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  • Wildhagen English-German German-English Dictionary
    Volume I English-German

    Published: 1973
  • AF28088    
  • Wildhagen English-German German-English Dictionary
    Volume II German-English

    Published: 1973
  • AS6.A44 2000    
  • Event Planning
    Published: 2000
    A blueprint for planning and executing special events with flair and without any unexpected surprises and expenses.
  • AS6.A44 2000    
  • Event Planning
    Published: 2000
  • AY414.C652    
  • Scott's Canadian Sourcebook - 2001
    Published: 2000
  • B1649.R94 A4 2001    
  • Yours Faithfully, Bertrand Russell
    A Lifelong Fight for Peace, Justice, and Truth in Letters to the Editor

    Published: 2002
  • B3279.H8471S313    
  • Critical Theory
    Published: 1972
    Essays by the founder of the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt.
  • BC177.G54    
  • How to Win an Argument
    Published: 1979
    Michael Gilbert sets out to show how to identify and defend oneself against tricky and flawed arguments.
  • BC177.R345 1990    
  • The Anatomy of Judgment
    Published: 1990
    Tracing the emergence of science and the social institutions that govern it, The Anatomy of Judgment is an odyssey into what human thinking or judgment mean.
  • BF109.F74G7 1991    
  • The Secret Ring
    Freud's Innter Circle and the Politics of Psychoanalysis

    Published: 1991
    An account of Freud's relationship with the founding circle of the psychoanalytic movement.
  • BF31.094    
  • The Oxford Companion to the Mind
    Published: 1987
  • BF3640.094    
  • The Oxford Duden German Dictionary
    German-English, English-German

    Published: 1990
  • BF371.L256    
  • Don't Forget!
    Easy Exercises for a Better Memory At Any Age

    Published: 1987
    Exercises for memory training.
  • BF385.F54    
  • The Brain Booster
    Your Guide to Rapid Learning and Remembering

    Published: 1983
    Techniques and exercises in organization, visualization and association that can dramatically increase your ability to absorb a large amount of information and remember it clearly.
  • BF408.R24    
  • Creative Growth Games
    75 Fascinating games to expand your imagination

    Published: 1978
  • BF637.C4P68    
  • Always Change a Losing Game
    Published: 1994
    Help you to improve your life by showing you how to make positive, personal changes.

  • BF637.C5S715 1999    
  • Awakening Your Life Skills
    A light-hearted, pragmatic and humorous approach to leading a less stressful life

    Published: 2000
  • BF637.C5S715 1999    
  • Awakening Your Life Skills
    A light-hearted, pragmatic and humorous approach to leading a less streeful life

    Published: 2000
  • BF637.C6C574 1990    
  • Theory and Practice of Counselling and Psychotherapy
    Published: 1991
  • BF637.N4146    
  • Successful Negotiating Skills For Women
    Published: 1981
  • BF637.N4K27 1974    
  • Give and Take
    The Complete Guide to Negotiating Strategies and Tactics

    Published: 1974
  • BF637.P74S74513 200    
  • Privacy
    A Manifesto

    Published: 2008
    Sofsky attributes loss of privacy not only to technology and fear but also our indifference.
  • BF637.S4.B574 2000    
  • Making Peace with Your Past
    The Six Essential Steps to Enjoying a Great Future

    Published: 2001
  • BF692.R35 1972b    
  • Sex-Pol
    Essays 1929-1934

    Published: 1972
    Wilhelm Reich's writings from his Marxist period, outlining his thoughts about sexual and political liberation.
  • BJ1595.K46 1987    
  • First Five Minutes
    The Successful Opening Moves in Business, Sales & Interviews

    Published: 1987
  • BJ1857.C5M32    
  • Miss Manners' Guide to Rearing Perfect Children
    Published: 1985
  • BL2775.3.D39 2006    
  • The God Delusion
    Published: 2006
    Dawkins' basic argument is that the collective irrational belief in "The God Hypothesis" is not only wrong ("intellectual high treason"), but pernicious.
  • BP565 B82P76    
  • The Psychic Grid
    How We Create the World We Know

    Published: 1983
  • BR570.C35 1990    
  • Canadian Churches and Foreign Policy
    Published: 1990
    In the years after 1970, Canadian churches have engaged in international affairs in new ways. This book offers first-hand accounts by people actively involved in developing this new role.
  • BX4705.M23 D68 2019    
  • Father Greg: A Life
    Published: 2019
    A biography of Fr. Greg MacLeod, noted for his work on community economic development on Cape Breton Island.
  • CB19J33 2004a    
  • Dark Age Ahead
    Published: 2004
    A dark age is a culture's dead end. Jacobs argues that our society is facing the coming of a dark age.
  • CB425.B458    
  • All That Is Solid Melts Into Air
    The Experience of Modernity

    Published: 1988
    Berman examines the clash of classes, histories, and clutures in the modern world, and ponders our prospects for coming to terms with the relationship between a liberating social and philosophical idealism and a complex, bureaucratic materialism.
  • CB69.B66    
  • The Discoverers
    A History of Man's Search to Know His World and Himself

    Published: 1983
  • CB69.W75 2004    
  • A Short History of Progress
    Published: 2004
    If the population growth, consumption of resources, and technological advances continue according to the trend of the twentieth century, at the expense of the earth, the outcome may be disastrous.
  • CT103.C26    
  • The Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia
    Second Edition

    Published: 1998
  • CT120.C67    
  • Six Men
    Published: 1977
    Sketches of Charles Chaplin, H.L. Mencken, Humphrey Bogart, Adlai Stevenson, Bertrand Russell, and Edward VIII.
  • CT25.C68 1998    
  • When Memory Speaks
    Exploring the Art of Autobiography

    Published: 1998
  • D1051.J84 2005    
  • Postwar
    A History of Europe Since 1945

    Published: 2005
  • D11.G78    
  • The Timetables of History
    A Horizontal Linkage of people and events

    Published: 1975
  • D11.T83    
  • The People's Chronology
    A Year-by-Year Record of Human Events from Prehistory to the Present

    Published: 1994
  • D16.B893 2002    
  • Going to the Sources
    A Guide to Historical Research and Writing

    Published: 2002
  • D16.E32 1997    
  • The Mammoth and the Mouse
    Microhistory and Morphology

    Published: 1997
    Essays exploring the theoretical relationship between the microhistorical method of paying careful attention to revealing details and the morphological method of looking for homologies among cultural artifacts or texts from different places and times.
  • D20.G76 1997    
  • National Geographic Atlas of World History
    Published: 1997
  • D21.3.B66 1996    
  • The Third Revolution, Volume 1
    Popular Movements in the Revolutionary Era

    Published: 1996
    This project is a comprehensive account of the great revolutions that swept over Europe and America during the past three centuries.
  • D21.3G.3513 2009    
  • Mirrors
    Stories of Almost Everyone

    Published: 2009
    Open any history book and you'll learn about revolutionary leaders, decorated generals, genius scientists and passionate artists. What about the leaders’ assistants? The loyal soldiers? The helpful lab assistants and the inspirations for great art? History books are so filled with greatness that the stories of the people are often neglected. Mirrors resolves this issue. Mirrors is a mosaic of humanity.
  • D228.M36 2011    
  • 1493
    Uncovering the New World Columbus Created

    Published: 2011
    Alternate title in the United Kingdom: 1493: How the Ecological Collision of Europe and the Americas Gave Rise to the Modern World. A study of the Colombian Exchange -- the biological cross-proliferation between the eastern and western hemispheres and its ripple effects through history.
  • D511.P3913 2016    
  • The Great Class War

    Published: 2016
    In this critical, revisionist account, historian Jacques Pauwels shows how the First World War was rooted in class strife that begin with the French Revolution in 1789 and continued long past the war itself. As Pauwels sees it, war seemed to offer major benefits to the European upper classes of the early twentieth century, who felt threatened by the seemingly irresistible process of democratization or, as they saw it, the "rise of the masses." War was expected to serve as an antidote to social revolution, causing workers to abandon socialism's focus on overthrowing the established order via internaitonal worker solidarity in favour of nationalism and militarism.
  • D62.K55 1990    
  • The First Century
    Emperors, Gods, and Everyman

    Published: 1990
  • D640.G742    
  • The Great War and Canadian Society
    An Oral History

    Published: 1978
    Recollections of Canadian men and women who lived thorugh the First World War and recall life in the trenches and on the homefront.
  • D764.G772 2006    
  • A Writer at War
    A Sovet Journalist with the Red Army, 1941 - 1945

    Published: 2006
    War reporting by Vasily Grossman, a correspondent for the Red Army, the Soviet Army's newspaper.
  • D764.G772 2006    
  • A Writer at War
    Vasily Grossman with the Red Army 1941-1945

    Published: 2005
    When Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, Vasily Grossman became a special correspondent for the Red Star, the Soviet Army's newspaper, and reported from the front lines of the war. A Writer at War depicts in vivid detail the crushing conditions on the Eastern Front, and the lives and deaths of soliders and civilians alike. Beevor and Vinogradova have taken Grossman's notebooks and fashioned them into a gripping narrative.
  • D804-65.G54 2003    
  • The Righteous
    The Unsung Heroes of the Holocaust

    Published: 2003
  • D805.C3M45 1986    
  • Escape From Canada!
    The Amazing Untold Story of German POWs in Canada, 1939-1945

    Published: 1986
  • D808.S75    
  • Underground to Palestine
    Published: 1978
    Underground to Palestine was written in the spring of 1946 when Stone was the first newspaper reporter to accompany survivors of the Holocaust on their epic clendestine journey to Palestine.
  • D810.J4H5    
  • The Destruction of the European Jews
    Student edtion

    Published: 1985
    An abridged edition of Hilberg's three-volume study The Destruction of the European Jews.
  • D842.C48 1992    
  • Year 501
    The Conquest Continues

    Published: 1993
    An examination of the U.S. role in the world placed in the long historical perspective of the 500 years that followed the voyages of Columbus.
  • D849.5.A43 1998    
  • 1968
    Marching in the Streets

    Published: 1998
    1968: Marching in the Streets is a dynamic time line of the year that revolution swept the planet. With present tense prose, cartoons, and photographs, Tariq Ali and Susan Watkins chronicle a year that saw everything from the assassinations of Che Guevara, Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. to KKK death threats against 70-year-old philosopher Herbert Marcuse.
  • D860-C47 1994    
  • World Orders Old and New
    Published: 1994
    Chomsky surveys the international scene since 1945.
  • D860.C46 1993    
  • The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many
    Published: 1993
    a collection of short commentaries by Noam Chomsky on global issues, drawn from interviews in the early 1990s. Topics include global economics, racism, NAFTA, and hot topics of the day.
  • D862.M5 2013    
  • The Revenge of History
    The Battle for the 21st Century

    Published: 2012
    A critical account of the first decade of the twenty-first century.
  • DA16.M37 1995    
  • Imperial Leather
    Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Colonial Contest

    Published: 1995
    Imperial Leather chronicles the dangerous liaisons between gender, race, and class that shaped British imperialism and its bloody dismantling. Spanning the century between Victorian Britain and the current struggle for power in South Africa, the book takes up the complex relationships between race and sexuality, fetishism and money, gender and violence, domesticity and the imperial market, and the gendering of nationalism within the zones of imperial and anti-imperial power.
  • DA315    
  • Village Revolts
    Social Protest and Popular Disturbances in England, 1509-1640

    Published: 1988
    Anti-enclosure riots, tenurial and rent disputes, and game poaching are among the many types of 'village revolts' that occurred between the accession of Henry VIII and the meeting of the Short Parliament. Based on case studies from equity court records, this book offers new insight into the impact of agrarian change, demographic expansion, and technological innovation, adding considerably to our knowledge of developments in the law of public order in 16th- and 17th-century England.
  • DA911.M26    
  • The Macmillian Atlas of Irish History
    Published: 1997
    A full-colour atlas of Irish history.
  • DB98.F55A313    
  • An Opposing Man
    The Autobiography of a Romantic Revolutionary

    Published: 1974
    The memoirs on Ernst Fischer, a socialist literary and art critic.
  • DD284.A44 1988    
  • Germany East
    Dissent and Opposition

    Published: 1989
    An overview of oppositional movements in East Germany, ranging from the 1953 insurrection to the oppositional movements of the 1908s.
  • DD290.24.K46 1999    
  • Father/Land
    A personal search for the New Germany

    Published: 1999
  • DJ292.H57 A3 2007    
  • Infidel
    Published: 2007
    Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Somali woman who escaped a forced marriage and moved to the Netherlands, where she became a spokeswoman for Muslim women's rights. She tells the story of how her experiences led her to question her faith.
  • DK246.S28    
  • Russia in Revolution 1900-1930
    Published: 1978
    A portrait of thirty years of political and artistic upheaval.
  • DS102.95.C35    
  • The Canadian Jewish Outlook Anthology
    Published: 1988
    A broad range of articles about secular Jewish life and socialist values.
  • DS117    
  • A History of the Jews - Ancient and Modern
    Published: 1987
    Starting from a political interpretation of the period when judges, kings and prophets held sway over Israel and Judah, Ilan Halevi traces the evolution of the Jewish identity through its numerous stages, from the Roman occupation and the decline of Temple authority, through to the Zionist settlement of Palestine in the twentieth century.
  • DS119.7.C3583 2006    
  • Palestine Peace Not Apartheid
    Published: 2006
    Former U.S. President Carter calls Israel's treatment of Palestinians 'apartheid' and identifies continuing Israeli control of the occupied territories as the primary obstacle to peace.
  • DS119.7.C52 1974b    
  • Peace in the Middle East?
    Reflections on Justice and Nationhood

    Published: 1974
    An analysis of the Arab-Israeli conflict arguing for socialist bi-nationalism as the way out of the morass.
  • DS119.7.S476    
  • Arab and Jew
    Wounded Spirits in a Promised Land

    Published: 1986
    Focusing on the diverse cultures that exist side by side in Israel and Israeli-controlled territories, Shipler examines the process of indocrination that begins in schools; he discusses the far-ranging effects of socioeconomic differences, historial conflicts between Islam and Judaism, attitudes about the Holocaust, and much more.
  • DS119.76.O82 2012    
  • Our Harsh Logic
    Israeli Soldiers' Testimonies from the Occupied Territories, 2010-2010

    Published: 2012
    Testimonies from more than 100 soldiers detailing the viciousness of Israel's military in the occupied Palestinian territories.
  • DS12.0875    
  • Over China
    A celestial view of the Middle Kingdom

    Published: 1988
  • DS135.H93R22    
  • And Peace Never Came
    Published: 1997
    The memoir of a Holocaust survivor.
  • DS135.S7P34 1995    
  • The End of Days
    A Story of Tolerance, Tyranny, and the Expulsion of the Jews from Spain

    Published: 1995
    In attempting to pinpoint the historical events that turned a culture of tolerance into an autocratic police state, Paris compares what occurred in medieval Spain to the social upheavals of 19th and 20th century France and Germany. She discovers many striking patterns and also eerie similarities with the social and political unrest in modern day North America.
  • DS149.R245 2005    
  • A Threat from Within
    A Century of Jewish Opposition to Zionism

    Published: 2005
    Rabkin brings to light continuing Jewish opposition to Zionism, a religious tradition which presents a fundamental challenge to the idea of Israel as a Jewish state.
  • DS37.7.H67    
  • A History of the Arab Peoples
    Published: 1991
  • DS557.A63C48 1973    
  • For Reasons of State
    Published: 1973
    Essays in which Chomsky analyzes the role of the American state and discusses some of the ways in which individuals can respond to its growing power.
  • DS79.76.146 2004-03    
  • Imperial Crusades
    Iraq, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia: A Diary of Three Wars

    Published: 2004
    Iraq was just one of three major imperial crusades in the decade after 1992, orchestrated by a new generation of American politicians, both Democrat and Republican, who backed pre-emptive strikes to overthrow unruly regimes in Yugoslavia and Afghanistan under the pretext of humanitarian intervention. Imperial Crusades chronicles the lies that are now returning almost daily to haunt the liars in Washington and London, the secret agendas and the under-reported carnage of these wars.
  • DS79.76.R87 2004    
  • Weapons of Mass Persuasion
    Marketing the War Against Iraq

    Published: 2004
    Rutherford, an academic and media critic at the University of Toronto, tries to show how the marketing campaign for the war against Iraq was constructed and carried out with the aid of a compliant media.
  • DT28.P34    
  • The Scramble for Africa
    White Man's Conquest of the Dark Continent from 1876 to 1912

    Published: 2003
    Describes the brief vicious scramble by Europe's imperial powers to seize colonies throughout the continent of Africa. Pakenham strips the impresarios of imperialism of their veneer of Victorian heroism and reputations for statemanlike vision, to reveal them as men with bloated and often vicious egos.
  • DT763.6.W55 1986    
  • South Africa: The Cordoned Heart
    Essasy by Twenty South African Photographers

    Published: 1986
  • DT763.L395    
  • Move Your Shadow
    South Africa, Black and White

    Published: 1986
  • DU105.2.B79 2000    
  • In a Sunburned Country
    Published: 2000
  • DU99.K46 2006    
  • Commonwealth of Thieves
    The Improbable Birth of Australia

    Published: 2006
    A history of the first four years of the convict settlement in Australia, examining the interplay of soldiers, convicts, and Aborigines.
  • E169.Z83H43 2008    
  • Roads to Quoz
    An American Mosey

    Published: 2008
    A 16,000-mile mosey in search of "quoz": the strange, incongruous, and peculiar things that connect us with existence.
  • E175.5.Z25A3    
  • You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train
    A personal history of our times

    Published: 2002
    Zinn tells his personal stories about more than thirty years of fighting for social change, from teaching at Spelman College to recent protests against war.
  • E178.Z75 2003    
  • A People's History of the United States
    1492 - Present

    Published: 2003
    Zinn's history includes those most ignored by typical American textbook history, including Indians, blacks, women and workers.
  • E184.I6I36 1995    
  • How the Irish became White
    Published: 1995
    The Irish came to America in the eighteenth century, fleeing a homeland under foreign occupation and a caste system that regarded them as the lowest form of humanity. In the new country – a land of opportunity – they found a very different form of social hierarchy, one that was based on the colour of a person’s skin. Noel Ignatiev tells the story of how the oppressed became the oppressors; how the new Irish immigrants achieved acceptance among an initially hostile population only by proving that they could be more brutal in their oppression of African Americans than the nativists.
  • E184.I6N117 1996    
  • Angela's Ashes
    Published: 1996
  • E185.6 .D797    
  • The Souls of Black Folk
    Essays and Sketches

    A collection of essays on race which constitutes a seminal work in the history of sociology and a cornerstone of African-American literature.
  • E185.97.K5H275 1996    
  • Martin Luther King (Revised Edition)
    The Inconvenient Hero

    Published: 2008
    In these eloquent essays that reflect upon King's legacy over the past two decades and the meaning of his life today, a portrait emerges of a man constantly evolving and going deeper into the roots of violence and injustice -- a man whose challenge remains as timely and necessary as ever.
  • E210.M27 1991    
  • From Resistance to Revolution
    Colonial Radicals and the Development of American Opposition to Britain, 1765-1776

    Published: 1992
    An examination of the step-by-step process through which the extra-legal institutions of the colonial resistance movement assumed authority from the British.
  • E447.R44 2012    
  • The Amistad Rebellion
    An Atlantic Odyssey of Slavery and Freedom

    Published: 2012
    An account of the Amistad slave ship rebellion told for the first time from the slaves' perspective.
  • E45.K44    
  • Warpaths
    Travels of a Military Historian in North America

    Published: 1995
  • E457.2.M643 2002    
  • Lincoln's Virtues
    An Ethical Biography

    Published: 2002
    Miller traces the moral development of Abraham Lincoln.
  • E457.8D69    
  • Lincoln Reconsidered
    Essays on the Civil War Era: Third Edition, Revised and Updated

    Published: 2001
  • E61.M266    
  • 1491
    New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus

    Published: 2005
    A portrait of human life in the Americas before the arrival of Columbus.
  • E744 C52    
  • After the Cataclysm
    Postwar Indochina & the Reconstruction of Imperial Ideology (The Political Economy of Human Rights)

    Published: 1979
    A carefully dcoumented asessment of Western reporting on post-1975 Indochina.
  • E744.C52    
  • The Washington Connection and Third World Fascism
    The Political Economy of Human Rights: Volume 1

    Published: 1979
    Chomsky and Herman demonstrate, with devasting logic and overwhelming documentation, that the purpose of U.S. global policy is to make the world safe for exploitation by U.S. corporate interests and that this has required and continues to require the installation and support of brutal military/police dictatorships throught the Third World. It also requires an apologetic ideology which portrays all this as being in the highest interests of democracy and human rights.
  • E77.L68 1985    
  • Indian Giver
    A Legacy of North American Native Peoples

    Published: 1986
    Traces some of the significant contributions made by Native people to the modern world.
  • E78.05A26 1994    
  • Aboriginal Ontario
    Historical Perspectives on the First Nations

    Published: 1994
    Essays on the history of Ontario's native people.
  • E78.05S763 2004    
  • Journey to the Ice Age
    Discovering an Ancient World

    Published: 2004
  • E78.C2A3 1989    
  • Prison of Grass (Revised Edition)
    Canada from a Native Point of View

    Published: 1989
    In Prison of Grass, Adams contrasts the official history found in the federal government's documents with the unpublished history of the Indian and Métis people.
  • E78.C2R38 1996    
  • I Have Lived Here Since the World Began
    An Illustrated History of Canada's Native People

    Published: 1996
    Ray shows that Native culture played an important -- and largely unrecognized -- part in Canada's economic development. Rather than being "civilized" by European explorers, the indigenous people were already accomplished traders, artisans, farmers and hunters.
  • E78.G7A87    
  • Atlas of Great Lakes Indian History
    Published: 1987
    Focuses on the Great Lakes Region, in both Canada and the United States.
  • E78.M25W34 1988    
  • As Long as the River Runs
    Hydroelectric Development and Native Communities in Western Canada

    Published: 1988
    Waldram examines the politics of hydroelectric dam construction in the vast hinterland of the Canadian Northwest, focusing particularly on the negotiations and agreements between the developers and the Native residents.
  • E839.5.Z55 2003    
  • Passionate Declarations
    Essays on War and Justice

    Published: 2003
    Essays looking at American political ideology.
  • E840.C49    
  • Towards a New Cold War
    Essays on the Current Crisis and How We Got There

    Published: 1982
    A sobering assessment of American foreign policy from the end of the Vietnam era to Ronald Reagan.
  • E841.G57 1987    
  • The Sixties
    Years of Hope, Days of Rage

    Published: 1987
    One of the best books on the Sixties in the U.S., bringing to life the political and cultural currents, including especially the music, which raged during that decade, and setting them in historical context.
  • E876.C45 1988    
  • The Culture of Terrorism
    Published: 1988
    Chomsky argues that the United States elites are dedicated to the rule of force, and that their commitment to violence and lawlessness has to be masked by an ideological system which attempts to control and limit the domestic damage done when the mask occasionally slips.
  • E881.B47 2000    
  • The Best of The Nation
    Selections from the Independent Magazine of Politics and Culture

