
Anarchism is Not Utopian
The Need for Organization
The Bases of Exchange
Centralization and Planning
Complete Socialization?
Trade Unions
The Communes
The Disputed Term "State"
How Should the Public Services Be Managed?

Part 3 - Anarchism in Revolutionary Practice
Anarchism Becomes Isolated from the Working-Class Movement
Social-Democratic Condemnation of Anarchism
Anarchists in the Trade Unions
Anarchism in the Russian Revolution
A Libertarian Revolution
An Authoritarian Revolution
The Part Played by the Anarchists
The Maknovtchina
Anarchism Living an Dead
Anarchism in the Italian Factory Councils
Anarchism in the Spanish Revolution
The Soviet Mirage
The Anarchists in Government
Self-Management in Agriculture
Self-Management in Industry
Self-Management Undermined

By Way of Conclusion

Postscript: May 1968



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