    Published: 2000
    An anthology of articles from The Nation.
  • E895.W55 2015    
  • The Wikileaks Files
    The World According to US Empire

    Published: 2015
    An introduction by Julian Assange exposes the ongoing debates about freedom of information, international surveillance, and justice. With contributions by Dan Beeton, Phyllis Bennis, Michael Busch, Peter Certo, Conn Hallinan, Sarah Harrison, Richard Heydarian, Dahr Jamail, Jake Johnston, Alexander Main, Robert Naiman, Francis Njubi Nesbitt, Linda Pearson, Gareth Porter, Tim Shorrock, Russ Wellen, and Stephen Zunes
  • E902.C47 2003    
  • Hegemony or Survival
    America's Quest for Global Dominance

    Published: 2004
    Chomsky documents how, for more than half a century, the United States has been pursuing a grand imperial strategy with the aim of dominating the globe.
  • E91.B47 1992    
  • A Long and Terrible Shadow
    White Values, Native Rights in the Americas 1492-1992

    Published: 1991
    Against the odds, Native peoples have waged a tenacious struggle to survive and the re-emerge as distinct cultures.
  • E91.C47 1997    
  • A Little Matter of Genocide
    Holocaust and Denial in the Americas 1492 to the Present

    Published: 2001
    In this provocative collection of essays, Ward Churchill examines the definition of genocide -- in legal as well as cultural terms. Churchill reveals how the international definition of the crime of genocide has been subverted to meet various political ends -- and demonstrates why the historic and contemporary suffering of indigenous peoples should be included in this category.
  • E92.A33 1995    
  • Tortured People (Revised Edition)
    The Politics of Colonization

    Published: 1999
    This book grew out of the experiences of life and political struggle under colonization in Metis and other Aboriginal communities in Canada. It provides a uniquely Aboriginal socio-political perspective on the effects of colonization on Aboriginal peoples in Canada. It also presents a fresh outlook on decolonization and contemporary Aboriginal life and culture. Tortured People explains the deeply rooted issues behind the dramatic increase in Aboriginal militant action in recent years.
  • E92.A54    
  • ..."And The Last Shall Be First"
    Native Policy in an Era of Cutbacks

    Published: 1991
  • E96.65.O58A54 2015    
  • Children of the Broken Treaty
    Canada's Lost Promise and One Girls's Dream

    Published: 2015
    Angus provides chilling insight into how Canada denies First Nations children their basic human rights.
  • E99.B4M37 1996    
  • A History and Ethnography of the Beothuk
    Published: 1998
    The Beothuk, the aboriginal inhabitants of Newfoundland, were hunters, gatherers, and fishers who moved seasonally between the coast and the interior. With the influx of European settlements and fisheries in the 1700s the Beothuk found their territory increasingly reduced and conflict between the two groups escalated. The Beothuk declined steadily in numbers and by the early 1800s they had ceased to exist as a viable cultural group.
  • E99.C6S34 1991    
  • The Ojibwa of Southern Ontario
    Published: 1991
    A history of the Ojibwa in Southern Ontario.
  • E99.I7B45 1998    
  • The Iroquois in the War of 1812
    Published: 1998
  • E99.K15B76 2006    
  • Pictures Bring Us Messages
    Sinaakssiiksi aohtsimaahpihkookiyaawa. Photographs and Histories from the Kainai Nation

    Published: 2006
    An example of museum professionals working with member of an aboriginal community to explore photographs taken of members of that community many decades earlier.
  • F1034.2    
  • Canada's Red Scare 1945-1957
    Published: 2001
    A summary and examination of Canada's Red Scare, the name used to describe the paranoia and ideological insecurity that swept Canada in the years following the Second World War amidst widespread mistrust of the Soviet Union. Volume 61 of The Canadian Historical Association booklets.
  • F1059.O5 J63    
  • History of the County of Ontario 1615-1875
    Published: 1973
    A well-documented synthesis which begins with the indigenous inhabitants, documents the fraudulent land claims which were used to take over indigenous land for settlement by European and American settlers, and continuing through to the developments of the late nineteenth century.
  • F1408.27.G3413 1985    
  • Memory of Fire: Genesis
    Part One of a Triology

    Published: 1985
    A meditation on the clashes between the Old World and the New, and an an attempt "to rescue the kidnapped memory of all America." A fierce, impassioned, and kaleidoscopic historical experience that takes us from the creation myths of the Makiritare Indians of the Yukatan to Columbus's first joyous moments in the New World to the English capture of New York.
  • F1408.27.G3413 1985    
  • Memory of Fire: Faces & Masks
    Part Two of a Trilogy

    Published: 1998
    A view of the 'New World' in the making, from the 1700s to the end of the nineteenth century.
  • F1436.8.U6C48 1987    
  • On Power and Ideology
    Published: 1987
    Five lectures on U.S. international and security policy.
  • F379.N557R37 2011    
  • American Uprising
    The Untold Story of America's Largest Slave Revolt

    Published: 2011
    Historian Daniel Rasmussen reveals the long-forgotten history of America’s largest slave uprising, the New Orleans slave revolt of 1811, offering new insight into American expansionism, the path to Civil War, and the earliest grassroots push to overcome slavery.
  • F548.52.F37 1987    
  • Chicago '68
    Published: 1988
    A vivid history of the political and social movements of that turbulent time, when the power structure felt itself threatened by social movements that rejected much of what it stood for.
  • F574.D49C53 1998    
  • Living for Change
    An Autobiography

    Published: 1998
    This fascinating autobiography traces the story of a woman who transcended class and racial boundaries to pursue her passionate belief in a better society.
  • FC104.J35    
  • Seeing Ourselves
    Exploring Race, Ethnicity and Culture

    Published: 1995
  • FC106.G3L43    
  • The German Canadians
    Immigration, Settlement & Culture

    Published: 1986
  • FC136.G76    
  • French Canadians
    An Outsider's Inside Look at Quebec

    Published: 1992
  • FC151.B48M34 2008    
  • Pierre Berton
    A Biography

    Published: 2008
  • FC162.M25    
  • When the Work's All Done This Fall
    The Settling of the Land

    Published: 1989
    Excerpts from eighteenth- and nineteenth-century writings that touch on Canadian agriculture.
  • FC164.144    
  • The Illustrated History of Canada
    Published: 1997
  • FC164.F47    
  • Canadian History for Dummies
    Published: 2000
  • FC164.G54    
  • Canada: A People's History
    Volume One

    Published: 2000
    Covers Canadian history from the beginnings to the 1870s.
  • FC164.G54 2002    
  • Canada: A People's History
    Volume Two

    Published: 2002
    Canadian history from the 1870s to the 1990s.
  • FC164.I44 1997    
  • The Illustrated History of Canada
    Published: 1997
  • FC164.M676 1997    
  • A Short History of Canada
    Published: 1997
  • FC2167.5.M6 1989    
  • The New Founde Land
    A Personal Voyage of Discovery

    Published: 1989
  • FC23.C36    
  • The Canadian Encyclopedia Vol. I

    Published: 1985
  • FC23.C36    
  • The Canadian Encyclopedia Vol. II
    For - Pat

    Published: 1985
  • FC23.C36    
  • The Canadian Encyclopedia Vol. III
    Pat-Z & Index

    Published: 1985
  • FC23.O94 2004    
  • The Oxford Companion to Canadian History
    Published: 2004
    Here are the basic details of the main events, institutions, places, and people in Canada's past. The topics appear to be politics, economy, education, religion, law, medicine, science, transportation, social and cultural events.
  • FC2343.4.C36 2007    
  • The Cabot Trail in Black & White
    Voices and Photographs from Northern Cape Breton

    Published: 2007
  • FC2350.5.R67 1991    
  • The Acadians of Nova Scotia Past and Present
    Published: 1992
    A study of Acadian history from the earliest days of French settlement to present-day Acadian communities.
  • FC249.073 1993    
  • The Fight for Canada
    Four Centuries of Resistance to American Expansionism

    Published: 1993
    In an effort to realize their grand dream of one nation from Panama to the Arctic, Americans have attempted to conquer Canada using war, trade sanctions, and political interventions of all kinds. "That fight for Canada continues to this day," says David Orchard.
  • FC251.I7E55 2010    
  • Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid
    Published: 2010
    Engler documents the fact that the essence of Canadian policy has always been support for the establishment and continued dominance of an expansionist Zionist state in the territories that now comprise Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank.
  • FC2611.S43    
  • A People's History of Prince Edward Island
    Published: 1976
    The history of Prince Edward from a people's perspective, looking at how tenant farmers, independent merchants, fishermen, workers, and farmers fought ti improve their conditions and improve their society.
  • FC2925.9.J3M33    
  • Electric Rivers
    The Story of the James Bay Project

    Published: 1991
  • FC2947.18 W53 1998    
  • Montreal Up Close
    A Pedestrian's Guide to the City

    Published: 1998
  • FC3065.A4R87 2000    
  • The Explorer's Guide to Algonquin Park
    Published: 2000
  • FC3065.A65K49 2003    
  • Paddling My Own Canoe
    The Story of Algonquin Park's First Female Guide

    Published: 2003
    An account of a life-long relationship with Algonquin Park.
  • FC3067.G72 2000    
  • Sisters in the Wilderness
    The Lives of Susanna Moodie and Catharine Parr Traill

    Published: 1999
  • FC3077.1.R34A3    
  • From Protest to Power
    Personal Reflections on a Life in Politics

    Published: 1996
  • FC3077.2.A44 2001    
  • Alien Invasion
    How the Harris Tories Mismanaged Ontario

    Published: 2001
    An examination of the devasting results of seven years of social and economic destruction inflicted the by the right-wing fanatics who ruled Ontario under the premiership of Mike Harris.
  • FC3095.0196024 1997    
  • Oak Ridges Moraine
    Published: 1997
    Members of the Oak Ridges Moraine (STORM) Coalition - naturalists, botanists, geologists, historians, writers, photographers -- celebrate the special nature of the Moraine in this collection of essays and photographers.
  • FC3095.B78F69 1088    
  • The Bruce Beckons
    Revised and enlarged edition

    Published: 1962
  • FC3095.N5K46 1990    
  • The Niagara Escarptment
    A Portfolio

    Published: 1990
  • FC3095.S67J32 1998    
  • 44 Country Trails
    Published: 1998
  • FC3096.52.J45 1996    
  • An Acre of Time
    Published: 1996
    Phil Jenkins tells the life story of a single acre on Le Breton Flats, in Ottawa, Canada.
  • FC3097-7.C75 2003    
  • Old Toronto Houses
    Published: 2003
    Photographs of old Toronto houses, with accompanying text.
  • FC3097.18.S495 2000    
  • Toronto's Ravines
    Walking the Hidden Country

    Published: 2000
  • FC3097.18C8 1994    
  • The Hike Ontario Guide to Walks Around Toronto
    Published: 199
  • FC3097.18E23 2000    
  • Nature Hikes
    Near-Toronto Trails and Adventures

    Published: 2000
  • FC3097.26S48A3 2015    
  • How We Changed Toronto
    The inside story of twelve creative, tumultuous years in civic life, 1969-1980

    Published: 2015
    By the mid-1960s Toronto was well on its way to becoming Canada's largest and most powerful city. One real estate firm aptly labelled it Boomtown. Expressways, subways, shopping centres, high-rise apartments, and skyscraping downtown office towers were transforming the city. City officials were cheerleaders for unrestricted growth.
  • FC3097.32.L39    
  • Parkdale in Pictures
    Its Development to 1889

    Published: 1991
    The formative years of a Toronto city neighbourhood.
  • FC3097.37.J28    
  • William James' Toronto Views
    Lantern Slides from 1906 to 1939

    Published: 1999
    Photos, many of them handtinted, of Toronto in the early years of the 20th century. This book reproduces more than 100 images from the 5,800 lantern slides in the William James collection in the City of Toronto Archives.
  • FC3097.3T87 2015    
  • The Toronto Carrying Place
    Rediscovering Toronto's Most Ancient Trail

    Published: 2015
    Glenn Turner retraces the ancient portage from Lake Ontario to Lake Simcoe and discucsses its role in the history of southern Ontario.
  • FC3097.4.F54    
  • More Toronto Sketches
    The Way We Were

    Published: 1993
  • FC3097.4L45 1985    
  • Toronto Since 1918
    An Illustrated History

    Published: 1985
  • FC3097.52.G52    
  • More Than an Island
    A History of the Toronto Island

    Published: 1984
    A thorough history of the natural, social, political, and economic history of the Toronto Island.
  • FC3097.52.H47    
  • Todmorden Mills
    A Human and Natural History

    Published: 1987
    An urban natural history pamphlet.
  • FC3097.52.R9    
  • Cabbagetown, Remembered
    Published: 1984
    Stories and photographs of the Toronto neighbourhood known as old Cabbagetown.
  • FC3097.52.W27 2015    
  • The Ward
    The Life and Loss of Toronto's First Immigrant Neighbourhood

    Published: 2015
    The story of the growth and destruction of Toronto’s first 'priority neighbourhood.'
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  • Regent Park
    The Public Experiment in Housing

    Published: 1999
    Photographs, commentary, and interviews.
  • FC3097.56.S38 1992    
  • Trails of the Don
    Published: 1992
    Charles Sauriol recalls Toronto's Don Valley.
  • FC3097.7 L68 2021    
  • Modest Hopes
    Homes and Stories of Toronto's Workers from the 1820s to the 1920s

    Published: 2021
  • FC3097.7.D45    
  • Lost Toronto
    Published: 1978
  • FC3097.9.18C64 2006    
  • College Street - Little Italy
    Toronto's Renaissance Strip

    Published: 2006
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  • The Promised Land
    Settling the West 1896-1914

    Published: 1984
  • FC36.R38    
  • Dictionary of Canadian Place Names
    Published: 1997
    Includes 6,200 names of Canadian cities, towns, lakes, rivers, national parks, mountains, capes, channels and bays.
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  • Vanishing British Columbia
    Published: 2005
  • FC3849.H82P64    
  • This Was Our Valley
    Published: 1989
  • FC3961.I.R33 M332001    
  • Fatal Passage
    Published: 2001
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  • Klondike
    The Last Great Gold Rush 1896-1899

    Published: 1990
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  • Flames Across the Border
    The Canadian-American Tragedy, 1813- 1814

    Published: 1981
  • FC442.B47    
  • The Invasion of Canada

    Published: 1980
  • FC521.M29G89 2007    
  • Nation Maker
    Sir John A. Macdonald: His life, Our Times. Volume Two: 1867-1891

    Published: 2011
  • FC530-C46 1991    
  • The Unmaking of Canada
    The Hidden Theme in Canadian History since 1945

    Published: 1991
    This book searches for the roots of the many-sided crisis faced by Canada in the 1990s, and finds them in the post-war history of the country. In the authors' view, the hidden theme in Canadian history in the post-World War II decades has been the "unmaking" of Canada.
  • FC540.W35    
  • Park Prisoners
    The Untold of Western Canada's National Park, 1915-1946

    Published: 1995
    The story of the labour camps that once existed in Canada's mountain and prairie national parks. Between 1915 and 1946, some ten thousand men were put to work in western Canada's national parks. They were the country's unwanted: unskilled foreign workers, the jobless and the homeless, conscientious objectors, perceived enemies of the state, and prisoners of war.
  • FC540.W35 1995    
  • Park Prisoners
    The Untold Story of Western Canada's National Parks 1915 - 1946

    Published: 1995
  • FC541.M27W92 2000    
  • Agnes Macphail
    Champion of the Underdog

    Published: 2000
  • FC583.C38B47    
  • The Swastika and the Maple Leaf
    Fascist Movements in Canada in the Thirities

    Published: 1975
    Betcherman deals with Adrien Arcand and other leading Canadian fascists of the 1930s, as well as Swastika Clubs, and fascist movements in the west.
  • FC600.C85 2016    
  • Canada Since 1960: A People's History
    A Left Perspective on 50 Years of Politics, Economics and Culture

    Published: 2016
    An account of the most important developments in Canadian history from the 1960s to today, seen through the eyes of Canadian Dimension magazine.
  • FC600.M33 2001    
  • Canada's Century
    Published: 2001
  • FC610.S34 1992    
  • The Un-Canadians
    True Stores of the blacklist Era

    Published: 1992
    Details the blacklisting which took place in Canada during the Cold War years.
  • FC630.B47    
  • Derailed
    The Betrayal of the National Dream

    Published: 1994
  • FC635.L34 1998    
  • Slumming It At the Rodeo
    The Cultural Roots of Canada's Right-Wing Revolution

    Published: 1998
    Are the Federal Reform Party's Manning, Ontario's Harris and Alberta's Klein the struttin' cowboy champions of direct democracy? Or just sell- outs to the private sector? Laird tackles these questions.
  • FC635.R42 2000    
  • Imagine Democracy
    Published: 2000
    Rebick calls for the transformation of fundamental institutions in Canada: the economy, the media and the electoral system.
  • FC640.C32 2015    
  • Canada After Harper
    His Ideology-fuelled Attack on Canadian Society and Values, and How We Can Resist and Create the Country We Want

    Published: 2015
    Essays documenting the breadth and depth of the Harper government's attack on institutions, policies, and programs that embody values and principles shared by most Canadians: education, health care, women's rights, science and research, the economy, labour unions, water and natural resources, and Aboriginal affairs.
  • FC75.W57 1985    
  • Railway Country
    Across Canada by Train

    Published: 1985
  • FC97.I46    
  • Imperialism, Nationalism, and Canada.
    Published: 1977
    Interpretations of Canada's status in the system of world imperialism and the internal dynamics of class, race, and region within the Canadian national state.
  • G1021.M85 1994    
  • The Macmillan World Reference Atlas
    Published: 1994
    A single-volume reference divided into four sections:
    - The World Today
    - The Nations of the World
    - Global Issues
    - Index-Gazetteer
  • G3.N37B79    
  • The National Geographic Society
    100 Years of Adventure and Discovery

    Published: 1994
  • G650 1719.B43 1994    
  • Dead Silence
    The Greatest Mystery in Arctic Discovery

    Published: 1994
  • G670 1913.K37N58    
  • The Ice Master
    The Doomed 1913 Voyage of the Karluk

    Published: 2000
  • G850 1911.M32 1998    
  • The Home of the Blizzard
    A True Story of Antarctic Survival

    Published: 1998
  • G89.S52    
  • Discovery in the North Atlantic
    From the 6th to 17th Century

    Published: 1991
  • GE149.P75 1998    
  • Privatizing Nature
    Political Struggles for the Global Commons

    Published: 1998
    Contributors examine the reasons behind the political resurgence of the commons, and the widespread struggle to transform existing nature-society relations into ones that are non-exploitative, socially just and ecologically healthy.
  • GE240.C3W53 2016    
  • Everyday Exposure
    Indigenous Mobilization and Environmental Justice in Canada's Chemical Valley

    Published: 2016
    Surrounded by Canada's densest concentration of chemical manufacturing plants, members of the Aamjiwnaang First Nation have expressed concern about a declining male birth rate and high incidences of miscarriage, asthma, cancer, and cardiovascular illness. Everyday Exposure uncovers the systemic injustices they face as they fight for environmental justice.
  • GF41.J3    
  • Only One Earth
    The Care and Maintenance of a Small Planet

    Published: 1972
  • GF512.06M32 1997    
  • Looking for Old Ontario
    Published: 1997
  • GF75.L58 2007    
  • The John A. Livingston Reader
    Published: 2007
  • GF75.P66 1992    
  • A Green History of the World
    The Environment and the Collapse of Great Civilizations

    Published: 1991
    Ponting tracks the "green" history of the world showing how throughout history civilizations have collapsed when they exhausted the earth's natural resources.
  • GF75.W454 2008    
  • The World Without Us
    Published: 2007
    A thought experiment to see what would happen to the planet if human beings simply disappeared.
  • GN281.T84 1996    
  • The Time Before History
    5 Million Years of Human Impact

    Published: 1996
  • GT2855.V58 1989    
  • Much Depends on Dinner
    The Extraordinary History and Mythology, Allure and Obsessions, Perils and Taboos, of an Ordinary Meal.

    Published: 1986
    An excursion through the history and mythology of an ordinary meal.
  • GT3940.E47 2007    
  • Dancing in the Streets
    A History of Collective Joy

    Published: 2007
    An account of the toll that depression has taken on European and North American health since the 18th century.
  • GV1061.15 K53    
  • A Runner's Journey
    Published: 2021
  • GV1061.B77 1994    
  • Fitness Running
    Published: 1994
  • GV1062.15.W54 S93 20    
  • Mighty Moe
    The True Story of a Thirteen-Year-Old Women's Running Revolutionary

    Published: 2019
    The story of how 13-year-old Maureen Wilton set a women's world record in the marathon at a time when most of the sports world was antagonistic to the idea of women and girls competing in distance running.
  • GV1247.G3    
  • How to Detect Crooked Gambling
    Marked Cards and Loaded Dice

    Published: 1977
  • GV1448.C62    
  • Idle Passion
    Chess and The Dance of Death

    Published: 1974
  • GV199.44.C32N48 1987    
  • Best Hiking Trails in Western Newfoundland
    Published: 1987
  • GV433.C33T67    
  • I Remember Sunnyside
    Published: 1996
  • GV546.B33 1995    
  • Fitness Weight Training
    Published: 1995
  • GV697.H84A3 2016    
  • Open Heart, Open Mind
  • GV848.T6S54 2010    
  • Toronto Maple Leafs: Diary of a Dynasty 1957-1967
    Published: 2010
  • H/f5466.S54 1984    
  • Getting into the Mail-order Business
    Published: 1984
  • H97.A24 2002    
  • Do think tanks matter?
    Assesing the impact of public policy institutes

    Published: 2002
  • H97.A24 2002    
  • Do think tanks matter?
    Assesing the impact of public policy institutes

    Published: 2002
  • HB3529.S38    
  • Canadian People Patterns
    What's in the Cards for you?

    Published: 1990
  • HB501    
  • Lineages of Revolt
    Issues of Contemporary Capitalism in the Middle East

    Published: 2013
    While the outcomes of the tumultuous uprisings that continue to transfix the Arab world remain uncertain, the root causes of rebellion persist. Drawing upon extensive empirical research, Lineages of Revolt tracks the major shifts in the region’s political economy over recent decades.
  • HB501    
  • Monsters of the Market
    Zombies, Vampires, and Global Capitalism

    Published: 2012
    Drawing on folklore, literature and popular culture, this book links tales of monstrosity from England to recent vampire- and zombie-fables from sub-Saharan Africa, and it connects these to Marx’s persistent use of monster-metaphors in his descriptions of capitalism. Reading across these tales of the grotesque, McNally offers a novel account of the cultural economy of the global market-system.
  • HB501.C233 2003    
  • An Anti-Capitalist Manifesto
    Published: 2003
    An extended argument about what the anti-capitalist movement should stand for.
  • HB501.F26    
  • The Faltering Economy
    The Problem of Accumulation Under Monopoly Capitalism

    Published: 1984
    The essays in this volume are part of a radical attempt to grapple with the problems of advanced capitalist development without discarding the real theoretical breakthroughs made by Keynes.
  • HB501.H7835 2012    
  • Marx's Concept of the Alternative to Capitalism
    Published: 2013
    In contrast to the traditional view that Marx's work is restricted to a critique of capitalism – and that he consciously avoided any detailed conception of its alternative – this work shows that Marx was committed to a specific concept of a post-capitalist society which informed the whole of his approach to political economy.
  • HB501.L3135    
  • Capitalism for Beginners
    Published: 1981
    An amusing, soundly researched, and highly accessible illustrated book that tells you everything you want to know about capitalism.
  • HB501.U5643 2002    
  • Understanding Capitalism
    Critical Analysis from Karl Marx to Amartya Sen

    Published: 2002
    Essays by seven leading economists, including Robin Hahnel and John Bellamy Foster, that assess how economic theory has become capitalist ideology.
  • HB724.M37 2007    
  • The Dismal Science
    How Thinking Like an Economist Undermines Community

    Published: 2008
  • HB883.5.P66    
  • Population Growth, Resource Consumption, and the Environment
    Seeking a Common Vision for a Troubled World

    Published: 1995
    This work looks at the problem of overpoplulation and the environment.
  • HB95.C516 1998    
  • Profit over People
    Neoliberalism and Global Order

    Published: 1999
    Chomsky confronts neoliberalsim: the pro-corporate system of economic and political policies presently waging a form of class war worldwide.
  • HB95.N45 2018    
  • Bypassing Dystopia
    Hope-Filled Challenges to Corporate Rule

    Published: 2018
    Joyce Nelson explores global examples of active and creative resistance to the iron grip of corporatism on our economies and imaginations.
  • HC110.P6H43 2012    
  • Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt
    Published: 2012
    The searing account of Chris Hedges' and Joe Sacco's travels to sacrifice zones, those areas in the United States where human beings and the natural world are used and then discarded to maximize profit, places that have been offered up for maximum exploitation in the name of profit and progress.
  • HC115.J28 2000    
  • Falling Behind
    The State of Working Canada, 2000

    Published: 2000
    An accessible collation of data and analysis, analyzed from a progressive perspective, about the social and economic realities of working people in Canada.
  • HC117.A8A43    
  • Atlantic Canada and Confederation
    Essays in Canadian Political Economy

    Published: 1983
    In these essays, Alexander maintains that there was an economic basie for the provinces of Atlantic Canada in the resources of the region and the genious of its people. He affirms the integrity and viability of the small society and culture in the economic blocs and political federations of the modern world.
  • HC117.A8P46    
  • People, Resources and Power
    Critical Perspectives on Underdevelopment and Primary Industries in the Atlantic Region.

    Published: 1987
    This book is about resources and the reasons why the working people of the Atlantic region have derived so little benefit from the natural wealth which surrounds them.
  • HC117.A8R48 1990    
  • Restructuring and Resistance
    Perspectives from Atlantic Canada

    Published: 1990
    Seeks to answer two questions: Will the Atlantic region further marginalise to the point of an eventual elimination of the rural economy of small producers and the social system underlying this economy? And can any alternatives be found to the capitalist approach through the resistance and restructuring approach?
  • HC117.M3P64    
  • The Political Economy of Manitoba
    Published: 1990
    An examination of political struggle and its relationship to the process of capital accumulation in Manitoba.
  • HC120.C3C37 1985    
  • Corporate Power and Canadian Capitalism
    Published: 1986
    Carroll looks at the accumulation of capital in Canada since the Second World War. Most of the book is devoted to tracing actual patterns of corporate ownership and intercorporate relationships.
  • HC120.E79R63    
  • Get a Life!
    How to make a good buck dance around the dinosaurs and save the world while you're at it

    Published: 1995
    Simultaneoulsy a textbook on new careers and lifestyles for aspiring entrepreneurs and a strategy for social, economic and environmental renewal.
  • HC120.ES65 1991    
  • Spirit of the Wolf
    The Environment and Canada's Future: Volume 1

    Published: 1991
  • HC120.P6R36 2007    
  • Poverty and Policy in Canada
    Implications for Health and Qualityof Life

    Published: 2007
    Raphael writes with authority on the problem of inequality and poverty in Canada. Income variability has increased while social assistance and minimum wages have not kept people up.
  • HC3891.5.D43 1985    
  • Debt Bondage Or Self-Reliance
    A Popular Perspective on the Global Debt Crisis

    Published: 1985
    Describes the effects of international debt on workers, the unemployed, and peasants who neither asked for or benefit from such debt. It describes the growing number of people's movements in Canada and developing nations who are struggling against austerity measures.
  • HC55.A44    
  • How to Save the World
    Strategy for World Conservation

    Published: 1980
    "How To Save The World" discusses, "Why the world needs saving now and how it can be done". Allen breaks his work down into seven chapters, devoting each to an important aspect of the global predicament. Securing the food supply, saving forests, preserving wildlife and presenting a strategy for conservation are all discussed as methods to improve the relationship between mankind and nature.
  • HC59.69.G843    
  • Third World Guide 93/94
    The World As Seen By the Third World

    Published: 1994
  • HC59.7    
  • Imperialism: Pioneer of Capitalism
    Published: 1980
    Argues that the accepted theories of imperialism are profoundly flawed.
  • HC60.T53    
  • Ties That Bind
    Canada and the Third World

    Published: 1982
  • HC79.E5 N436 2010    
  • The necessary revolution
    Working together to create a sustainable world

    Published: 2010
    Originally published in 2008 as: The necessary revolution: how individuals and organizations are working together to create a sustainable world.
  • HC79.E5K68 2007    
  • The Enemy of Nature
    The End of Capitalism or the End of the World?

    Published: 2007
    We live in and from nature, but the way we have evolved of doing this is about to destroy you. Capitalism and its by-products -- imperialism, war, neoliberal globalization, racism, poverty, and the destruction of community -- are all playing a part in the destruction of our ecosystem.
  • HC79.E5L58 1992    
  • Living with the Land
    Communities Restoring the Earth

    Published: 1992
    A collection of stories from grassroots communities about the benefits of ecological living.
  • HC79.EM329 2011    
  • What Every Environmentalist Needs To Know about Capitalism
    A Citizen's Guide to Capitalism and the Environment

    Published: 2011
    A manifesto for those environmentalists who reject schemes of “green capitalism” or piecemeal reform. Magdoff and Foster argue that efforts to reform capitalism along environmental lines or rely solely on new technology to avert catastrophe misses the point. The main cause of the looming environmental disaster is the driving logic of the system itself, and those in power — no matter how “green” — are incapable of making the changes that are necessary.
  • HD1286 .O87 1991    
  • Governing the Commons
    The Evolution of Institutions for Collective Action

    Published: 1990
    Neither the state nor the market have been successful in solving common pool resource problems. This study analyzes communal interests in land, irrigation communities, fisheries, etc. and proposes alternative solutions.
  • HD1379.S266 2005    
  • Sell Your Home in Canada
    Understand the pros & cons of selling your home yourself or through an agent.

    Published: 2005
  • HD1379.S266 2005    
  • Sell Your Home in Canada
    Understand the pros & cons of selling your home yourself or through an agent.

    Published: 2005
  • HD1698.I42G84 1999    
  • The Cost of Living
    Published: 1999
    Roy takes on two of the great illusions of India's progress: the massive dam projects that have displaced millions, and the development of India's nuclear weapons. Roy peels away the mask of democracy and prosperity to show the true costs hidden beneath.
  • HD1741.S82.V34    
  • Irrigation and Society in Medieval Valencia
    Published: 1970
    A thorough study of Valencian irrigation and society.
  • HD1817.C64    
  • What Difference Could a Revolution Make?
    Food and Farming in The New Nicarauga

    Published: 1983
    Reports on the dramatic changes brought by the first three years of the Sandinista revolution.
  • HD2326 .K647 1995    
  • When Corporations Rule the World
    Published: 2001
    Kortens' book is an examination of the growth of corporate power from its beginnings in the 17th and 18th to its entrenchment in American society in the 19th.
  • HD2731.B227 2011    
  • Childhood Under Siege
    How Big Business Ruthlessly Targets Children

    Published: 2011
    An exploration of the corporate manipulation and exploitation of children and childhood and society's (lack of) response.
  • HD2741.F8    
  • Money isn't Everything
    A Survival Manual for Non-Profit Organizations

    Published: 1977
    Addresses the problems affecting non-profit groups today, providing examples and practical solutions.
  • HD2741.L3154    
  • Strategic Marketing for Not-for-Profit organizations
    Program and resource development

    Published: 1984
  • HD2809.F55 2000    
  • Who do we try to rescue today?
    Canada under corporate rule

    Published: 2000
    A collection of essays discussing aspects of the role of corporations in late-20th-century Canada.
  • HD2888.5.M6    
  • Cooperation at Work
    The Mondragon Experience

    Published: 1983
    A guide to work co-operatives, based on the experience of the Mondragon group of co-operatives in Spain.
  • HD30.2.Z337 2003    
  • Business Information
    Finding and Using data in the digital age

    Published: 2003
  • hd30.213.C476    
  • Information Management for the Intelligent Organization
    The Art of Scanning the Environment

    Published: 1998
  • hd30.213.C476    
  • Information Management for the Intelligent Organization
    The Art of Scanning the Environment

    Published: 1998
  • HD30.28.M64    
  • Steps to Strategic Management
    A guide for entrepreneurs

    Published: 1988
  • HD30.28.M64    
  • Steps to Strategic Management
    A guide for entrepreneurs

    Published: 1988
  • HD3134.W67    
  • Worker Cooperatives in America
    Published: 1984
    A historical background of worker cooperatives as well as a contemporary discussion of small and large co-ops.
  • HD3575.T46    
  • Banking on the Grass Roots
    Cooperatives in global development

    Published: 1990
  • HD38.7.M55 2000    
  • Millennium Intelligence
    Understanding and conducting competitve intelligence in the digitall Age

    Published: 2000
  • HD38.7.V56 2000    
  • Internet Business Intelligence
    How to Build a Big Company System on a Small Company Budget

    Published: 2000
  • HD3850.H37    
  • The Privatization Putsch
    Published: 1989
    According to Hardin, privatization is the expression of the ideology of a right wing, corporate agenda: business wants to gets its hands on public funds and politicians are more than willing to hand over publicly owned enterprises and public services to business friends, nearly always on terms that are immensely favourable to the corporations involved.
  • HD3850.N67 2006    
  • Not for Sale
    Decommodifying Public Life

    Published: 2006
    Not for Sale discusses the alternatives presented by local, national, and international struggles to decommodify and democratize as many spheres of life as possible.
  • HD4854.T37    
  • Technology, the Labor Process, and the Working Class
    Monthly Review July-August 1976

    Published: 1976
  • HD4875.U5 S5 1965    
  • Colonists in Bondage
    White Servitude and Convict Labor in America, 1607-1776

    Published: 2012
    This is the story of the colonists of the kitchens, the stables, the fields, the shops, and those who came to America as indentured servants, men and women who sold themselves to masters for a period of time in order to pay passage from an old world to a new and freer one.
  • HD4903-5.C2T46    
  • Combatting Racism in the Workplace
    A Course for Workers

    Published: 1983
    With the ultimate aim of combatting racism within the labour movement, the Cross Cultural Communication Centre, under the auspices of the Humber Collage for Labour Studies, ran a ten-week, 30 hour pilot course entitled 'Work Racism and Labour.'
  • HD4903.5.C2T462    
  • Combatting Racism in the Workplace Readings Kit
    Published: 1983
    Readings and case studies on fighting racism.
  • HD5109.053    
  • Put Work in Its Place
    The Complete Gude to the Flexible Work Place

    Published: 1988
  • HD5325.P332 1987P35    
  • Pain on Their Faces
    Testimonies on the Paper Mill Strike, Jay, Manie, 1987-1988

    Published: 1998
    An accourt of an epic struggle by workers and their community against a powerful and aggressive corporation -- a strike by 1,250 workers against the International Paper Company in Jay, Maine, in 1987-88. Over 40- testimonies by strikers and their supporters explain in their own words the significance of this struggle for themselves, their families, their community and future generations.
  • HD5329.M732    
  • Dying for Gold
    The True Story of the Giant Mine Murders

    Published: 1997
  • HD533.W5K73 2010    
  • When the State Trembled
    How A.J. Andrews and the Citizens' Committee Broke the Winnipeg General Strike

    Published: 2010
    Recovers the story of how the business elite-led Citizens' Committee of 1000 crushed the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919.
  • HD5397.7.S52 1980    
  • At the Lenin Shipyards
    Poland and the Rise of the Solidarity Trade Union

    Published: 1981
    A first-hand account of the rise of the Solidarity trade union in Poland.
  • HD5660.U5H8    
  • Workers' Control
    A Reader on Labor and Social Change

    Published: 1973
    Beginning with a push twoard workers' management of the shop and ultimately moving toward control over what is produced, how it is produced and for whom it is produced, workers' control is one of the essential building blocks of a program for social change that would unite the Left and a revitalized labour movement.
  • HD57.7.B45    
  • Leadership from Within
    Published: 1997
    Skills and techniques for leadership and success based on a holistic approach.
  • HD59 C37 2007    
  • In the News
    The Practice of Media Relations in Canada - 2nd Edition

    Published: 2008
    An introduction of media relations in Canada, from both a practical and philosophical approach.
  • HD59.B36    
  • Expose Yourself
    Using the Power of Public Relations to Promote Your Business and Yourself

    Published: 1990
    A hands-on, practical book that gets down to the details of doing promotion.
  • HD59.B65 2004    
  • Media Relations
    The Bonner Communications Series

    Published: 2004
    A primer on attaining media preparedness.
  • HD59.C37 2001    
  • In The News
    The Practice of Media Relations in Canada

    Published: 2002
    Carney gives everyone, from student to seasoned practitioner, a thorough understanding of who the media are, how they work and how to approach them with stories.
  • HD59.S64 2008    
  • Building Media Relationships
    How to Establish, Maintain, and Develop Long-Term Relationships

    Published: 2009
    Sommers wrote this guide to teach how media can be used to raise an organization's public profile and improve its connection with the target audience.
  • HD594.H54    
  • The English Peasantry in the Later Middle Ages
    The Ford Lectures for 1973 and Related Studies

    Published: 1975
    Investigates the question of whether or not peasants might be considered their own social class.
  • HD6060.65.C23057 199    
  • The Gender of Breadwinners
    Women, Men and Change in Two Industrial Towns 1880-1950

    Published: 1990
    The story of two Ontario towns, Hanover and Paris, both primarily one-industry towns. Hanover was a furniture-manufacturing centre; mosts of its workers were men, while in Paris the biggest employer was the textile industry; most of its wage earners were women.
  • HD62.5.M37 1992    
  • Entrepreneur's Road Map to Business Success
    Published: 1992
  • HD62.5.P57 1997    
  • From Starting to Marketing: Your Own Consulting Business
    Published: 1997
  • HD6300.H37 1995    
  • The New Untouchables
    Immigration and the New World Worker

    Published: 1995
    This book examines migration as a response to changes in the world economy. Harris shows that despite tighter controls, increasing numbers of workers are moving, whether legally or nor, between countries. Unskilled immigrant workers play a vital role in improving standards of living in the developed world. In turn, the countries from which they have come benefit in a major way from the earnings sent back home. Arguing that few of the fears about immigration are justified, and that increased imigration tends to mean that jobs and incomes expand, this work shows why governments will have to ensure the freedom of people to come and go as they choose.
  • HD6490.072C35 1994    
  • Organizing Unions
    Published: 1994
    How to form or build a union. Shows how to strength organizing drives by responding to the concerns of all workers, including women, immigrant workers, people of colour, workers with disabilities, lebians and gay men, and part-time and casual workers.
  • HD6510    
  • The Civil Wars in U.S. Labor
    Birth of a New Workers' Movement or Death Throes of the Old?

    Published: 2011
    Steve Early explains why and how the 2008-2010 battles within the progressive wing of the U.S. labour movement occurred.
  • HD6524.M24 1987    
  • Pay Cheques & Picket Lines
    All About Unions in Canada

    Published: 1987
    A children's book which explains what unions are, how they came to be, and why they exist.
  • HD6525.45C35    
  • "Ole Boy"
    Memoirs of a Canadian Labour leader J.K. Bell

    Published: 1992
  • HD6525.B53A3    
  • A Life on the Jewish Left
    An Immigrant's Experience

    Published: 2000
    Biderman was a leader of the Labour League and the United Jewish Peoples Order, Communist-led organizations whose members were unted by progressive ideals and a love of Yiddish culture.
  • HD6528.F65M37 1991    
  • A Word to Say
    The Story of the Maritime Fishermen's Union

    Published: 1991
    An account of how inshore fishermen, most of them Acadian, came together to take control of their industry and their livelihood and form the Maritime Fishermen's Union.
  • HD6529.N44G54    
  • A Class Act
    An Illustrated History of the Labour Movement in Newfoundland and Labrador

    Published: 1986
    Gillespie records the men and women who struggled within an economic system they did not control to improve the lives of their families and their class.
  • HD69.C6G73 1996    
  • Start and Run a Consulting Business
    Understand why people will pay for your opinion. Convert your Knowledge into income

    Published: 2002
  • HD69.C6G73 1996    
  • Start and Run a Consulting Business
    Understand why people will pay for your opinion. Convert your Knowledge into income

    Published: 2002
  • HD69.C6K45    
  • Consulting
    The Complete Guide to a Profitable Career

    Published: 1986
  • HD6955.W44 1986    
  • Soft Sell
    Quality of Working Life Programs and the Productivity Race

    Published: 1987
    Quality of Working Life is a grab-bag of programs that promise workplace improvements and greater job satisfaction in exchange for increased productivity on the part of Canadian workers. But, says Don Wells, the promise of a new way to satisfy workers' needs has been proven false. Wells shows that QWL programs can present a direct, though carefully hidden, threat to the union movement.
  • HD7105.35.C3T6782000    
  • Pensions Under Attack
    What's behind the push to privatize public pensions

    Published: 2001
    Townson discusses the forces behind the drive to privatize public pensions and its impact on the financial security of seniors. In doing so, she traces a history from Pinochet's Chile to Thatcher's Great Britain to critique Canada's move toward privatization.
  • HD7106.C2K45    
  • RRSPs 1992
    Everything you need to know to make the right choices

    Published: 1991
  • HD7106.C2K45    
  • RRSPs 1992
    Everything you need to know to make the right choices

    Published: 1991
  • HD75.6.J31 2001    
  • Nature of Economies
    Published: 2001
    Jacobs argues that since human beings exist wholly within nature as part of natural order in every respect, we should look to the processes of nature for vibrant and flexible models of economic planning.
  • HD75.6.S5 2012    
  • No Local
    Why Small-Scale Alternatives Won't Change The World

    Published: 2012
    Local food, local business and buying local won't change the world. Challenging market priorities will. Greg Sharzer outlines why.
  • HD75.N53 2006    
  • Life, Money & Illusion
    Living on Earth as if We Want to Stay

    Published: 2006
    The failure to reduce green house gas emissions, the success of efforts to curb ozone depletion, causes related to prosperity and social justice are just some the topics covered. By using the example of Kerela, India, Nickerson shows how a society by working together can become car-free, religious and bigotry free, have a high level of health care and literacy and be able to sustain itself on a fraction of the money on which we depend.
  • HD7654.S35    
  • Muscle & Blood
    The Massive, Hidden Agony of Industrial Slaughter in America

    Published: 1974
  • HD78.E46 2014    
  • The No-Nonsense Guide to Degrowth and Sustainability
    Published: 2014
    This No-Nonsense Guide looks deeper into the idea of economic growth – to trace its history and understand why it has become so unchallengeable and powerful.
  • HD8039.S42C35    
  • Seafaring Labour
    The Merchant Marine of Atlantic Canada

    Published: 1989
    Sailors in the transition to industrial capitalism.
  • HD8039.T32C35    
  • The Phone Book
    Working at the Bell

    Published: 1979
    An account centered on Kueyks three years working for the phone company.
  • HD8039.T42B67 1999    
  • Equal Shares
    Oodi Weavers and the cooperative experience

    Published: 1999
    The story of a community-based co-operative in Botswana.
  • HD8072.A687    
  • False Promises
    The Shaping of American Working Class Consciousness

    Published: 1973
  • HD8072.B724    
  • Common Sense for Hard Times
    The Power of the Powerless to Cope with Everyday life and Transform Society in The Nineteen Seventies

    Published: 1976
    Presents a vision of society as it is and as it could be. Putting the problems of contemporary daily life in historical perspective, it reveals that they have their roots in the way our society is organized, and thereby enables us to re-examine our own situation and experience.
  • HD8072.L883    
  • Rank and File
    Personal Histories of Working Class Organizers

    Published: 1974
    A collection of stories and recollections from labour movement organizers.
  • HD8072.s487    
  • The Hidden Injuries of Class
    Published: 1972
    Sennett and Cobb look at human relations between people of different classes and analyze everyday life and ordinary situations to identify class signals that make people feel inadequate.
  • HD8106.5.U8 1998    
  • Us and Them
    Building a just workplace community

    Published: 1999
  • HD8106.5.W67    
  • Working in Canada
    Published: 1976
    This book is a collection of experiences written by workers, or based on interviews with them, about what they do and feel on a day to day basis and what they think needs to be done to change their condition and that of other working people.
  • HD8106.E54 2012    
  • Raising the Workers' Flag
    The Workers' Unity League of Canada, 1930-1936

    Published: 2012
    A history of the Workers' Unity League, the Canadian affiliate of the Communist Red International of Labour Unions.
  • HD8110.H352A55    
  • All That Our Hands Have Done
    A Pictorial History of Hamilton Workers

    Published: 1981
    The story of working people in Hamilton's steel industry.
  • HD83.G6713    
  • Ecology as Politics
    Published: 1980
    Socialism is no better than capitalism if it makes use of the same tools. The total domination of nature inevitably entails a domination of people by the techniques of domination.
  • HD8389.E534 1975    
  • Engels, Manchester and the Working Class
    Published: 1974
    An account and interpretation of the writing of Friedrich Engels' first major work, The Condition of the Working Class in England in 1844.
  • HD9018.D44 G74 1998    
  • The Great Grain Drain
    An Analysis of Factors Contributing to Food insecurity in the Developing Countries

    Published: 1998
    The right to food is a fundamental human right. How then do we account for the over 800 million food insecure people in the world of which approximately 350 million reside in India? The problem, especially in India, is often not lack of food but lack of access to it.
    This book brings together the thoughts of India's foremost thinkers on the issue of food insecurity.
  • HD9410.5    
  • Farmageddon
    The True Cost of Cheap Meat

    Published: 2014
    An investigation and implication of the global industrial farming industry.
  • HD9506.C32E98 2015    
  • Extraction!
    Comix Reportage

    Published: 2016
  • HD9524.C23C35 2005    
  • View from the Steel Plant
    Voices and Photographs from 100 Years of Making Steel in Cape Breton Island

    Published: 2005
  • HD9539.N52C28    
  • The Big Nickel
    Inco at home and abroad

    Published: 1977
    An account of the economic power of the world's largest producer of nickel, how it operates in Canada and the Third World, and its human consequences. The Big Nickel also looks at the resistance to the corporation, and the union-busting, attacks by company goons, and successful organizing drives.
  • HD9554.C23P537    
  • Coal in Our Blood
    200 Years of coal mining in Nova Scotia's Pictou County

    Published: 1992
    An account of the coal mining community of Pictou County, Nova Scotia.
  • HD9670.C22L48546 201    
  • Private Profits vs Public Policy
    The Pharmaceutical Industry and the Canadian State

    Published: 2016
    According to Joel Lexchin, "Given the central role that medicines play in keeping us healthy, it is essential that we understand the policy environment that governs drug development, from the initial basic research to the sale of the manufactured produces to the patients that use them."
  • HD9696.0672R6 1994    
  • Making Money With Multimedia
    Published: 1994
  • HE4509.T67P37    
  • Mind the Doors, Please!
    The story of Toronto and its streetcars

    Published: 1983
  • HE7631.W53 1982    
  • Electronic Nightmare
    The Home Communications Set and Your Freedom

    Published: 1981
  • HE8689.7.P82T7 1997    
  • Decline and Fall of Public Service Broadcasting
    Published: 1998
    In a public system, television producers acquire money to make programmes. In a commercial system they make programmes to acquire money. However simple, this little epigram articulates the divergence of basic principles, the different philosophical assumptions, on which broadcasting is built.
  • HE8689.9.C3D68 1997    
  • Fresh Air
    The Private Thoughts of a Public Broadcaster

    Published: 1997
  • HE8735.W34 1986    
  • Phone Power
    How to Make the Telephone Your Most Profitable Business Tool

    Published: 1986
  • HF 5414.E18    
  • The Art of Cause Marketing
    How to use advertising to change personal behavior and public policy

    Published: 2000
    How to craft a powerful public service campaign
  • HF 5718.5T35    
  • Winning Proposals
    How to write them and get results

    Published: 1999
  • HF-5718.3.W37 2002    
  • Business Writing Basics
    Published: 2002
  • HF1007.S494 1979    
  • The Barter Book
    Consumers Guide to Living Well Without Using Money

    Published: 1979
  • HF1007.S494 1979    
  • The Barter Book
    Consumers Guide to Living Well Without Using Money

    Published: 1979
  • HF1359.G55 1993    
  • Global Visions
    Beyond the News World Order

    Published: 1993
    This book seeks to establish how our diverse globalizing world can be turned into a common home. The authors create a dialogue about the two types of globalization occurring in the world: globalization from above and globalization from below.
  • HF1379.N66 2001    
  • The No-Nonsense Guide to Fair Trade
    Published: 2001
    Ransom suggests that fair, environmentally-conscious trade is not only a viable alternative to unfair free trade, but that it is the way of the future.
  • HF1379.S557 2002    
  • Facing the Facts
    A Guide to the GATS debate

    Published: 2002
  • HF1379.S56 2000    
  • GATS: How the World Trade Organization's new "services" negotiations threaten democracy
    Published: 2000
    Examines closed-door negotiations to expand the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), which have the goal of commercialize every service sector in every WTO country, including essential services such as health care, education, and drinking water.
  • HF1455.P476 2001    
  • Globalization Unmasked
    Imperialism in the 21st Century

    Published: 2001
    In this book, the authors contend that “globalization” is little more than imperialism in a new form. They argue that the “inevitability” of globalization and the adjustment or submission of peoples all over the world to free market capitalism depends on the capacity of the dominant and ruling classes to bend people to their will and convince people that their interests are the people’s interests.
  • HF1479.S53 1999    
  • The World Trade Organization
    A Citizen's Guide

    Published: 1999
    Shrybman argues that the WTO not only aggravates envrionmental and social problems, but takes away the tools that governments need to address them.
  • HF1766,W37 1988    
  • Free Trade and the New Right Agenda
    Published: 1988
    A useful snapshot of the 'free trade' debate at the time of the 1988 Free Trade Agreement between the United States and Canada.
  • HF1766.E28 1987    
  • Free Trade or Self-Reliance
    Report of the Ecumenical Conference on Free Trade, Self-Reliance and Economic Justice

    Published: 1987
    Report on a conference held February 26 - March 1, 1987.
  • HF54.56.B4685    
  • The Skeptical Business Searcher
    The Information Advisor's Guide to Evaluating Web Data, Sites and Sources

    Published: 2004
    A basic online research guide to evaluating no-cost online information, particularly business data, on the Web.
  • HF5415.1265 B59 2002    
  • The Online Copywriter's Handbook
    Published: 2002
    Bly concentrates on the Internet and provides everything that's needed to write great copy for online applications.
  • HF5415.1265.B47 2005    
  • Low-Budget Online Marketing for Small Business
    Published: 2005
  • HF5415.1265.S742    
  • World Wide Web Marketing - Second Edition
    Integrating the Web Into Your Marketing Strategy

    Published: 1999
    This book is designed for those whose jobs involve creating and maintaining corporate web sites.
  • HF5415.2.D64 2002    
  • Marketing Research Made Easy
    Published: 2002
  • HF5415.32.R62    
  • Harness the Future
    The 9 Keys to Emerging Consumer Behaviour

    Published: 1998
  • HF5415.33.U6S36 199    
  • The Overspent American
    Why We Want What We Don't Need

    Published: 1998
    The Overspent American explores why so many of us feel materially dissatisfied, why we work staggeringly long hours and yet walk around with ever-present mental "wish lists" of things to buy or get, and why Americans save less than virtually anyone in the world. Unlike many experts, Harvard economist Juliet B. Schor does not blame consumers' lack of self-discipline. Nor does she blame advertisers. Instead she analyzes the crisis of the American consumer in a culture where spending has become the ultimate social art.
  • HF5415.55.G67    
  • Relationship Marketing
    New Strategies, Techniques and Technologies To Win Customers You Want and Keep Them Forever

    Published: 1998
  • HF5415.M2583    
  • Marketing Mirage
    How To Make It A Reality

    Published: 1987
  • HF5438.25.g372    
  • The Million Dollar Sale
    How to get to the top decision makers and close the big sale

    Published: 2005
    No matter how polished a sales presentation is, it's almost impossible to close the deal without talking to the right person. The key is forming powerful selling alliances with "Codebreakers" - sales reps from noncompeting firms already doing millions of dollars of business with your target clients.
  • HF5438.25.S2454 2005    
  • Sales Gurus Speak Out
    Published: 2005
  • HF5438.3.P37 2004    
  • Stop Cold Calling Forever!
    True confessions of a reformed serial cold-caller

    Published: 2004
  • HF5466.B813 1979    
  • Mail Order
    ...Starting up, Making it pay

    Published: 1979
  • HF5466.C56    
  • Building a Mail Order Business
    A Complete Manual for Success

    Published: 1982
  • HF5466.F665 1983    
  • FormAides for Direct Response Marketing
    Published: 1983
  • HF5466.H584 1983    
  • Mail Order Magic
    Surefire Techniques to Expand Your Business by Direct Mail

    Published: 1983
  • HF5466.J63 1980    
  • How You Too Can Make At Least $1 Million (But Probably Much More) In The Mail-Order Business
    Published: 1979
  • HF5548.32.C37 1999    
  • Selling Online
    How to Become a Successful E-Commerce Merchant in Canada

    Published: 1999
  • HF5548.S63 1985    
  • Office Purchasing Guide
    How to Save Up To 50% On......

    Published: 1985
  • HF5549.5.M63G73 1991    
  • Motivating Today's Work Force
    When the carrot can't always be cash

    Published: 1992
  • HF5549.5.M63G73 1991    
  • Motivating Today's Work Force
    When the carrot can't always be cash

    Published: 1992
  • HF5549.C38 1992    
  • Assertiveness for Managers
    Learning effective skills for managing people

    Published: 1992
  • HF5549.C38 1992    
  • Assertiveness for Managers
    Learning effective skills for managing people

    Published: 1992
  • HF5549.G733 2005    
  • Employee Management for Small Business
    Published: 2005
  • HF5718.22Z453    
  • Say It with Presentations
    How to Design and Deliver Successful Business Presentations

    Published: 1999
    A hands-on approach to teaching effective presentation techniques.
  • HF5721-F67 1988    
  • Handbook of Business Letters
    Published: 1989
  • HF5721-F67 1988    
  • Handbook of Business Letters
    Published: 1989
  • HF5721.M85 1980    
  • Effective Business Communications
    Published: 1980
  • HF5721.M85 1980    
  • Effective Business Comunications
    Published: 1980
  • HF5821.G583 1995    
  • Sign Wars
    The Cluttered Landscape of Advertising

    Published: 1995
    Deconstructs the strategies used to distinguish one brand name from another by the use of commodity signs.
  • HF5823.W467 2003    
  • Which Ad Pulled Best?
    40 Case Histories on How to Write and Design Ads That Work

    Published: 2003
  • HF5825.D65    
  • The Language of Layout
    Published: 1978
  • HF5861.G73 1991    
  • Small Business Guide to Direct Mail
    Build Your Customer Base and Boost Profits

    Published: 1991
  • HF5861.L48 1983    
  • More than You Ever Wanted to Know about Mail Order Advertising
    Published: 1983
  • HF6127.D57 1990    
  • Clip Away Direct-Marketing Coupon Designs
    300 Creative Copyright-Free Camera-ready professional layouts

    Published: 1990
  • HF6146.I58E44 1995    
  • Marketing on the Internet
    Multimedia Strategies for the World Wide Web

    Published: 1995
  • HF6146.I58Z43 1999    
  • Advertising on the Internet
    Published: 1999
    Zeff and Aronson cover the issues, trends and technologies relating to the biggest revolution in advertising since television.
  • HG1573.N44 2016    
  • Beyond Banksters
    Resisting the New Feudalism

    Published: 2016
    Beyond Banksters explores how the powers of the Bank of Canada were appropriated in the 1970s, resulting in billions of dollars in public debt. From Milton Friedman to Justin Trudeau's Canada Infrastructure Bank, from BlackRock to crappy trade deals to Bilderberg, Nelson exposes the major players privatizing the world and creating a new state of feudalism. Icelanders resisted. Nelson says Canada must too.
  • HG1696.H6    
  • Billion Dollar Check Racket
    America's First Expose of How Forgers Operate

    Published: 1976
  • HG1696.H6    
  • Billion Dollar Check Racket
    America's First Expose of How Forgers Operate

    Published: 1976
  • HG179.K45 1991    
  • Invesment Strategies
    How to Create Your Owwn and Make It Work for You

    Published: 1991
  • HG179.K45 1991    
  • Investment Strategies
    How to Create Your Own and Make It Work for You

    Published: 1991
  • HG179.T68 1988    
  • Canadian Guide to Personal Financial Managment
    Published: 1989
  • HG179.T68 1988    
  • Canadian Guide to Personal Financial Managment
    Published: 1989
  • HG179.T722 2004    
  • Smoke and Mirrors
    Financial myths that will ruin your retirement dreams

    Published: 2005
  • HG179.T722 2004    
  • Smoke and Mirrors
    Financial myths that will ruin your retirement dreams

    Published: 2005
  • HG179.W54 1987b    
  • Guide to Personal Business
    Published: 1980
  • HG179.W948 1998    
  • Enough
    Lifestyle and Financial Planning for Simpler Living

    Published: 1998
  • HG179.W948 1998    
  • Enough
    Lifestyle and Financial Planning for Simpler Living

    Published: 1998
  • HG221.3.P5    
  • The Seven Laws of Money
    Published: 1974
    A book that tells you how to live with money; how to get it, care for it, forget about it.
  • HG293.L37 1991    
  • The Gold Book
    The Complete Investment Guide to Precious Metals

    Published: 1991
  • HG293.L37 1991    
  • The Gold Book
    The Complete Investment Guide to Precious Metals

    Published: 1991
  • HG3881.5.W57G46 1994    
  • Faith and Credit
    The World Bank's Secular Empire

    Published: 1994
    George and Sabelli examine the World Bank’s policies, its internal culture, and the interests it serves. They reveal a supranational, non-democratic, and extremely powerful institution that functions much like the medieval church or a monolithic political party, relying on rigid doctrine, hierarchy, and a rejection of dissenting ideas to perpetuate its influence. Its faith in orthodox economics, the idea of perpetual growth, and the capacity of the market to solve development problems is incompatible with its professed goals of helping the poor and protecting the environment. Faced with these contradictions, the Bank is increasingly struggling to reconcile the roles of commercial lender, policymaker, and great humanitarian.
  • HG3891.5.C84 2001    
  • Journeys Just Begun
    From Debt Relief to Poverty Reduction

    Published: 2001
    The two essays in this volume critically examine the adequacy of the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) initiatives and the more general issue of financing for the poorest countries.
  • HG3891.5.R42 1990    
  • Recolonization or Liberation
    The Bonds of Structural Adjustment and Struggles for Emancipation

    Published: 1990
    According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, structural adjustment is the goal of the economic and social programs which they impose upon indebted Third World governments. This booklet examines Structural Adjustment Programs from the perspective of those who are made to bear the burden of 'adjustment' in countries around the world. It shows how not only nations of the Third World, but also Canada and Eastern Europe, are being subjected to structural adjustment.
  • HG4027.7.F572 1998    
  • Where To Go When the Bank Says No
    Financing your small business in Canada

    Published: 1998
  • HG4027.7.F572 1998    
  • Where To Go When the Bank Says No
    Financing your small business in Canada

    Published: 1998
  • HG4521.E55 1989    
  • The 1989 Canadian Guide to Profitable Ethical Investing
    1989 Guide to......

    Published: 1989
  • HG4521.R778    
  • Investor Beware
    Investigating Investments & Scams

    Published: 1988
  • HG4551.A64 1991    
  • Bulls and Bears
    Winning in the Stock Market in Good Times and Bad

    Published: 1991
  • HG4551.A64 1991    
  • Bulls and Bears
    Winning in the Stock Market in Good Times and Bad

    Published: 1991
  • HG655,M33 1999    
  • Out of Control
    Canada in an Unstable Financial World

    Published: 1999
  • HJ4662.A6M38 1988    
  • Behind Closed Doors
    How The Rich Won Control of Canada's Tax System... And Ended Up Richer

    Published: 1987
    A stinging indictment of Canada's tax system and the people who shape it.
  • HJ8033.C3M37 1996    
  • Shooting the Hippo
    Death by Deficit and Other Canadian Myths

    Published: 1995
    An examination of how economic policies systematically favour the interests of the rich while pretending to be for the common good.
  • HM1017.E23 2001    
  • E-Commerce vs. E-Commons
    Communications in the public interest

    Published: 2001
    From privacy issues to intellectual property, from universal access to union activism, these essays challenge the rush to deregulate and disconnect communications from the public interest.
  • HM1019.A76    
  • Taking it Big: C. Wright Mills and the Making of Political Intellectuals
    Published: 2014
    C. Wright Mills' role in development of public intellectuals and New Left.
  • HM1206.M37 2005    
  • Autonomous Media
    Activating Resistance & Dissent

    Published: 2005
    Essays written by media activists examining the efforts of communities and social movements to appropriate media technologies.
  • HM131.C57 1992    
  • Circles of Strength
    Community Alternatives to Alienation

    Published: 1993
    Forsey, an activist and writer who works with the Federation of Egalitarian Communites has put together a collection of essays, and interviews with First Nations, religious orders and rural intentional communities giving their views and experiences as communities.
  • HM206.B67 1990    
  • The Philosophy of Social Ecology
    Essays on Dialectical Naturalism

    Published: 1990
    Bookchin addresses questions such as 'What is nature?", "What is humanity's place in nature?", "What is the relationship of society to the natural world?"
  • HM263.C357    
  • TV PR
    How To Promote Yourself, Your Product, Your Service or Your Organization on Television

    Published: 1987
  • HM263.F53 1990    
  • Getting Publicity
    A Do-It-Yourself Guide for Small Business and Non-Profit Groups

    Published: 1990
    Step-by-step instructions illustrate what it takes to attract media attention to any enterprise.
  • HM263.N4    
  • Sultans of Sleaze
    Public Relations and the Media

    Published: 1989
    Reveals the extent to which we have been deceived by public relations firms on behalf of their unscrupulous clients -- the corporations and governments that control our society.
  • HM263.T36    
  • MediaSpeak
    The bold New Guide to Public Relations and Reputation Management

    Published: 1999
    In order to deal with the news media messengers, we need to manage our message -- the strategy, the choice of words and the delivery of those words.
  • HM278.R67    
  • Nonviolence for Elfin Spirits
    Published: 1992
    Ross writes: "The title of this book is meant ot convey two things: all elves should learn to be nonviolent, and some nonviolent people should be elves.
  • HM623 D52 2002    
  • Dialogues on Cultural Studies
    Interviews with Contemporary Critics

    Published: 2002
    Thirty-three questions were asked (but not necessarily answered) of each participant, dealing with cultural studies, modernity, postmodernism, referentiality, ideology and history, post-colonialism, neo-orientalism, revolution and tragedy, intellectuals and universities, gender, Marxism, new communications technology.
  • HM831.M87    
  • Transforming Ourselves Transforming the World
    An Open Conspiracy for Social Change

    Published: 1999
    Addresses society's pessimism about social change and provides a theoretical means and practice to overcome this fatalism.
  • HM851.D36 2006    
  • Insurgency Online
    Web Activism and Global Conflict

    Published: 2006
    Explores the nature of the web and its potential for facilitating participation in political debate.
  • HM861.S77 2005    
  • The Empire of the Mind
    Digital Piracy and the Anti-Capitalist Movement

    Published: 2005
  • HM861.S77 2005    
  • The Empire of Mind
    Digital Piracy and the Anti-Capitalist Movement

    Published: 2005
    Strangelove believes the Internet is a dire threat to capitalism.
  • HN103.5.R33 1990    
  • Race, Class, Gender
    Bonds and Barriers

    Published: 1989
    Takes a historical and theoretical approach to the themes of race, class and gender. Issues touched on include the role of the state in organizing gender and ethnic group formation; racism in the women's movement; patriarchy; colonial domination of Indian women; racism and sexism in trade unions.
  • HN107.S63    
  • Social Movements/Social Change
    The Politics and Practice of Organizing - Socialist Studies 4

    Published: 1988
    This collection of essays covers movements related to labour, ecology, childcare, peace, disability, gay rights, and access to abortion.
  • HN110.T6G734 2019    
  • Radical Ambition
    The New Left in Toronto

    Published: 2019
    The story of Toronto's New Left from its initial stirrings in the late 1950s to its 'long, ambiguous goodbye in the early 1980s.
  • HN17.5.H78 2004    
  • An Action a Day
    Keeps Global Capitalism Away

    Published: 2004
  • HN17.5.R56 2004    
  • An Unauthorized Biography of the World
    Oral History on the Front Lines

    Published: 2004
    This book uses oral history to discuss oral history. It is in memoir style, and delves into how oral history is done in such places as First Nations (Canada), Turkey, Chicago, Newfoundland, Peru, New York City, Cleveland, Israel, and other places. Riordon's concept is about telling stories, celebrating diversity, and making connections between people.
  • HN18.3.B42 2014    
  • Beautiful Trouble - Pocket Edition
    A Toolbox for Revolution

    Published: 2014
    Ideas for organizers.
  • HN18.3.G46 2004    
  • Another world is possible if...
    Published: 2004
    Susan George suggests that we can create a new and better world -- if we act together to bring about changes. She discusses the ifs and hows.
  • HN18.3.N67 2006    
  • The Everyday Activist
    365 Ways to Change the World

    Published: 2006
    A positive, practical guide to healing the world - one day at a time. Packed with ideas and facts from leading campaign organizations, this handbook shows how the smallest actions can make a difference to your community and in the wider world.
  • HN363.5.F47 2010    
  • Who Can Stop the Drums?
    Urban Social Movements in Chávez’s Venezuela

    Published: 2010
    In this ethnography of social movements in the barrios, or poor shantytowns, of Caracas, Sujatha Fernandes reveals a significant dimension of political life in Venezuela since President Hugo Chávez was elected. Fernandes traces the histories of the barrios, from the guerrilla insurgency, movements against displacement, and cultural resistance of the 1960s and 1970s, through the debt crisis of the early 1980s and the neoliberal reforms that followed, to the Chávez period.
  • HN49.C6K99 1990    
  • Fighting for Hope
    Organizing to Realize Our Dreams

    Published: 1990
    Detailed information and advice on how to organize a group for social change.
  • HN49.V64M25    
  • Leading today's volunteers
    Motivate and manage your team

    Published: 1999
  • HN49.V64M25    
  • Leading today's volunteers
    Motivate and manage your team

    Published: 1999
  • HN55.W35 1993    
  • The Activist's Almanac
    The Concerned Citizen's Guide to the Leading Advocacy Organizations in America

    Published: 1993
  • HN59.2.H375    
  • Why Nothing Works
    The Anthropology of Daily Life

    Published: 1987
    Harris tries to explain the changes that overtook daily life in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s.
  • HN65.B634    
  • The Next American Revolution
    Sustainable Activism for the Twenty-First Century

    Published: 2011
    Why revolution is not only possible and necessary, but in some places already in the making.
  • HN65.P878 2000    
  • Bowling Alone
    The Collapse and Revival of American Community

    Published: 2000
    Bowling Alone documents the rise and fall of community activity in the twentieth century in the United States and the social changes this reflects. It offers all the evidence, the confirmatory and the contradictory, to give a complete look at trends of community involvement and how increased social capital can benefit everybody.
  • HN90.C6B46    
  • Community Dreams
    Ideas for Enriching Neighbourhood and Community Life

    Published: 1984
    A compilation of vignettes, fragments and thought starters that provides stimulating ideas for practical community transformation.
  • HN90.R3M47 1987    
  • Democracy is in the Streets
    From Port Huron to the Siege of Chicago

    Published: 1987
    A thoughtful and evocative history of the American New Left in the 1960's, looking critically but sympathetically at the struggles and passions of that period.
  • HQ1062.P58 1987    
  • Planning Your Retirement
    The Complete Canadian Self-Help Guide

    Published: 1987
  • HQ1062.P58 1987    
  • Planning Your Retirement
    The Complete Canadian Self-Help Guide

    Published: 1987
  • HQ1121.J3613    
  • Sexism
    The Male Monopoly on History & Thought

    Published: 1982
  • HQ12.F6813    
  • The History of Sexuality
    Volume I: Introduction

    Published: 1980
  • HQ12.T27    
  • Sex in History
    Published: 1980
    Tannahill draws on the findings of anthropology, archaeology, bio-chemistry, genetics, physiology, and psychoanalysis, as well as art, architecture, literature, and theology, in order to place the human sex drive and its social and moral consequences in their widest historical perspective.
  • HQ1220.U5D4    
  • There She Is
    The Life and Times of Miss America

    Published: 1978
  • HQ1233 .M87 2002    
  • Cunt: A Declaration of Independence
    Published: 1998
    A feminist book by Inga Muscio that called for a breakdown in the boundaries between women and sexuality.
  • HQ1410.A46    
  • Race, Gender, and Work
    Published: 1991
  • HQ1426.E26 1979    
  • On Women and Revolution
    Published: 1978
    A collection of the writings of the fmeinist and socialist Crystal Eastman (1881-1928).
  • HQ1453.B37    
  • Getting There
    Producing Photostories With Immigrant Women

    Published: 1983
    Photostories about immigrant women surviving in and adapting to a new culture.
  • HQ1453.R423 2005    
  • Ten Thousand Roses
    The Making of a Feminist Revolution

    Published: 2005
    Using interviews with many feminist activists, Rebick provides an oral history of feminism in Canada from the 1960s through the 1990s.
  • HQ1455    
  • Rose Henderson
    A Woman for the People

    Published: 2010
    A study of the life of Canadian feminist, socialist, and peace activist Rose Henderson (1871-1937).
  • HQ1487.R35    
  • Sandino's Daughters
    Testimonies of Nicaraguan Women in Struggle

    Published: 19981
    Interviews with women who fought in the Nicaraguan revolution.
  • HQ18.U5C47 1989    
  • Burning Desires
    Sex in America: A report from the field

    Published: 1989
    Burning Desires looks at the state of sex in the aftermath of the `sexual counter-revolution' that marked the 1980s.
  • HQ1885.W67 1984    
  • Working Together For Change: Women's Self-Help Education Kit
    Published: 1987
  • HQ1885.W67 1984    
  • Working Collectively
    Published: 1985
    A handbook for people wishing to form collectives, or established collectives seeking solutions to problems such as power imbalances, conflict meditation, and setting priorities.
  • HQ21.P68 1983    
  • Powers of Desire
    The Politics of Sexuality

    Published: 1983
    Brings together a diverse group of well-known feminist and gay writers, historians, and activists.
  • HQ23.B63    
  • Body Invaders
    Panic Sex in America

    Published: 1987
  • HQ28    
  • The Sexuality of Men
    Published: 1985
    Essays on aspects of male sexuality.
  • HQ31.B772    
  • ESO
    How You and Your Lover Can Give Each Other Hours of Extended Sexual Orgasm

    Published: 1983
  • HQ463.M4413 2002    
  • The Sexual Life of Catherine M.
    Published: 2003
  • HQ471.H387    
  • Pornography in a Free Society
    Published: 1988
    An examination of public policy debates about pornography in the United States in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.
  • HQ471.K45 1988    
  • The Secret Museum
    Pornography in Modern Culture

    Published: 1988
    Kendrick looks at the idea of pornography since the word was coined a century and a half ago, concentrating less on the books and pictures that have instigated battles over "pornography" than on what people thought and felt about them.
  • HQ471.W65 1985    
  • Women Against Censorship
    Published: 1985
    Essays which argue that women have nothing to gain by allying themselves with anti-feminist forces and mainstream politicians. The contributors say that censorhip will be used against feminists who seek deep and permanent changes in the status quo.
  • HQ76.25.H527    
  • Hidden from History
    Reclaiming the Gay and Lesbian Past

    Published: 1989
    Eessays analyzing the political, philosophical, and social history of homosexuality from the ancient world to the postwar era.
  • HQ76.3.C3R55 2001    
  • Eating Fire
    Family Life, on the Queer Side

    Published: 2001
    An inside look at a rainbow of relationships, sexual and otherwise, that gay, lesbian, and transgendered people create to animate their lives: lovers, partners, parents/kids, quick tricks, torrid affairs, sweethearts, crushes, exes, friends, bottoms and tops, threesomes, butches and fems, bears, cubs and johns. Based on hundreds of intimate conversations across Canada, Eating Fire explores the deepest currents of life: sex, love, loneliness, abuse, power and consent, giving birth, death, being a wo/man, pleasure, fear, joy - risks and rewards of creating family without boundaries.
  • HQ76.8.C2F43    
  • Flaunting It!
    Published: 1982
    An anthology of articles spanning the first decade of the Canadian gay liberation periodical, The Body Politic.
  • HQ76.8.C3M323 2016    
  • Queer Progress
    From Homophobia to Homonationalism

    Published: 2016
    A political memoir by a leading gay rights and AIDS activist.
  • HQ767.5.U5B34    
  • Abortion Without Apology
    A Radical History for the 1990s

    Published: 1990
  • HQ769.G67 2007    
  • Roots of Empathy
    Changing the World Child by Child

    Published: 2007
    Roots of Empathy looks at eliminating crime and changing the world by starting with a compassionate environment for children.
  • HQ769.H725    
  • Escape from Childhood
    The Needs and Rights of Children

    Published: 1974
    A book about young people and their place, or lack of place in society today. It is about the institution of modern childhood, the attitudes, customs and laws that define children and locate children in life and determine to a large degree what their lives are like and how we, their elders, treat them.
  • HQ79.A35    
  • Against Sadomasochism
    A Radical Feminist Analysis

    Published: 1982
  • HQ799.8.c3v4 1989    
  • Underground Times
    Published: 1989
    The story of Canadian 'underground' newspapers of the 1960s.
  • HQ799.C3K67    
  • Long Way From Home
    The story of the Sixties generation in Canada

    Published: 1980
    An account of the upheavals and transformations experienced by those who came of age in the 1960s, a time when international currents of change intersected with specifically Canadian events and circumstances.
  • HQ800.B63 1976    
  • The Mistress Condition
    Published: 1976
    A look at some [American] women who live outside of conventional marriage.
  • HS2230.K63 D38 1998    
  • Klan-destine Relationships
    A Black Man's Odyssey in the Ku Klux Klan

    Published: 1998
    A professional musician recounts his courageous, lifelong confrontations and conversations with members of the Ku Klux Klan in an attempt to unearth the roots of bigotry and foster harmony between black and white, often using music to bridge the divide.
  • HT1050    
  • The Overthrow of Colonial Slavery: 1776-1848
    Published: 2011
    An evocation of the diverse nature of New World slavery in the Revolutionary Age.
  • HT122.L45 1996    
  • Liberal Dreams and Nature's Limits
    Great Cities of North America Since 1600

    Published: 1996
    An exploration of city life through time, focusing on the life [economically, socially, politically, etc.] of five large North American cities at various times in the past - Philadelphia during the time of Benjamin Franklin (1760), New York in the mid nineteenth-century (1860), Chicago at the beginning of the Progressivist Civic Movements (1910), Los Angeles during the immediate Post-war boom (1950) and Toronto at the beginning of its own ascendancy in the 1970's. (1975).
  • HT127.C335 1991    
  • The Canadian City
    Published: 1991
    Based on the belief that a healthy city life is possible, this volume collects articles, stories and histories about the city and its people, covering aspects such as human and social relations, art and architecture, urban planning, land development, and the greening of the urban environment.
  • HT127.N54 2002    
  • The Original Canadian City Dweller's Almanac
    Facts, Rants, Anecdotes and Unsupported Assertions for Urban Residents

    Published: 2002
  • HT151.C59    
  • The City and Radical Social Change
    Published: 1982
    A collection of essays dealing with the dynamics of the new forces for social change in our urban milieu, discussing how new ideas are contributing to an urban insurgency which could lead to a new city and a new concept of citizenship.
  • HT155.L63 1995    
  • Local Places In the Age of the Global City
    Published: 1996
    The contributors to Local Places look at the complex social, economic and political contexts of cities in the 1990s and suggest that cities and urbanity, while part of the problem, also need to be considered as part of the solution.
  • HT166    
  • Rebel Cities
    From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution

    Published: 2012
    Harvey places cities at the centre of an anti-capitalist resistance, asking how they might be reorganized in more socially just and ecologically sustainable ways.
  • HT166.G638    
  • The Double E
    Published: 1977
    Goodman invokes the guiding principles of ecology and economy in the design of new communities for a new age.
  • HT169.C32T67 1993    
  • The Shape of the City
    Toronto Struggles with Modern Planning

    Published: 1993
    John Sewell traces in urban planning from pre-Depression garden cities to postwar modernism and a revival of interest in the streetscape grid.
  • HT169.GN52 1987    
  • The Greening of the Cities
    Published: 1987
  • HT170.W675 1992    
  • Towns for People
    Published: 1992
    Examines the pressures, lifestyle changes, and social factors that contributed to the decline in urban public life in the late 20th century.
  • HT321.J319    
  • Cities and the Wealth of Nations
    Principles of Economic Life

    Published: 1984
    Jacobs argues that virtually all economic life, no matter how geographically remote from cities, depends on cities to maintain it or change it.
  • HT384.U5 D83 2000    
  • The Suburban Nation
    The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of the American Dream

    Published: 2000
    The choice is ours: either a society of homogeneous pieces, isolated from one another in often fortified enclaves, or a society of diverse and memorable neighbourhoods, organized into mutually supportive towns, cities and regions.
  • HT421.S55 1988    
  • Land and Community
    Crisis in Canada's Countryside

    Published: 1988
    Sim's thesis is that rural society is overlooked due to urban dependence upon "great associations," economies of scale, and other socio-cultural institutions of unmanageable size.
  • HT609.B47    
  • Between Labor and Capital
    The Professional/Managerial Class

    Published: 1978
    Essays on those between the working class and the capitalist class: technicians, managers, administrators, professionals, service workers, sicentists.
  • HT609.S37 2002    
  • The No-Nonsense Guide to Class, Caste & Hierarchies
    Published: 2002
    Concentrates mainly on the history of social hierarchy in Western civilization, and particularly the struggles of the working class.
  • HT65.S32    
  • Exploring Your Neighbourhood
    Published: 1984
    A guide for children to learn more about their neighbourhoods.
  • HT985.T47    
  • The Slave Trade
    The Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade 1440 - 1870

    Published: 1997
    A comprehensive history of the Atlantic slave trade in which approximiately eleven million black slaves were carried from Africa to the Americas to work on plantations, in mines, or as servants in houses.
  • HV105.C67    
  • Case Critical
    The Dilemma of Social Work in Canada

    Published: 1987
  • HV1451.P3993    
  • When Older is Wiser
    A Guide to Health Care Decisions for Older Adults and Their Families

    Published: 1994
  • HV245    
  • What a Way to Run a Railroad
    An Analysis of Radical Failure

    Published: 1985
    How can the high failure rate of radical projects, in the media and elsewhere, be understood? This book analyses the reasons why many of the key organisations and projects in this sector, which grew up during the 1970s boom in cultural politics, either collapsed or moved into a state of permanent crisis. In attempting to come to terms with this 'history of failure' the key concepts of this movement -- collectivity, internal democracy, participation -- are critically re-examined, and an argument is presented as to how and why radical projects also need to redefine their priorities and take on board questions of efficiency, financial control and marketing if they are to survive.
  • HV28.M365A3 2003    
  • An Execution in the Family
    One Son's Journey

    Published: 2003
    A memoir by the son of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, who were executed in 1953 after being convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage.
  • HV4050.T6P34 2016    
  • Toronto's Poor
    A Rebellious History

    Published: 2916
    Toronto’s Poor reveals the long and too often forgotten history of poor people’s resistance. It details how the homeless, the unemployed, and the destitute have struggled to survive and secure food and shelter in the wake of the many panics, downturns, recessions, and depressions that punctuate the years from the 1830s to the present.
  • HV41.L43 1986    
  • Pragmatics of Community Organization
    First Edition

    Published: 1986
    Information on how to plan action, how to organize meetings, how to train participants for action, how to negotiate, and how to end a particular exercise in community organization.
  • HV4708.H47    
  • Second Nature
    The Animal-Rights Controversy

    Published: 1984
    Animal-rights advocates argue that humans have no right to kill any animal, whether by hunting or farming or for medical research. Is this a cure for our ecological ills or is it a symptom of the disease? What is irrefutably logical
  • HV553.S59 2009    
  • A Paradise Built in Hell
    The Extraordinary Communities That Arise in Disaster

    Published: 2010
    The most startling thing about disasters, according to Rebecca Solnit, is not merely that so many people rise to the occasion, but that they do so with joy. That joy reveals an ordinarily unmet yearning for community, purposefulness, and meaningful work that disaster often provides.
  • HV5825.W548    
  • Beyond the War on Drugs
    Overcoming a Failed Public Policy

    Published: 1990
    Beyond the War on Drugs argues persuasively for a fundamental reassessment of drug control policy. The thrust of the book is simply that the 'war on drugs' cannot be won by trying to dry up the source, since there will always be demand to create supply.
  • HV640.4.I4    
  • A Village Awaits Doomsday
    Published: 2013
    Jaideep Hardikar brings us the personal stories of ordinary people from across India who were displaced and made destitute by innumerable government and private initiatives.
  • HV6431.B36 2003    
  • The No-Nonsense Guide to Terrorism
    Published: 2003
    An in-depth look at the nature of terrorism that discusses questioning terrorism, assessing it, the difference between state terrorism and group terrorism, morality and history, and war and politics.
  • HV6432.H378 2011    
  • The Watchers
    The Rise of America's Surveillance State

    Published: 2010
    An exploration of how and why the American government increasingly spies on its own citizens.
  • HV6432.M647 2010    
  • Surveillance in the Time of Insecurity
    Published: 2010
    Threats of terrorism, natural disaster, identity theft, job loss, illegal immigration, and even biblical apocalypse — all are perils that trigger alarm in people today. Although there may be a factual basis for many of these fears, they do not simply represent objective conditions. Feelings of insecurity are instilled by politicians and the media, and sustained by urban fortification, technological surveillance, and economic vulnerability.
  • HV6485    
  • In Contempt of All Authority
    Rural Artisans and Riot in the West of England, 1586-1660

    Published: 1980
    An examination of the social status of the people who engaged in the food and anti-enclosure riots in late Tudor and early Stuart England and to determine the social and economic conditions which produced the disorders.
  • HV6675.L45 2006    
  • Identity Theft Toolkit
    How to Recover From and Avoid Identity Theft

    Published: 2006
    Explains how thieves steal your identity, and how you can prvent it from happening to you. If you are a victim of identity theft, this book also guides you through the steps necessary to restore your name and good credit rating.
  • HV6768.G537 2018    
  • Capitalism: A Crime Story
    Published: 2018
    Harry Glasbeek explains how liberal law strives to reconcile capitalism with liberalism, while giving corporate capitalism privileged treatment under the law.
  • HV8081.B53    
  • The Private Investigator
    Published: 1979
  • HV8141.P37    
  • Cointelpro
    The FBI's Secret War on Political Freedom

    Published: 1976
    The first in-depth look at the covert and illegal FBI counterintelligence program - code-name COINTELPRO.
  • HV8157.L33    
  • The RCMP vs. the People
    Inside Canada's Security Service

    Published: 1979
    An examination of the RCMP's Security Service and its abuses of power.
  • HV8157.W45 2012    
  • Secret Service
    Political Policing in Canada From the Fenians to Fortress America

    Published: 2012
    A history of political policing in Canada.
  • HV8699.C2M67    
  • Watch the Rope
    Published: 1996
  • HV9712.K2    
  • In Russian and French Prisons
    Published: 1991
    Kropotkin's criticism of the penal system, and an inside look into the horrors and realities of what life in prison entails.
  • HV9713.S6413    
  • The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956
    Published: 1973
  • HV9960.C2B63 2016    
  • Life Sentence
    Stories from four decades of court reporting - or, how I fell out of love with the Canadian justice system (especially judges)

    Published: 2016
    Through an examination of notable trials she has covered, Chrisitie Blatchford makes the case that Canada's judicial system is out of control and often inept. Judges, she says, are the new senators, unelected, unaccountable and overly entitled, while lawyers are often self-satisfied and contemptuous of anyone who is not a member of the club.
  • HX103.B82A38    
  • Reminiscences of Tim Buck
    Yours in the Struggle

    Published: 1977
  • HX104.7.F55F55    
  • Maritime Radical
    The Life & Times of Roscoe Fillmore

    Published: 1992
  • HX106.P45    
  • The Canadian Left
    A Critical Analysis

    Published: 1977
    The main focus of the book is the emergence and development of Canadian socialist thought. Penner examines the origins of the Communist Party of Canada and its ideological base and the beginings and development of the CCF-NDP.
  • HX109.M35 2005    
  • Rebels, Reds, Radicals
    Rethinking Canada's Left History

    Published: 2005
    McKay looks at the history of the left in Canada as a series of experiments in "living otherwise" -- efforts to work out ways of life and thought strategically opposed to the prevailing liberal-capitalist order.
  • HX11.I5A546 1922    
  • Toward the United Front
    Proceedings of the Fourth Congress of the Communist International, 1922

    Published: 2012
    The proceedings of the last Comintern congress in which Lenin participated reveals a Communist world movement grappling to reconcile the goal of unifying workers and colonial people in struggle with that of pressing forward to socialist revolution.
  • HX17.D5    
  • A Dictionary of Marxist Thought
    Published: 1983
  • HX21 78-40247    
  • Main Currents of Marxism
    Volume 2: The Golden Age

    Published: 1978
    Kolakowski examines the theories of the leading Marxists, and the controversies between them, in the era of the Second International.
  • HX21 78-40247    
  • Main Currents of Marxism
    Volume 1: The Founders

    Published: 1978
    Kolakowski gives his interpretation of the origins of Marxism, and analyses the development of Marx's thought and its divergence from other forms of socialism.
  • HX21 78-40247    
  • Main Currents of Marxism
    Volume 3: The Breakdown

    Published: 1978
    Kolakowski examines the origins and development of Stalinism, as well as the contributions of Trotsky, Gramsci, Lukacs, Marcuse, and others, and traces developments in Marxism it period after the Second World War.
  • HX228 B58    
  • Post Scarcity Anarchism
    Published: 1971
    Modern radicals, says Bookchin, have ignored the real revolutionary possibilities of modern technology and the counterculture. Unless they start building a movement which looks to the future, they are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.
  • HX273.L83D86 1982    
  • Rosa Luxemburg, Women's Liberation, and Marx's Philosophy of Revolution
    Published: 1982
    Part I - Rosa Luxemburg as Theoretician, as Activist, as Internationalist. Part II - The Women's Liberation Movement as Revolutionary Force and Reason. Part III - Karl Marx: From Critic of Hegel to Author of Capital and Theorist of "Revolution in Permanence."
  • HX276 L859 Bd. 1    
  • Politische Schriften 1
    Published: 1966
  • HX276.L84328 1976    
  • The National Question
    Selected Writings by Rosa Luxemburg

    Published: 1976
    In her penetrating analysis of nationalism, Rosa Luxemburg argues that the formula of "the right of nations to self-determination" is essentially not a political or programmatic guide to the nationality question, but only a means of avoiding that question.
  • HX276.M2773 1972    
  • On the First International
    Published: 1973
  • HX39.5 D69    
  • Marx-Engels Glossary, The
    Glossary to the Chronicle & Register, & Index to the Glossary. Vol. 2 of the Marx-Engels Cyclopedia

    Published: 1986
  • HX39.5 D69    
  • Marx-Engels Register, The
    A Complete Bibliography of Marx Engels' Individual Writings. Vol. 3 of the Marx-Engels Cyclopedia

    Published: 1985
    The Marx-Engels Register contains a detailed bibliographical listing of all the individual writings of Marx and Engels. Each entry in the Register gives all the basic data about a given work: English-language title, language of the original text, original-language title (if not English), date and circumstances of writing, date and circumstances of publication, reprints or republications of the original text, etc. The volume alsp provides "Sources and Translations" lists and some appendiices. An inclusive title index provides access to the Register by title alone.
  • HX39.5.D69    
  • Marx-Engels Chronicle, The
    A Day-by-Day Chronology of Marx and Engels' Life and Activity. Vol. 1 of the Marx-Engels Cyclopedia

    Published: 1985
  • HX395.G334 2011    
  • Love and Capital
    Karl and Jenny Marx and the Birth of a Revolution

    Published: 2011
    A biography of Karl and Jenny Marx.
  • HX40    
  • The Oxford Handbook of the History of Communism
    Published: 2014
    A global history of communisim in the twentieth century.
  • HX550.H65F66 2009    
  • The Reification of Desire
    Toward a Queer Marxism

    Published: 2009
    A new theoretical approach to the relationship between Marxism and queer studies.
  • HX550.J4R45 2016    
  • A Future Without Hate or Need
    The Promise of the Jewish Left in Canada

    Published: 2016
    Driven from their homes in Russia, Poland, and Romania by pogroms and poverty, many Jews who came to Canada in the wave of immigration after the 1905 Russian revolution were committed radicals. A Future Without Hate or Need brings to life the rich and multi-layered lives of a dissident political community, their shared experiences and community-building cultural projects, as they attempted to weave together their ethnic particularity -- their identity as Jews -- with their internationalist class politics.
  • HX56    
  • Marxism and Politics
    Published: 1977
    Miliband sets out to present an overview of the main themes and problems of the Marxist approach to politics.
  • HX56    
  • The Marxian Legacy
    Published: 1979
    Working within the Marxian legacy, Howard poses is problems across the fields of philosophy, sociology, political science and history.
  • HX626.M37 1989    
  • Voyages To Utopia
    From Monastery to Commune - The Search for the Perfect Society in Modern Times

    Published: 1989
    The story of William McCord's exploration of utopian communities, both in person and through literature.
  • HX654.H58    
  • Communes in America
    The Place Just Right

    Published: 1972
    Traces the history of collective settlements in the United States and compares their organization and purpose with the communes of today.
  • HX73.L416 2006    
  • Build It Now
    Socialism for the Twenty-First Century

    Published: 2006
    Influenced by the dramatic proeesses unfolding in Venezuela, Lebowitz re-imagines a socialism for the twenty-first century that places workers and popular communities at the centre of the project.
  • HX83.D68    
  • American Communism and Soviet Russia
    The Formative Period

    Published: 1986
    A history of the formative peirod of the American Communist Party.
  • HX84.R4R67 1981    
  • Romantic Revolutionary
    A Biography of John Reed

    Published: 1981
    A biography of John Reed (1887-1920), the American radical and journalist who participated in the Mexican and Russian revolutions, and wrote the classic account of the Russian Revolution, Ten Days That Shook the World.
  • HX84.W45 A3 2019    
  • Holocaust to Resistance
    My journey

    Published: 2019
    A memoir by Suzanne Berliner Weiss, a holocaust survivor born in France, who came to North America and was active in radical causes in the United States and Canada.
  • HX914.7.B34M67    
  • Bakunin
    The Philosophy of Freedom

    Published: 1993
    An attempt to portray Bakunin's political theories in a coherent manner.
  • HX914.7K7W66 1990    
  • From Prince to Rebel
    Peter Kropotkin

    Published: 1990
    A bigraphy of the anarchist intellectual Peter Kropotkin.
  • JC233.M299A544 2016    
  • Marx at the Margins
    On Nationalism, Ethnicity, and Non-Western Societies

    Published: 2016
    Marx’s critique of capital was far broader than is usually supposed. To be sure, he concentrated on the labor-capital relation within Western Europe and North America. But at the same time, he expended considerable time and energy on the analysis of non-Western societies, as well as race, ethnicity, and nationalism.
  • JC233.M299D7    
  • Karl Marx's Theory of Revolution
    Volume II: The Politics of Social Classes

    Published: 1978
    Draper ranges through the development of the thought of Marx and Engels on the role of classes in society.
  • JC233.M299D7    
  • Karl Marx's Theory of Revolution
    Volume IV: Critique of Other Socialisms

    Published: 1990
    Much of Karl Marx's most important work came out of his critique of other thinkers, including many socialists who differed significantly in their conceptions of socialism. Draper looks at these critiques to illuminate what Marx's socialism was, as well as what it was not.
  • JC233.M299D7    
  • Karl Marx's Theory of Revolution
    Volume I: State and Bureaucracy

    Published: 1977
    A wide-ranging and thorough exposition of Marx's views on democracy.
  • JC233.M299D7    
  • Karl Marx's Theory of Revolution
    Volume III: The Dictatorship of the Proletariat

    Published: 1986
    Hal Draper examines how Marx and Marxism dealt with the issue of dictatorship in relation to the revolutionary use of force and repression, particularly as this debate has centered on the use of the term "dictatorship of the proletariat." Draper strips away the layers of misinterpretation and misinformation that have accumulated over the years to show what Marx and Engels themselves meant by the term.
  • JC311I45 1994    
  • Blood and Belonging
    Journey into the New Nationalism

    Published: 1994
    Essays on nationalism in Serbia, Croatia, Germany, Ukraine, Quebec, Kurdistan, and Northern Ireland.
  • JC325.K39 1986    
  • The State in Global Perspective
    Published: 1986
    The expansion of the modern state is a central phenomenon of our time. A dominating force, as well as a guardian of society, it elecits contradictory feelings of repulsion and attraction. Fourteen scholars have contributed to this volume of essasy on the political, social, cultural and economic processes of the state.
  • JC328.3.R48 2001    
  • Resist
    A grassroots collection of stories, poetry, photos and analyses from the Quebec City FTAA protetst and beyond

    Published: 2001
    A dynamic collection of personal accounts, creative works, reflections, images and analyses about the protests against the FTAA summit that took place in April 2001 in Quebec City.
  • JC336.S94 1999    
  • Civil Society in Question
    Published: 1999
    Civil Society ranks as flavour of the month among community volunteers, academics and policy makers. Many view it as a key concept in the struggle against poverty and for social justice and democracy. Is civil society anything more than a projection of our desires, a chameleon concept that can mean all things to all people? Does it risk being co-opted beyond recognition and usefulness?
  • JC421.L86 1996    
  • Radical Democracy
    Published: 1997
    Lummis revives the meaning of democratic struggle and critques the economic and technological processes that have hindered its growth.
  • JC423.W38 1988    
  • The Struggle for Democracy
    Published: 1988
    A sweeping illustrated survey of the growth of democracy, its heroes and heroines, its enemies, its failures and successes.
  • JC481.H38 2007    
  • American Fascists
    The Christian Right and the War on America

    Published: 2006
    Hedges examines the Christian Right's origins, its driving motivation and its dark ideological underpinnings, with interviews and coverage of events such as pro-life rallies and weeklong classes on conversion techniques. Hedges argues that the movement resembles the young fascist movements in Italiy and Germany in the 1920s and 1930s, movements that often masked the full extent of their drive for totalitarianism and were willing to make concessions until they achieved unrivaled power. He challenges the Christian Right's religious legitimacy and argues that at its core it is a mass movement fueled by unbridled nationalism and a hatred for the open society.
  • JC491 .S32 2010    
  • Revolutions
    A worldwide introduction to social and political contention

    Published: 2010
  • JC571.B67 1991    
  • Uncivil Obedience
    The Tactics and Tales of a Democratic Agitator

    Published: 1991
    How to push for social change without breaking the law.
  • JC571.L534 2006    
  • Race Against Time
    Searching for Hope in AIDS-Ravaged Africa

    Published: 2006
    This book is a compilation of the 2005 Massey Lectures on the topic of the Millennium Development Goals, with a special focus on AIDS in Africa. Lewis' lectures are personal and passionate in their denunciation of the international community's response to the AIDS pandemic and poverty in Africa.
  • JC596    
  • Someone's Watching You!
    From Micropchips in your Underwear to Satellites Monitoring Your Every Move, Find Out Who's Tracking You and What You Can Do about It

    Published: 2011
    An expose and explanation of the little-known secret surveillance programs run by both the public and private sectors, including practical steps on how to keep your private life private.
  • JC596.2.U5S24 2015    
  • They Know Everything About You
    How Data-Collecting Corporations and Snooping Government Agencies Are Destroying Democracy

    Published: 2015
    Government and corporate surveillance; defence of privacy and democracy.
  • JC599    
  • BDS: Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions
    The Global Struggle for Palestinian Rights

    Published: 2011
    The case for a rights-based BDS campaign against Israeli occupation and apartheid.
  • JC599.C22B754 1989    
  • Liberties
    Published: 1989
    Aside from the subject of civil liberties itself, the book addresses the civil libertarian approach to such issues as censorship and freedom of speech, victimless crimes, and police powers. Specific articles target AIDS testing, legal aid, drug use, and psychological testing by employers.
  • JF1059.U6C35 1985    
  • A Citizen Legislature
    Published: 1985
    Arguing from the premise that the present electoral system is unrepresentative and promotes corruption, the authors propose going back to the Athenian system of choosing representatives: by lottery.
  • JF529.R45 1986    
  • Lobbying for Your Cause
    Published: 1986
  • JF799    
  • The Activists' Handbook
    A Step-by-Step Guide to Participatory Democracy

    Published: 2012
    A guide to grassroots activism.
  • JK1764    
  • Hillbilly Nationalists, Urban Race Rebels, and Black Power
    Community Organizing in Radical Times

    Published: 2011
    The story of some of the most important and little-known activists of the 1960s, in a deeply sourced narrative history.
  • JK467.C37    
  • Taking the Risk Out of Democracy
    Corporate Propaganda versus Freedom and Liberty

    Published: 1997
    The twentieth-century history of corporate propaganda practiced by U.S. businesses and the ways in which such corporate propaganda was exported to, and adopted by, other western democracies especially the United Kingdom and Australia.
  • JK468.16W49    
  • The American Police State
    The Government Against The People

    Published: 1978
    How the CIA, FBI, IRS, NSA and other agencies have spied on Americans during seven administrations.
  • JL197.C5P4 1987    
  • Canadian Communism
    The Stalin Years and Beyond

    Published: 1988
  • JL197.C608 1991    
  • Our Canada
    The Story of the New Democratic Party Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

    Published: 1991
    A rosy view of Canada's New Democratic Party.
  • JL197.R34B7 1992    
  • Storming Babylon
    Preston Manning and The Rise of the Reform Party

    Published: 1992
    A portrait of Preson Manning and right-wing Canada's Reform Party.
  • JL197.R34D62 1992    
  • Preston Manning and the Reform Party
    Published: 1992
    A profile of Preston Manning and his right-wing agenda.
  • JL27.M55    
  • The Canadian Constitution
    Published: 1989
  • JL31.W65 1992    
  • Power To Us All
    Constitution or Social Contract?

    Published: 1992
    Woodcock calls for a true participatory democracy.
  • JL65 1977.c35    
  • The Canadian State: Political Economy and Political Power
    Published: 1977
    Marxist perspectives on the Canadian state.
  • JN1129 L32M5    
  • Parliamentary Socialism
    A Study in the Politics of Labour

    Published: 1961
    The leadership of the British Labour Party has always been determined that the Labour Party should not stray from the narrow path of parliamentary politics. Miliband sets out the analyse the consequences which this approach to politics has had for the Labour Party and the Labour movement from the time the Labour Party came into existence.
  • JS1708.M87    
  • Municipal Reform in Canada
    Reconfiguration, Re-Emprowerment, and Rebalancing

    Published: 2005
  • JS341.L66    
  • Alternative Americas
    An informal history by the grandmother of the counter-culture

    Published: 1982
    A history of decentralist and co-operative alternatives in the United States, centering especially on the work of Ralph Borsodi.
  • JS78.S33    
  • The Politics of Urban Liberation
    Published: 1978
    A broad-ranging study which covers the political economy of the urban question and the importance of the city in the history of social revolution. Schechter's evaluation of libertarian insurgency highlights the importance of movements from below dealing with housing, transportation and other issues of daily life.
  • JX11963.W72    
  • Working for Peace
    A Handbook of Practical Psychology and Other Tools

    Published: 1985
    A survey of the attitudes and tools that can be used in working for peace.
  • JX1974.7.G64    
  • Submarine Dead Ahead!
    Published: 1991
  • JX1974.7.S2177 2014    
  • Thermonuclear Monarchy
    Published: 2014
    Nuclear weapons as fundamentally anti-democratic power.
  • JX1974.7.W663    
  • 'What can I Do?'
    Citizen Strategies for Nuclear Disarmament

    Published: 1987
  • JZ27.C6S56 2015    
  • Wall Street's Think Tank
    The Council on Foreign Relations and the Empire of Neoliberal Geopolitics, 1976-2014

    Published: 2015
    The Council on Foreign Relations is the most influential foreign-policy think tank in the United States, claiming among its members a high percentage of government officials, media figures, and establishment elite. For decades it kept a low profile even while it shaped policy, advised presidents, and helped shore up U.S. hegemony following the Second World War.
  • KD833.S56 1986    
  • A History of the Land Law (Second Edition)
    Published: 1986
    An account of the historical development of the common law of landed property. Work published since the first edition (1961) is taken into account, and the treatment of the nineteenth century period has been enlarged.
  • KE01090.Z82G54    
  • Small Claims Court Guide for Ontario
    How to win your case

    Published: 1983
  • KE01090.Z82G54    
  • Small Claims Court Guide for Ontario
    How to win your case

    Published: 1983
  • KE1246.z82p67 1987    
  • Libel
    A Handbook for Canadian publishers, Editors and Writers

    Published: 1987
  • KE346.F57 1998    
  • So You Think You Need a Lawyer
    How to screen, hire, manage or fire a lawyer

    Published: 1998
  • KE346.F57 1998    
  • So You Think You Need a Lawyer
    How to screen, hire, manage or fire a lawyer

    Published: 1998
  • KE3648.R68    
  • The Canadian Patients Book of Rights
    A Consumer's Guide to Canadian Health Law

    Published: 1994
  • KE559.S28 2003    
  • Contracts for Couples
    Self-Counsel Press Legal Series

    Published: 2003
  • KE559.S28 2003    
  • Contracts for Couples
    Self-Counsel Press Legal Series

    Published: 2003
  • KE7709.2.A26 1996    
  • Aboriginal Issues Today
    A Legal and Business Guide

    Published: 1997
    An overview of current laws and policies.
  • LA229.S23    
  • SDS
    Published: 1974
    The rise and development of the Students for a Democratic Society, the organization that became the major expression of the American left in the 1960s -- its passage from student protest to institutional resistance to revolutionary activism, and its ultimate impact on American politics and life.
  • LA412.B37    
  • Class Warfare
    The Assault on Canada's School

    Published: 1994
    The authors show that the attack on schools has been mounted by representatives of big business who stand to make a fortune by privatizing education, aided by the religious right, who want to control what is taught -- and not taught -- in our schools.
  • LA461.B37    
  • To Change This House
    Popular Education Under the Sandinistas

    Published: 1991
    An account of how popular education transformed all aspects of life in Nicaragua following Somoza's overthrow in 1979. Throu8gh interviews, photographs, and analysis, Barndt explores the collective, participatory, critical way of learning that connects education to experience and seeks out the structural and historical causes of social problems.
  • LB1028.3.A4 1999    
  • But It's Only a Tool!
    The Politics of Technology and Education Reform

    Published: 2001
  • LB1049.P38    
  • Study Smarter, Not Harder
    Published: 1996
  • LB41.D318 2000    
  • Skills Mania
    Snake Oil in Our Schools?

    Published: 2000
    Davis argues that the purpose of education should not be primarily that of teaching skills useful in the job market.
  • LB885.C522 A3 2000    
  • Chomsky on MisEducation
    Published: 2000
    Chomsky critiques the education system and discusses what education could be like in a democratic society.
  • LB885.H6396    
  • Instead of Education
    Ways to Help People Do Things Better

    Published: 1976
    Holt returns to the old truth that we learn things by doing them. He says this has been forgotten by today's educators, who believe we shouldn't start to do things until after they have been "learned."
  • LC197 R65 1993    
  • The Morning After
    Sex, Fear, and Feminism

    Published: 1994
    When Katie Roiphe arrived at Harvard in the fall of 1986, she found that the feminism she had been raised to believe in had been radically transformed. The women's movement, which had once signaled such strength and courage, now seemed lodged in a foundation of weakness and fear. At Harvard, and later as a graduate student at Princeton, Roiphe saw a thoroughly new phenomenon taking shape on campus: the emergence of a culture captivated by victimization, and of a new bedroom politics in the university, cloaked in outdated assumptions about the way men and women experience sex.
  • LCC E98.S6 R47 2016    
  • The Other Slavery
    The Uncovered Story of Indian Enslavement in America

    Published: 2016
    Since the time of Columbus, Indian slavery was illegal in much of the American continent. Yet it was practiced for centuries as an open secret. There was no abolitionist movement to protect the tens of thousands of Natives who were kidnapped and enslaved by the conquistadors.
  • LD760.R67 2012    
  • Subversives
    The FBI's War on Student Radicals, and Reagan's Rise to Power

    Published: 2012
    Rosenfeld provides an account of the FBI’s secret -- and highly political -- involvement with three iconic figures at Berkeley during the 1960s: the ambitious neophyte politician Ronald Reagan, the fierce but fragile radical Mario Savio, and the liberal university president Clark Kerr.
  • LE3.R3S48 1987    
  • Rochdale
    The Runaway Collage

    Published: 1987
    Toronto's Rochdale College began as an experiment in living and learning, and ended as a symbpl of the flower-child Sixties, a financial and social controversy. Sharpe tells the story of the college's seven-year rise and fall.
  • LE3.T52F75 2002    
  • The University of Toronto
    A History

    Published: 2002
  • M1977.C5R56 1992    
  • Rise Up Singing
    Published: 1990
    There was a time when singing was a part of everyday life. Rise Up Singing was compiled to help bring song back into our lives, and especially to bring singing more strongly into the movement for social change.
  • M722h2    
  • The History of Costa Rica
    Published: 2007
    An overview of Costa Rican history with an emphasis on how Costa Ricans have been able to make their own history, "though they do not make it just as they choose."
  • ML38.W66M34    
  • Woodstock
    The Oral History

    Published: 1989
  • ML3830.S122 2008    
  • Musicophilia
    Tales of Music and the Brain

    Published: 2007
    Oliver Sacks explores the place music occupies in the brain and how it affects the human condition. In Musicophilia, he examines the power of music through the individaul experiences of patients, musicians, and everyday people.
  • N6549.3.2000    
  • Other Conundrums
    Race, Culture, and Canadian Art

    Published: 2000
    A collection of essays on Canadian art.
  • N71.B398    
  • About Looking
    Published: 1980
    A collection of essays covering a wide range of topics from photographs and media, to zoos and forests, grouped around the theme of how people look at things.
  • N7430.5 M274 2001    
  • Reading Pictures
    A History of Love and Hate

    Published: 2000
    A meditation on the questions we ask ourselves when standing in front of a piece of art.
  • N7433.7L46 1994    
  • Creative Collage Techniques
    A ste-by-step guide including 52 demonstrations and the work of over 60 artists

    Published: 2000
  • N8550.D87    
  • Frame It
    A Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide to Picture Framing

    Published: 1976
    From preparing a work to hanging it; from creating frameless frames to putting together backngs, stretchers, mats, glass, and double mouldings; every aspect of the framing process is covered in this book.
  • NA3513.T6M24 1984    
  • Toronto: Carved in Stone
    Published: 1984
    An illustrated survey of Toronto's buildings featuring decorative stonework.
  • NC1428.N47    
  • The New Yorker Book of Cat Cartoons
    Published: 1992
  • NC1429.V36A43    
  • Common Life
    An Observation

    Published: 1976
  • NC1429.W5785A4    
  • Is Nothing Sacred?
    Published: 1982
  • ND249.B37A4 1981    
  • The Art of Robert Bateman
    Published: 1981
  • ND249.C3B72 2000    
  • Emily Carr
    Rebel Artist

    Published: 2000
  • ND673.M35S313    
  • René Magritte: Life and Work
    Published: 1982
  • NX180.S6H85    
  • Culture of Complaint
    The Fraying of America

    Published: 1993
    Propaganda-talk, euphemism, and evasion are so much a part of American usage today that they cross all party lines and ideological divides. The art of not answering the question, of cloaking unpleasant realities in abstraction or sugar, is so perfectly endemic that we expect nothing else.
  • NX634.C84 1996    
  • The Cultural Industries in Canada
    Problems, Policies and Prospects

    Published: 1996
    Dorland discusses policy problems specific to the Canadian cultural industries that produce cultural commodities, such as books, films and television programs.
  • OH106.L39 1988    
  • The Natural History of Canada
    Published: 1988
    Written for the general reader, and well-illustrated, this book paints Canada's natural world in broad brush strokes but with a wealth of detail.
  • P.95.82.U6S34    
  • Culture Inc.
    The Corporate Takeover of Public Expression

    Published: 1989
    Schiller defends democratic expression and free access to information while demonstrating the ways in which public expression, public space, and public access to information are becoming increasingly limited and controlled.
  • P106.C53 1972    
  • Problems of Knowledge and Freedom
    The Russell Lectures

    Published: 1972
    These lectures explore Bertrand Russell's work on empiricism, morality, linguistics and politics.
  • P106.G6 1972b    
  • Speaking and Language
    Defence of Poetry

    Published: 1972
    Goodman writes, "I do not think there can be a rule for the appropriate use of formal or vernacular language...The best is to try for a vernacular that molds itself to what is going on and to use it critically".
  • P40.5.L33N48 2000    
  • Vanishing Voices
    The extinction of the world's languages

    Published: 2000
    Approximately half of all known languages have disappeared in the last five hundred years and, according to some, 90% of all languages are in danger of becoming extinct during the next century.
  • P85.C47A3 1994    
  • Keeping the Rabble in Line
    Published: 1994
    Interviews with Noam Chomsky covering issues such as free trade, health care, global warming, the nature of corporations, human rights, and democracy.
  • P85.C47A5 1996    
  • Class Warfare
    Interviews with David Barsamian

    Published: 1996
  • P85.C47C47 1997    
  • Perspectives On Power
    Reflections on Human Nature and the Social Order

    Published: 1997
    Chomsky sets down his thoughts on topics ranging from language and human nature, to the Middle East and East Timor.
  • P90.N45 1992    
  • Sign Crimes/Road Kill
    From Mediascape to Landscape

    Published: 1992
    A collection of thirty short essays by Joyce Nelson, a writer specializing in the politics of the mass media.
  • P90.S75 2004    
  • The No-Nonsense Guide to Global Media
    Published: 2004
    Peter Steven aims to make readers realize the power and influence of dominant media but, at the same time, also understand that they are not "omnipotent" and that there are alternative forms available.
  • P91.M23    
  • Between the Lines
    How to Detect Bias and Propaganda in the News and Everyday Life

    Published: 1981
    An exploration of medthods of "dec-doing" our daily newspapers and radio/TV news. Examines our predominant sources of information (mass media) and indicates the existence of many alternative sources of informaiton.
  • P91.V43 1991    
  • Video The Changing World
    Published: 1991
  • P91.W56 2000    
  • Media Think
    Published: 2000
    Increasingly the news media are owned by a small group of very large corporations with extensive interests outside the industry, run by the corporate elite.Winter argues that instead of offering diverse perspectives on events and issues, the media portray an increasingly dogmatic and orthodox corporate picture of the world around us. The consistency with which they do this has its consequent, intended effect on public opinion and policy formation.
  • P92.C2R87 1994    
  • Morals and the Media
    Ethics in Canadian Journalism

    Published: 1994
    Russell focuses on the fundamental moral questions and ethical dilemmas faced by journalists and discusses how the media both reflect and influence society.
  • P92.C3H33 1999    
  • The Missing News
    Filters and Blind Spots in Canada's Press

    Published: 2000
    Asks a number of questions, including: How well do the news media filter reality, for what purposes, through what processes and in whose interests? How do newspapers and TV stations choose what news is printed or aired, which letters will be published, or who will be accorded credibility?
  • P92.C3W55    
  • Democracy's Oxygen
    How Corporations Control the News

    Published: 1997
    Winter shows that far from providing "democracy's oxygen," the news media legitimize a fundamentally undemocratic system. Instead of keeping the public informated, news organizations manufacture public consent for policies which favour the corporate elite.
  • P94.5.M552C33 2001    
  • Media and Minorities
    Representing Diversity in a Multicultral Canada

    Published: 2001
    An examination of the politics of media minority relations in a multicultural Canada.
  • P94.5M552C35 1996    
  • Mass Media and Canadian Diversity
    Published: 1997
    A collection of Canadian focused articles which examine portrayals of minority populations in the mass media as wel as cultural production emanating from within minority linguistic and cultural groups.
  • P94.6.V44    
  • Understanding new media
    augmented knowledge and culture

    Published: 2006
  • P95.8.C56 1991    
  • Necessary Illusions
    Thought Control in Democratic Societies

    Published: 1991
    An inquiry into the nature of the media and the role of intellectuals in "a political system where the population cannot be disciplined by force, and thus must be subjected to more subtle forms of ideological control."
  • P96.E57D35 1996    
  • McLuhan's Children
    The Greenpeace Message and the Media

    Published: 1996
    Looks at Greenpeace's rise to global prominence through its savvy use of mass media. Traces the evolution of Greenpeace's relations with the media.
  • PE 2809.B79 1995    
  • Made in America
    An Informal History of the English Language in the United States

    Published: 1994
    A history of American English.
  • PE1121.B35 2001    
  • Canadian Students' Guide to Language, Literature, and Media
    Published: 2001
    Meant for secondary schools, independent use, or small group study
  • PE1155 .D54 2020    
  • M is for Miriam
    Published: 2020
    An illustrated children's book about the Canadian physician and activist Miriam Garfinkle. Each page is devoted to some page of her life: C is for Community, D is for Doctor, G is for Garden, L is for Laughter, N is for Nature, P is for Piano, Q is for Questions, S is for Solidarity, W is for Waffles....

    Identifiers: Canadiana 20190236663 - ISBN: 9781927470077
    Subjects: LCSH: English language - Alphabet - Juvenile literature - LCSH Alphabet books. - LCSH: Garfinkle, Miriam, 1954-2018.
    Classification: LCC PE1155.D54 2020 - DDC j421--dc23
  • PE1408.C35 2004    
  • The Canadian Writer's Handbook
    4th edition

    Published: 2005
    A guide to research, writing, and documentation.
  • PE1408.M548    
  • Tell It Slant
    Writing and Shaping Creative Nonfiction

    Published: 2005
  • PE1408.R727 2002    
  • Writing for the Information Age
    Published: 2002
    Here are 100 or so techniques for engaging readers in the information age, to produce writing that allows them to find quickly and easily what might be of interest.
  • PE1417.1565 2000    
  • Inside Language
    A Canadian Language Reader

    Published: 2000
  • PE1483.M43    
  • Lifetime Encyclopedia of Letters
    Easy way to write endless variety of business and personal letters.

    Published: 1988
  • PE1483.M43    
  • Lifetime Encyclopedia of Letters
    Easy way to write endless variety of business and personal letters

    Published: 1988
  • PE1584.W55 2004    
  • Word Myths
    Debunking Linguistic Urban Legends

    Published: 2004
  • PE1584.W55 2004    
  • Word Myths
    Debunking Linguistic Urban Legends

    Published: 2004
    Takes on linguistic urban legeds, not just debunking them but also examining why they are told and what they tell us about ourselves.
  • PE1591.094    
  • The Oxford Paperback Thesaurus
    Published: 1994
  • PE1617.094W56 1998    
  • The Professor and the Madman
    A Tale of Murder, Insanity and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary

    Published: 1998
  • PE1628.0934    
  • Oxford Minireference Dictionary & Thesaurus
    Published: 1997
  • PE1630.094    
  • The Oxford Dictionary of New Words
    Published: 1998
    If you want to know the hot words of the Eighties and Nineties then this dictionary is a requirement. It covers over 20,000 high-profiled words and phrases.
  • PE3227.E35    
  • Editing Canadian English
    Published: 2000
  • PE3233.C35 2004    
  • Oxford Canadian Thesaurus
    Published: 2004
  • PE3235.177    
  • Canadian Dictionary of the English Language
    Published: 1997
  • PE3235.C36    
  • The Canadian Oxford Dictionary
    Published: 2001
    More than just a dictionary, this is also a reference book with its ample informational entries which include short biographies of Canadians ranging from Elvis Stoiko to Nellie McClung and Canadian locations as diverse as Nunavut and the Red Chamber.
  • PE3235.F44    
  • Guide To Canadian English Usage
    Published: 1997
  • PE3237.G34    
  • Gage Canadian Dictionary
    Revised and Expanded

    Published: 1997
  • PG3456.A13P39 1991    
  • Forty Stories
    Published: 1991
  • PJ7816.A682W8513 201    
  • I Was Born There, I Was Born Here (Wulidtu hunak, wulidtu huna)
    Published: 2001
  • PN145.G64 1986    
  • Writing Down the Bones
    Freeing the Writer Within

    Published: 1986
    Suggestions for how to create good writing.
  • PN147.C36    
  • The Canadian Style
    A Guide to Writing and Editing

    Published: 1997
    The Canadian Style suggests the first step in communicating clear ideas is to use plain language, without jargon or expressions. Then, consider your audience.
  • PN161.AIC3    
  • The Canadian Writer's Market
    15th Edition

    Published: 2002
    Lists markets for freelancers to sell their writing.
  • PN161.C22 2003    
  • The Canadian Writers' Guide
    13th edition

    Published: 2003
    Over 130 how-to articles on many aspects of writng for publication.
  • PN161.C33    
  • The Canadian Wirter's Guide 13th Edition
    Published: 2003
  • PN161.W48 1986    
  • The No-Bull Guide To Getting Published and making it as a writer
    Everything you need to know to break into and prosper in this exciting and lucrative field

    Published: 1988
    A guide to making it as a freelance writer.
  • PN1949.S7    
  • Naked is the Best Disguise
    My Life as a Stripper

    Published: 1986
  • PN1949.S7A56    
  • The Bare Facts
    My Life as a Stripper

    Published: 1988
  • PN1992.55.B38 1996    
  • Television and the Remote Control
    Grazing on a Vast Wasteland

    Published: 1996
  • PN1992.6.N45 1987    
  • Perfect Machine
    TV in the nuclear age

    Published: 1987
  • PN1993.5.C3T34 2001    
  • Take One's Essential Guide to Canadian Film
    Published: 2001
    A reference book on Canadian film and filmmakers, with reviews, biographical listings, and a detailed chronology of major events in Canadian film and television history.
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  • Revolutionary Soviet Film Posters
    Published: 1974
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  • Becoming a Writer
    Published: 1961
    A book about the writer's magic and how to overcome the major setbacks many writers experience.
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  • Professionally Speaking
    Getting Ahead in Business and Life Through Effective Communicating

    Published: 1986
    Guidelines for effective communication, including media interviews and speeches.
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  • Into The Looking-Glass Wood
    Published: 1998
    A journey through the possibilities of reading.
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  • A History of News
    From the Drum to the Satellite

    Published: 1988
  • PN4738.A7    
  • The Press and the Cold War
    Published: 1973
  • PN4748.133 1999    
  • Idea of Public Journalism
    Published: 1999
    Discusses the strengths and weaknesses of public journalism, the movement aimed at getting the press to promote and improve, not merely report, the quality of public life.
  • PN4749.B29 2001    
  • The Form of News
    A History

    Published: 2001
    A history of newspaper design in the USA, the ways of writing, how papers are organized, presentation values of typography, space and pictures, and the impact of changing technology
  • PN4749.C49 1995    
  • Doing Public Journalism
    Published: 1995
    The author argues that journalists should be responsible citizens who with "the power of the press empower others besides the press.
  • PN4756.D42 1992    
  • Deadlines & Diversity
    Journalism Ethics in a Changing World

    Published: 1996
    An anthology on journalism ethics.
  • PN4756.W37 2004    
  • The Invention of Journalism Ethics
    The Path to Objectivity and Beyond

    Published: 2005
  • PN4759.L85 2001    
  • Daily News, Eternal Stories
    The Mythological Role of Journalism

    Published: 2001
    Argues that in many ways news articles of today draw from age-old tales have have chastened, entertained, and entranced people since the beginning of time.
  • PN4781.A59    
  • Investigative Reporting
    Published: 1976
    Explains the art and science of investigative reporting: how to decide on a subject, how to find and evaluate sources, how to approach and interview the sources and the subject of the investigation, how to write the investigative story, how to insure that it gets published, and how to advance the aims of an investigation even after the publication of the first article. A major portion of the book is devoted to research in public documents.
  • PN4781.F69 1999    
  • Spinwars
    Politics and New Media

    Published: 1999
    An examination of media manipulation in late 20th Century North American politics.
  • PN4781.J85 1991    
  • Journalism of Outrage
    Investigative Reporting and Agenda Building in America

    Published: 1991
    Examines the myths and misconceptions of investigative journalism and presents empirical research to support a model that challenges the classical theory.
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  • Getting the Whole Story
    Reporting and Writing the News

    Published: 2002
  • PN4781.R84    
  • Stalking the Feature Story
    Published: 1977
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  • Super Searchers in the News
    The Online Secrets of Journalists and News Researchers

    Published: 2000
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  • How to Interview
    The Art of the Media Interview

    Published: 1990
    A guide to good interviewing.
  • PN4784.T3 M87 2001    
  • It Ain't Necessarily So
    How the Media Remake Our Picture of Reality

    Published: 2002
    Looks at the confusion and inaccuracies surrounding media reporting of scientific studies, surveys and statistics.
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  • Web Journalism
    Practice and Promise of a New Medium

    Published: 2004
  • PN4888.P6P37 1992    
  • Inventing Reality
    The Politics of News Media

    Published: 1993
    Parenti sets out to demonstrate how the news media distort important aspects of social and political life and why they do.
  • PN4888.T4P558 2008    
  • How to Watch TV News
    Published: 2008
  • PN4897.F6073    
  • Orange Journalism
    Voices from Florida Newspapers

    Published: 2003
  • PN4897.F6073    
  • Orange Journalism
    Voices from Florida Newspapers

    Published: 2003
  • PN4904.S87 1989    
  • The Monthly Epic
    A History of Canadian Magazines

    Published: 1989
  • PN4908.M56 1988    
  • Yesterday's News
    Why Canada's Daily Newspapers are Failing Us

    Published: 1998
    Illuminates the decline of print journalism, suggests reasons for this decline and proposes solutions to reverse this downward trend.
  • PN4908.S68 1997    
  • From Politics to Profit
    The Commercialization of Canadian Daily Newspapers, 1890-1920

    Published: 1997
    Analyzes the transformation of Canadian newspapers that occurred between 1890 and 1920 when daily newspapers slowly changed from political mouthpieces to a marketable industry.
  • PN4914.09C35 2005    
  • Canadian Newspaper Ownership in the Era of Convergence
    Published: 2005
    An academic text aimed at scholars and students.
  • PN4914.W36 Z95 2023    
  • War, Peace and the Media: Propping up the U.S. Empire and Risking the Planet
    Fourth Edition, Expanded and Updated

    Published: 2023
    This fourth and greatly expanded edition of a work first published in 1983 questions the dominant narratives about militarism and war, and their relationship to global heating, as well as the role of the media in distorting and suppressing truths about their relationship. Contributors to this new edition of War, Peace and the Media challenge the U.S./NATO version of the Russia-Ukraine war and its historical causes, and highlight the role of mainstream and social media in sidelining or silencing dissenting information and opinions.
  • PN4919.T63N38    
  • Inventing Tax Rage (excerpt)
    Misinformation in the National Post

    Published: 2005
    The propaganda campaign to invent "tax rage".
  • PN6080.0955    
  • The Oxford Dictionary of 20th Century Quotations
    Published: 1998
  • PN6080.C58 1997    
  • Oxford Concise Dictionary of Quotations
    Revised Edition

    Published: 1997
    A compact and entertaining source of literary and historical quotations.
  • PN6081.5.N48    
  • Quotations By Women
    Published: 1996
  • PN6081.B27    
  • Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
    A collection of passages, phrases and proverbs traced to their sources in ancient and modern literature

    Published: 1980
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  • New Canadian Quotations
    Published: 1987
  • PN6081.D488    
  • The Dictionary of Canadian Quotations and Phrases
    Published: 1979
  • PN6084.B87W55 1998    
  • The Wiley Book of Business Quotations
    Published: 1998
    Largely drawn from the press and speeches of business leaders, these quotes are clever, topical, alarming and amusing, but not very familiar.
  • PN6120.95.P57G621999    
  • God's Spies
    Stories in Defiance of Oppression

    Published: 1999
    Short stories on the theme of resistance to oppression.
  • PN6231.F28B68    
  • The Compleat Turkey
    A Comprehensive Guide With Over Three Illustrations

    Published: 1980
  • PN6231.P8D4    
  • The Book of Terns
    Published: 1978
  • PQ2637.E49    
  • Notebooks 1936-1947
    Published: 2019
    Victor Serge - writer, novelist, revolutionary -- left the Soviet Union in 1936 and spent the rest of his life in exile, first in France, then in Mexico. His notebooks, written in the years of fascist and Stalinist ascendency, combine grief at the state of the world with resilience, curiosity, steadfast adherence to his principles, and a love of life and culture.
  • PR1361    
  • The Bedside Guardian 33
    A Selection from The Guardian 1983-84

    Published: 1984
  • PR1361    
  • The Bedside Guardian 35
    A Selection from The Guardian 1985-86

    Published: 1986
  • PR1361    
  • The Bedside Guardian 36
    A selection from The Guardian 1986-87

    Published: 1987
  • PR1361    
  • The Bedside Guardian 38
    A selection from The Guardian 1988-89

    Published: 1989
  • PR1361    
  • The Bedside Guardian 39
    A selection from The Guardian 1989-90

    Published: 1990
  • PR431 S39 2005    
  • Paper-contestations and Textual Communities in England 1640 - 1675
    Published: 2005
  • PR6029.R8 N647 2003    
  • Nineteen Eighty-Four
    Published: 1949
    George Orwell's classic dystopian novel.
  • PR6051.D345    
  • The Ship's Cat
    Published: 1977
  • PR6053.L29    
  • Tragedy at Law
    Published: 1990
  • PR6062.E33087    
  • Our Game
    Published: 1996
  • PR6062.E33A65 2004    
  • Absolute Friends
    Published: 2003
    Ted Mundy and Sasha, political comrades and spies.
  • PR6063.U7Z583 1999    
  • Elegy for Iris
    Published: 1999
    In this memori, John Bayley rec-reates his passionate love affair with Iris Murdoch, and describes the mask that has descended over Iris's being with the progression of her Alzheimer's disease.
  • PR85.C29    
  • The Cambridge Guide to Literature in English
    Published: 1993
  • PR8559.N49G4 1995    
  • Getting Away with Murder
    Published: 1995
  • PR911.9.H43S76 1994    
  • Stones from the River
    Published: 1994
  • PR9499.3.R59G62    
  • The God of Small Things
    Published: 1998
    A novel.
  • PS3513.0527    
  • The Empire City
    Published: 1977
  • PS3551.B2Z463    
  • Desert Solitaire
    A season in the wilderness

    Published: 1990
  • PS3554.133Z63 2005    
  • The Year of Magical Thinking
    Published: 2006
    A memori of grief.
  • PS3556.0713M84 2002    
  • A Multitude of Sins
    Published: 2001
  • PS3556.U67S73    
  • Spies of the Balkans
    Published: 2010
    Greece, 1940. In the port city of Salonika, with its whar4es and brothels, dark alleys and Turkish mansions, a tense political drama is being played out. Ad Adolf Hitler plans to invade the Blakans, spies begin to circle, and Costa Zannis, a senior police official, must deal with them all.
  • PS3556.U76 D37 2002    
  • Dark Star
    Published: 1991
    Andre Szara, a foreign correspondent for Pravda, is co-opted by the NKVD to engage in spying in Paris and Berlin.
  • PS3556.U76 K56 2001C    
  • Kingdom of Shadows
    Published: 2001
    Nicolas Morath, a former Hungarian cavalry officer living in Paris, divides his time between advertising agency he co-owns and engaging in clandestine operations.
  • PS3556.U76 P64 2001    
  • The Polish Officer
    Published: 1995
    September 1939. As Warsaw falls to Hitler's Wehrmacht, Captain Alexander de Milja is recruited by the intelligence service of the Polish underground. His mission: transport the national gold reserve to safety, hidden on a refugee train to Bucharest.
  • PS3556.U76 W67 2002    
  • The World at Night
    Published: 1996
    Paris, 1940. The civilized, upper-class life of film producer Jean Casson is derailed by the German occupation of Paris.
  • PS3556U76 B57 2002    
  • Blood of Victory
    Published: 2002
    In the autumn of 1940, Russian emigre journalist I.A. Serebin is recruited in Istanbul by an agent of the British secret services for a clandestine operation to stop German importation of Romanian oil.
  • PS3557.03583Z478    
  • Wild Mind
    Living the Writer's Life

    Published: 1990
    A guide to being a writer.
  • PS3557.A71667P65    
  • Politically Correct Bedtime Stories
    Modern Tales for Our Life & Times

    Published: 1994
  • PS3557.R5355 R332012    
  • The Racketeer
    Published: 2012
    A federal judge, Raymond Fawcett, has been murdered. One man, a former attorney, knows who killed Judge Fawcett, and why. But that man, Malcom Bannister, is currently residing in the Federal Prison Camp near Frostburg, Maryland.
  • PS3558.1217N39 2006    
  • Nature Girl
    Published: 2006
  • PS3558.A/    
  • The Crazy Kill
    Published: 1959
  • PS3558.I45F5    
  • Finding Moon
    Published: 1995
    Moon Mathias learns that his brother has died in Southeast Asia, and that he has a baby daughter ner the Vietnam-Cambodiia border.
  • PS3568.0696B4 1984    
  • Beauty's Punishment
    Published: 1984
  • PS3568.0696B44 1985    
  • Beauty's Release
    Published: 1985
  • PS3573.E9T47    
  • Thieves' Dozen
    Published: 2004
  • PS3618.A34    
  • The Rag and Bone Shop
    Published: 2002
  • PS559.L5494C38 2014    
  • The Cat at the Wall
    Published: 2014
  • PS648.D4 C435 2002    
  • A Century of Noir
    Thirty-Two Classic Crime Stories

    Published: 2002
  • PS8015.093 1997    
  • The Oxford Companion to Canadian Literature
    Second Edition

    Published: 1997
  • PS8191.M38W54 2003    
  • Imagined Nations
    Reflections on Media in Canadian Fiction

    Published: 2003
    A basic look at the effects different forms of media have had on Canadian novels and film adaptations and cyberspace, and how these affect the sense of time and space and national identities.
  • PS8235.M56M67 1986    
  • Mosaic in Media
    Published: 1986
  • PS8313.E54    
  • Eight Men Speak
    And Other Plays from the Canadian Workers' Theatre

    Published: 1976
    Eight plays presented by the Canadian Worker's Theatre in the 1930s.
  • PS8367.G75 L63 2020    
  • Locations of Grief
    An Emotional Geography

    Published: 2020
  • PS8521.O44Z46 2016    
  • Gently to Nagasaki
    Published: 2016
    An exploration both communal and intensely personal, Gently to Nagasaki is a spiritual pilgrimage. Set against the backdrops of Vancouver, Toronto, the Slocan and Caoldate Valleys, the streets of Nagasaki and the high mountains of Shikoku, Japan, this book from Joy Kogawa is also an account of a remarkable life.
  • PS8526.08Z473 2008    
  • Otherwise
    Published: 2008
    Mowat's memoirs covering the years 1937 to 1948.
  • PS8531.I88053    
  • Once When I Was Drowning
    Published: 1978
  • PS8553.O9044 V35 202    
  • The Call of the Red-Winged Blackbird
    Essays on the common and the extraordinary

    Published: 2022
  • PS8557.E8775A68 2006    
  • April Fool
    Published: 2005
    Arthur Beauchamp, retired criminal lawyer, living in retirement on a B.C. island, is called on to return from retirement to defend former lcient Nick Faloon, who is accused of murder. Meanwhile Arthur's wife Margaret Blake is up a tree in an effort to defend a forest from loggers.
  • PS8569.E562 N68 2020    
  • November Rain
    Published: 2020
  • PS8569.O3918N39    
  • The Navigator of New York
    Published: 2002
  • PS8573.A9425C76 2003    
  • Crow Lake
    Published: 2002
  • PS8575.L43M6 1989    
  • The Morningside World of Stuart McLean
    Published: 1989
    Radio essays by Stuart McLean.
  • PS8576.A544Z47 2004    
  • A Reading Diary
    A Year of Favourite Books

    Published: 2004
  • PT2667.R83Z52413    
  • Howl Like the Wolves
    Growing up in nazi Germany

    Published: 1980
  • PT405.S4313 2003a    
  • On the Natural History of Destruction
    Published: 2003
    Sebald's subject matter is memory and its uncertain connection to the past. In this non-fiction work he turns his attention to the German homefront experience of the Second World War. He questions the postwar push to look to the future and ignore the past. He critiques the silence of German writers who were incapable of writing realistically about their own experiences or worse, who refurbished their own pasts. In his book he attempts to "cast some light on the way in which individual, collective and cultural memory deals with experiences exceeding what is tolerable".
  • PT405.S4313 203a    
  • On the Natural History of Destruction
    Published: 2003
  • PZ3.S6369ZDau4    
  • Daughter of Earth
    Published: 1973
  • PZ7.W655933Sto 2014    
  • The Story of Hurry
    Published: 2014
    Fictional Story of Donkey who helps children in Gaza
  • Q180.55.M4096 1985    
  • Finding Canadian Facts Fast
    How to find and use information about almost anybody or anything quickly, cheaply and legally

    Published: 1985
    A guide to research skills.
  • QA76.575.M8319 2001    
  • MultiMedia from Wagner to virtual reality
    Published: 2002
    Writings by the pioneers of multimedia.
  • QA76.9.W43 C74 2000    
  • Creating Web-Accessible Databases
    Case Sudies for Libraries, Museums, & other Nonprofits

    Published: 2001
  • QA76.9.W43 C74 2000    
  • Creating Web-Accessible Databases
    Case Sudies for Libraries, Museums, & other Nonprofits

    Published: 2001
  • QA76.C556 1985    
  • Computer Basics
    Understanding Computers

    Published: 1988
  • QA76.C556 1985    
  • Computer Basics
    Understanding Computers

    Published: 1988
  • QA90.H287 1999    
  • Information Graphics
    A comprehensive ilustrated reference

    Published: 1999
  • QA90.H287 1999    
  • Information Graphics
    A comprehensive ilustrated reference

    Published: 1999
  • QC926.45.C2A25 1999    
  • Stories from the Ice Storm
    Published: 1999
    Personal stories of the ice storm which hit eastern North America in 1998.
  • QC959.C353 2004    
  • Hurricane Hazel
    Canada's Storm of the Century

    Published: 2004
  • QC981.8,G56G583    
  • Global Warming
    The Greenpeace Report

    Published: 1990
  • QC994.B66    
  • Waves, Wind and Weather
    Published: 1977
  • QE185.E953 2010    
  • Road Rocks Ontario
    Over 250 Geological Wonders to Discover

    Published: 2013
    Presents detailed descriptions of over 250 of the most fascinating geological wonders of Ontario.
  • QE191,G85 2004    
  • Geology and Landforms of Grey and Bruce Counties
    Published: 2006
  • QE721.2.P24P54 1991    
  • After the Ice Age
    The Return of Life to Glaciated North America

    Published: 1991
  • QE770.G67 1989    
  • Wonderful Life
    The Burgess Shale and the Nature of History

    Published: 1990
  • QH102.K75 1988    
  • A Field Guide to Eastern Forests
    Published: 1988
    A "second-generation" field guide to the ecology of the forests and fields of eastern North America.
  • QH102.R63    
  • The Nature of North America
    A Handbook to The Continent. Rocks, Plants and Animals

    Published: 1998
    A guide to North American natural history. Fully illustrated with line drawings, maps and tables.
  • QH106.2.05036 2000    
  • Humber Forks at Thistletown
  • QH106.2.05G73 1995    
  • Toronto The Wild
    Field Notes of an Urban Naturalist

    Published: 1995
    Toronto as a natural world and and ecosystem.
  • QH106.2.B7F57    
  • The Island
    A Natural History of Vancouver Island

    Published: 1983
  • QH106.2.O5S63 1999    
  • Special Places
    The Changing Ecosystems of the Toronto Region

    Published: 1999
    Special Places explores the changing ecosystem of the Toronto area over the past century, looking at the environmental conditions that influence the whol region and at the surprising range of plants and animals you can find in many of its natural spaces.
  • QH106.2.O5T48 1989    
  • Legacy
    The Natural History of Ontario

    Published: 1989
    A comprehensive, extensively illustrated natural history of Ontario, covering bedrock, soils, birds, mammals, insects, wildflowers, forests, prehistoric life, and much more.
  • QH106.F57    
  • Canada: A Natural History
    Published: 1988
    Canada: A Natural History surveys the varying ecosystems of the northern part of this continent, explaining their characteristics, vividly illustrated by the photographs of Tim Fitzharris.
  • QH193.H5M37 1987    
  • The Snow Leopard
    Published: 1978
  • QH198.G3M66    
  • Galapagos
    Islands Lost in Time

    Published: 1980
  • QH309-A88 1984    
  • The Living Planet
    Published: 1984
    The story of the Earth's surface and its colonization by animals and plants.
  • QH31.B24D48 1985    
  • The World of Robert Bateman
    Published: 1985
  • QH311.G68    
  • An Urchin in the Storm
    Essays about Books and Ideas

    Published: 1987
  • QH361.G66 1980    
  • The Panda's Thumb
    More Reflections in Natural History

    Published: 1980
    A collection of essays centering on evolutionary theory, with an emphasis on Darwin's thoughts and impact.
  • QH366.2.A87 1980    
  • Life on Earth
    A Natural History

    Published: 1979
    A sweeping history of nature, from the emergence of one-celled organisms to the present.
  • QH45.2.W55 2004    
  • The Nature Handbook
    A Guide to Observing The Great Outdoors

    Published: 2005
    The Nature Handbook explores and explains the patterns of nature, revealing them to the many different types of nature observers.
  • QH45.5    
  • Wildlife in the City
    Animals, birds, reptiles, insects and plants in an urban landscape

    Published: 1982
    From the city park to the suburban garden, from the murkiest canal to the vacant building plot or bomb site, there is an astonishing variety of wild species, mammal, bird, reptile, insect and plant-life which has either steadfastly maintained a footing alongside humans or colonized their urban areas.
  • QH45.5.G66    
  • Eight Little Piggies
    Reflections in Natural History

    Published: 1994
    Essays on natural history.
  • QH45.5.G68 1991    
  • Bully for Brontosaurus
    Reflections in Natural History

    Published: 1992
    A collection of dicursive essays on natural history.
  • QH45.5.G74    
  • The Lying Stones of Marrakech
    Penultimate Reflections in Natural History

    Published: 2000
  • QH541.5.F7C82 1989    
  • At the Water's Edge
    Nature Study in Lakes, Streams, and Ponds

    Published: 1989
    A first-rate nature book that guides the reader out into the world of ponds, stream, brooks, rills, and lakes.
  • QH541.5F6H467 2009    
  • Ontario's Old-Growth Forests
    A Guidebook Complete with History, Ecology, and Maps

    Published: 2010
    Forest ecologists Michael Henry and Peter Quinby tell the story of Ontario's old-growth forests.
  • QH545.A1H68    
  • Poisons in Public
    Case Studies of Environmental Pollution in Canada

    Published: 1980
  • QH58.G74    
  • Toronto's Backyard
    A Guide to Selected Nature Walks

    Published: 1986
  • QH77.C3G84    
  • Guide to the Toronto Field Naturalists' Nature Reserves
    Published: 2001
  • QH77.C3G84 1986    
  • Guide to the Toronto Field Naturalists' Nature Reserve
    Published: 1986
  • QH81.S883 1991    
  • Saving Graces
    Sojourns of a Backyard Biologist

    Published: 1991
  • QK203.05C52 1996    
  • Forest Plants of Central Ontario
    Published: 1996
  • QK203.05K47 2001    
  • Trees of Ontario
    Published: 2001
  • QK203.06V37 1987    
  • Toronto Islands
    Plant Communities and Noteworthy Species

    Published: 1987
  • QK203.O5N48 1997    
  • Wetland Plants of Ontario
    Published: 1997
  • QK475 T.83 2006    
  • The Tree
    A Natural History of what trees are, how they live, and why they matter

    Published: 2006
  • QK477.L32    
  • World Without Trees
    Published: 1979
    Lamb says that "there is one thing of which you can be absolutely certain: if things go one as they are, some day the sun will rise on a world without trees. That day is closer than you think."
  • QK525.7.O5G84    
  • A Guide to the Ferns of Grey and Bruce Counties, Ontario
    Published: 2005
  • QK617.B37 1999    
  • Mushrooms of Ontario and Eastern Canada
    Published: 1999
  • QL155.M55 1991    
  • Park Ranger Guide to Rivers & Lakes
    What to see and learn on America's freshwaters

    Published: 1991
  • QL463.D57 2000    
  • Insects and Spiders
    An Explore Your World Handbook

    Published: 2000
  • QL627.P34 1991    
  • Freshwater Fishes
    Peterson Field Guides

    Published: 1991
  • QL651.K56 1979    
  • The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Repitles and Amphibians
    Published: 1979
  • QL676.B42 2005    
  • The Bedside Book of Birds
    Published: 2005
  • QL682.S54    
  • The Birdwatcher's Book of Lists
    Eastern Region

    Published: 1987
  • QL685.5.05G66    
  • A Bird-Finding Guide to Ontario
    Where the birds are and how to get there

    Published: 1982
  • QL685.5.05W36 1991    
  • A Guide to Feeding Winter Birds in Ontario
    Published: 1991
  • QL715.B8 1976    
  • A Field Guide to the Mammals (Third Edition)
    Peterson Field Guide

    Published: 1978
  • QL715.F67 1985    
  • Mammals of the Canadian Wild
    Published: 1985
  • QL751.C8825 2005    
  • Headless Males Make Great Lovers
    & Other Unusual Natural Histories

    Published: 2005
    Essays on curious creatures and their behaviours.
  • QL768.M87 1974    
  • Animal Tracks
    Peterson Field Guides

    Published: 1974
  • QL84.2.D57    
  • The Endangered Kingdom
    The Struggle to Save America's Wildlife

    Published: 1989
  • QP259.S53    
  • The Nature and Evolution of Female Sexuality
    Published: 1969
  • QP363.3.D65 2007    
  • The Brain That Changes Itself
    Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science

    Published: 2007
    Doidge explains neuroplasticity and shows that the brain is not a collection of specialized parts but a dynamic organ and can rewire and rearrange itself as the need arises.
  • QP376.F48    
  • The Brain
    Mystery of Matter and Mind

    Published: 1984
  • QP411.S23 2017    
  • The River of Consciousness
    Published: 2017
    In these essays, Oliver Sacks takes on evolution, botany, chemistry, medicine, neuroscience, and the arts, and calls upon his great scientific and creative heroes -- above all, Darwin, Freud, and William James. For Sacks, these thinkers were constant companions from an early age; the questions, they explored -- the meaning of evolution, the roots of creativity, and the nature of consciousness -- lie at the heart of science and of this book.
  • R131.D83 1999    
  • History of Medicine
    A Scandalously Short Introduction

    Published: 1999
  • R726.8.S44 1994    
  • A Gentle Death
    Published: 1994
    Explores the moral and legal implications of euthanasia. Offers advice on working with doctors and other health-care professionals, dealing with unresolved personal conflicts, involving family members and friends in the decision-making process, and coping with legal realities.
  • R726.8.V35    
  • Dying for Care
    Hospice Care or Euthanasia

    Published: 1992
  • RA395.C3A7 1994    
  • Take Care
    Warning Signals for Canada's Health System

    Published: 1994
    "Examines the modern Canadian health care system and exposes the impact of neo-conservative and market-oriented policies, showing the effect these have on patients and caregivers, particularly women. The voices of hospital workers, relating their own daily experiences in the wards, add a poignant urgency to the crucial question: What kind of health care system will Canadians inherit in the twenty-first century?"
  • RA395.C3B76 2000    
  • Unsafe Practices
    Restructuring and Privatization in Ontario Health Care

    Published: 2000
    Describes the process of healthcare privatization and its negative impact in Ontario.
  • RA418.3.E85P39    
  • Medicine and Culture
    Published: 1989
  • RA440.5.K43    
  • Critical Paths
    Organizing on health Issues in the community

    Published: 1989
  • RA441.G37 2000    
  • Betrayal of Trust
    The Collapse of Global Public Health

    Published: 2000
    The story of recent failings of public health systems across the globe.
  • RA449.S35    
  • Reckless Abandon
    Canada, the GATS and the future of Health Care

    Published: 2001
  • RA449.W45    
  • Health Care
    Conflicting Opinions Tough Decisions

    Published: 1992
  • RA450.S28L6 1985    
  • First and Foremost in Community Health Centres
    The Centre in Sault Ste Marie and the CHC Alternative

    Published: 1985
    The story of Canada's first community health centre, an initiative of the United Steelworkers of America, which opened its doors in 1958.
  • RA569.P59    
  • Radiation Alert
    A Consumer's Guide to Radiation

    Published: 1985
  • RA644.A25S57 2003    
  • Aids Activist
    Published: 2003
  • RA664.A25S662    
  • Illness as Metaphor and AIDS and Its Metaphors
    Published: 1990
  • RA776.076 1989    
  • Healthy Pleasures
    Published: 1989
    Playing to the natural strengths of mind and body, Healthy Pleasures explores ways to extend our lives as we enrich them, by understanding the crucial role of pleasure in our health.
  • RA786.3.L56    
  • Stop Your Husband from Snoring
    Published: 1990
  • RA786.K56    
  • The Well-Rested Woman
    60 Soothing Suggestions for Getting a Good Night's Sleep

    Published: 2002
  • RA975.C37R445 2012    
  • With God on Our Side
    The Struggle for Workers' Rights in a Catholic Hospital

    Published: 2012
    Adam D. Reich tells the story of a five-year campaign to unionize Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital, a Catholic hospital in California.
  • RC1.E63 1993    
  • The Complete Canadian Health Guide
    Published: 1993
  • RC437.5.H39 1989    
  • A Safe Place
    Laying the Groundwork of Psychotherapy

    Published: 1996
    Hawkin examines the practice of psychotherapy and psychiatry and asks what allows psychological healing to take place.
  • RC480.R84    
  • Going Crazy
    The Radical Therapy of R.D. Laing and Others

    Published: 1972
  • RC489.A7A42    
  • Art is a Way of Knowing
    A Guide to Self-Knowledge and Spiritual Fulfillment through Creativity

    Published: 1995
    Making art -- giving form to the images that arise in our mind's eye, our dreams, and our everyday lives -- is a form of spiritual practice through which knowledge of ourselves can ripen into wisdom.
  • RC533.M38 2009    
  • In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts
    Published: 2008
    Gabor Mate looks at the epidemic of addictions in our society, tells us why we are so prone to them, and outlines what he thinks is needed to liberate ourselves from their hold on our emotions and behaviours.
  • RC606.6.U84 2003    
  • The No-Nonsense Guide to HIV/AIDS
    Published: 2003
    This book gives an overview of the origins of HIV, the ways in which it spreads, the profits made by drug companies, women's special vulnerability and the positive action being taken by people and communities to fight back.
  • RC684.D5S73    
  • More HeartSmart Cooking
    Published: 1997
  • RD768.H36 1987    
  • More Advice from The Back Doctor
    Published: 1988
  • RE51.K9 1994    
  • Eyes
    Your personal health series

    Published: 1994
  • RG121.N468    
  • A New View of a Woman's Body
    A Fully Illustrated Guide by the Federation of Feminist Women's Health Centers

    Published: 1981
  • rg186.s6613 1997    
  • Estrogen The Natural Way
    Published: 1997
  • SB419.T37    
  • Highrise Horticulture
    A Guide to Gardening in Small Spaces

    Published: 1989
  • SD145.S94    
  • Cut and Run
    The Assault on Canada's Forests

    Published: 1983
    Examines the crisis in Canada's forest industry and the reasons for the crisis.
  • SF446.5    
  • Catlore
    Published: 1987
  • SF457.S3213 1985    
  • The New Aquarium Handbook
    Published: 1986
  • SF613.H44A288 1992    
  • Every Living Thing
    Published: 1992
  • SH349.B69 2005    
  • Salmon Wars
    The Battle for the West Coast Salmon Fishery

    Published: 2005
    The history of the west coast salmon fishery and the recent controversies that have surrounded it.
  • SH351.C5H37 1998    
  • Lament for an Ocean
    The Collapse of the Atlantic Cod Fishery: A True Crime Story

    Published: 1998
    Harris's account of why and how the northern cod was taken to the brink of extinction in little more than thirty years.
  • T47.N67 1992    
  • Turn Signals are the Facial Expressions of Automobiles
    Published: 1992
    Norman looks at design and technology from the point of view of human needs.
  • TD170.2.W67    
  • Workplace Guide
    Practical Action for the Environment

    Published: 1991
  • TD195.P4M38 2008    
  • Stupid to the Last Drop
    How Alberta is Bringing Environmental Armageddon to Canada (and Doesn't Seem to Care)

    Published: 2008
    As the world teeters on the edge of catastrophic climate change, Alberta plunges ahead with uncontrolled development of its fossil fuels, levelling its northern Boreal forest to get at the oil sands, and carpet bombing its southern half with tens of thousands of gas wells.
  • TD223.3.W44 1990    
  • Fresh Water Seas
    Saving the Great Lakes

    Published: 1990
    Weller takes readers on a tour of the Great Lakes region, tracing its natural history from the time before human habitation. He describes how the region has been affected by uncontrolled development to the point where it now contains one of the planet's most intensive concentrations of industrial and agricultural activity.
  • TD227.B7H84    
  • The Run of the River
    Portraits of Eleven British Columbia Rivers

    Published: 1992
    Mark Hume celebrates eleven B.C. rivers, but also raises questions about the cost of development and the cost of wilderness. Is it possible to have industry -- forestry, smelting, fishing, and even tourism -- and still maintain the rivers and wildlife that support them?
  • TD227.T6H86 2008    
  • HTO
    Toronto's Water from Lake Iroquois to Lost Rivers to Low-flow Toilets

    Published: 2008
    A collection of essays on Toronto's water and watershed, ranging from burying streams to storm sewers and rainwater harvesting.
  • TH4961.L36    
  • Building in Your Backyard
    The Suburban Guide to Making Birdhouses, Garden Shets, Doghouses, Playhouses, Treehouses, Privies, Greenhouses, and Gazebos

    Published: 1979
  • TH6021.A44 2004    
  • How Buildings Work
    The Natural Order of Architecture

    Published: 2005
    The basic principles of a residential and office "building" are explained: how and why buildings stand up, how they age, why they die, internal designs. All with hundreds of illustrations.
  • TH7437.V58    
  • Wood Heat
    Published: 1976
  • TK 6533 Y58    
  • Pirate Radio Stations
    Tuning In Underground Broadcasts

    Published: 1990
  • TK105.875.157C36    
  • 1999 Canadian Internet Directory and Research Guide
    Published: 1998
    Really two books in one: an introductory guide to doing online research, and an annotated directory of selected Internet resources.
  • TK105.875.157C36    
  • 1999 Canadian Internet Directory and Research Guide
    Published: 1998
  • TK5101.M327    
  • The Wired Society
    A Challenge for Tomorrow

    Published: 1978
  • TK5101.M327    
  • The Wired Society
    A Challenge for Tomorrow

    Published: 1978
  • TK5102.2.R69 1999    
  • Spirit of the Web
    The Age of Information from Telegraph to Internet

    Published: 1999
    A journey through communication technology and our fascination and tribulations with it.
  • TK5102.3.C3R53 2003    
  • Continentalizing Canadian Telecommunications
    The Politics of Regional Reform

    Published: 2003
    The issues behind privatization policies and telecommunications policies are looked at through a glass of drifting continentalism
  • TK5105.875.157C37    
  • Internet
    Published: 1997
  • TK5105.875.157C37    
  • Internet
    Published: 1997
  • TK5105.875.157C37    
  • 1998 Canadian Internet Handbook
    Published: 1998
  • TK5105.875.I57C3735    
  • 1999 Canadian Internet New User's Handbook
    Published: 1998
  • TK5105.888.K54    
  • Writing For the Web
    Published: 1999
    Kilian puts communication before flash.
  • TN27.05P34    
  • Industrial Cathedrals of the North
    Published: 1998
  • TR145.J43    
  • Picture Perfect
    The Basics of Good Photography

    Published: 1986
  • TR145.P37    
  • Photography for the Joy of It
    Published: 1989
  • TR146.S93 1981    
  • Photography
    A Handbook of History, Materials, and Processes

    Published: 1981
  • TR183.B45    
  • Another Way of Telling
    Published: 1995
    Everyone in the world is familiar with photographs. And yet what is a photograph? What do photographs mean? How can they be used?
  • TR27.N7W55    
  • Framing the West
    Race, Gender and the Photographic Frontier in the Pacific Northwest

    Published: 2003
    Examines a wide range of photographic forms and the purposes to which they were put.
  • TR330.D37    
  • Darkroom Dynamics
    A Guide to Creative Darkroom Techniques

    Published: 1979
  • TR642.P38 2001    
  • Photo Impressionism and the Subjective Image
    Published: 2001
  • TR656.5.P46 1982    
  • Creative Still Life Photography
    Master Class Photography Series

    Published: 1982
  • TR681.A85D46 2001    
  • First Chapter
    The Canadian Writers Photography Project

    Published: 2001
    A "photographic archive" of Canadian writers from across the country.
  • TS171.4.N67    
  • The Design of Everyday Things
    Published: 1988
    A book about the problems of design and how good design can overcome the frustrations of everyday things.
  • TX147.W75    
  • Getting Started
    The easy way to put your life in order

    Published: 1978
  • TX147.W75    
  • Getting Started
    The easy way to put your life in order

    Published: 1978
  • tx303.F85 1991    
  • It's here somewhere
  • tx303.F85 1991    
  • It's here somewhere
  • TX335.C35 1989    
  • The Canadian Green Consumer Guide
    How You Can Help

    Published: 1989
    A guide to responsible shopping that won't cost the earth.
  • TX335.P34    
  • How Things Don't Work
    Published: 1977
    Pananek and Hennessey focus on appliances, tooks, and devices that are at the nub of modern living. They show how some of our most cherished possessions, ranging from simple household fixtures to sophisticated electronics, don't work, and challenge us to rethink the uses of technology to demand and create products that are useful, built to human scale, safe, ecologically sound, and inexpensive.
  • U262.T87 2015    
  • Tomorrow's Battlefield
    U.S. Proxy Wars and Secret Ops in Africa

    Published: 2015
    U.S. military is fighting shadow wars in Africa and claims that Africa is the "battlefield of tomorrow".
  • U264.K54    
  • America, God and the Bomb
    The Legacy of Ronald Reagan

    Published: 1987
  • UA10.N57    
  • Lives in the Balance
    The Cold War and American Politics, 1945-1991

    Published: 1992
  • UA600.T78 1987    
  • The True North Strong & Free
    Proceedings of a Public Inquiry into Canadian Defence Policy and Nuclear Arms

    Published: 1987
    A discussion of defence dilemmas facing Canada. Introduction by Mel Hurtig.
  • UA646    
  • Exterminism and Cold War
    Published: 1982
    15 articles on the issues of the arms race and the threat of nuclear war, the Cold War and the peace movemennts.
  • UB256.U6 B36 2001    
  • Body of Secrets
    Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency

    Published: 2001
    The National Security Agency (NSA) is the largest intelligence gathering agency in the world. James Banford in his sequel to "The Puzzle Palace" draws on newly released government documents and interviews with past and present personel to give a detailed picture of the agency. Tracing its origins from the Truman admisnistration and using examples from modern day incidents (Gary Powers, the Pueblo, the Israeli attack on a U.S. surveillance ship and many more) he provides us with an overview of the murky and dangerous world of intelligence operations.
  • UF767.C52    
  • Life After Doomsday
    A Survivalist Guide to Nuclear War and Other Major Disasters

    Published: 1980
  • UG1520.B47 2001    
  • How 2 Take an Exam... & Remake the World
    Published: 2001
  • Z1003.M33 1996    
  • A History of Reading
    Published: 1996
    An exploration of what it means to be a reader of books.
  • Z1365.C2187    
  • Canadian Books in Print Subject Index 2001
    Published: 2001
  • Z206.H58 2004    
  • History of the Book in Canada
    Volume Two: 1840 - 1918

    Published: 2005
    The second of three volumes dealing with the history of publishing in Canada.
  • Z244.C78    
  • Production for the Graphic Designer
    Published: 1974
  • Z246.K67    
  • Graphic Design
    Mix & Match Recipes for Faster, Better Layouts

    Published: 1989
  • Z253.5.D45    
  • Paste ups and Mechanicals
    A Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing Art for Reproduction

    Published: 1982
  • Z253.53.W55    
  • Computer Tips for Artists, Designers and Desktop Publishers
    Published: 1997
  • Z253.T73 2002    
  • The City of Montreal Style guide
    A Handbook for Translators, Writers and Editors

    Published: 2001
    A style guide for writers and editors that addresses the added challenge of translating French into English is going to be especially appealing to anyone working in Canada. Its value is broader than the title would suggest.
  • Z278.K72    
  • 1001 Ways to Market Your Books
    Published: 1988
  • Z278.K72 1986    
  • 101 Ways To Market Your Books For Publishers and Authors
    Published: 1989
    Advice for book publishers and authors about how to market their books.
  • Z282.5.B63    
  • Bodian's Publishing Desk Reference
    A Comprehensive Dictionary of Practices and Techniques for Book and Journal Marketing and Bookselling

    Published: 1988
  • Z283.F6 1983    
  • Form Aides for Successful Book Publishing
    Published: 1983
  • Z283.P37    
  • Publications Grants For Writers & Publishers
    How to Find Them, Win Them, and Manage Them

    Published: 1991
  • Z283.R67    
  • Marketing Your Books
    A Collection of Profit-Making Ideas for Authors and Publishers

    Published: 1989
  • Z285.5.P69 1984    
  • Self-Publishing Manual
    How to write, print & sell your own book

    Published: 1984
    A comprehensive manual on self-publishing your own book which covers all aspects of the process from writing to selling.
  • Z285.5.R668    
  • The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing
    Everything you need to know to write, publish, promote, and sell your own book

    Published: 1985
  • Z286.D47B83    
  • Type from the Desktop
    Designing with Type and Your Computer

    Published: 1990
  • Z286.D47K44 1994    
  • Understanding Desktop Color
    Published: 1994
  • Z286.D47P36    
  • The Makeover Book
    101 Design Solutions for Desktop Publishing

    Published: 1989
  • Z286.H34R67    
  • How-to-Make Big Profits Publishing City & Regional Books
    A Guide for Entrepreneurs, Writers and Publishers

    Published: 1986
  • Z286.P4M63    
  • The Magazine
    Everything You Need to Know to Make It in the Magazine Business

    Published: 1979
  • Z665.M35 2006    
  • The Library at Night
    Published: 2006
    The Library at Night tells the story of the important role of libraries in human civilization and how books are an essential link between the individual and the world.
  • Z669.7.T84 1993    
  • Finding Answers
    The Essential Guide to Gathering Information in Canada

    Published: 1993
    Outlines the essentials of how to find and use information.
  • Z674.5.C2008 1989    
  • Getting the Goods
    Information in BC How to Find It, How to Use It

    Published: 1990
    A guide to the basic sources of information -- the tools of the trade -- that all reporters, researchers and investigators rely on.
  • Z688.E76L53 1991    
  • Libraries, Erotica & Pornography
    Published: 1991
  • Z695.9W4    
  • Can You Recommend a Good Book on Indexing?
    Collected Reviews on the Organization of Information

    Published: 1998
    In-depth reviews focusing on key considerations in the organization and retrieval of organization.
  • Z696.D519 1971    
  • Decimal Classificaction
    Published: 1967
  • Z696.D519 1971    
  • Decimal Classificaction
    Published: 1967
  • Z710.M23    
  • The Oxford Guide to Library Research - Review
    Published: 1998
    An excellent guide to doing research, explaining research methods and strategies and their strengths and weaknesses of. See review in Sources Select Resources.
  • Z710.M23    
  • The Oxford Guide to Library Research
    Published: 1998
    An overview of little-known but powerful strategies used by librarians and information specialists, with clear explanations of fundamental methods searching.
  • Z7183.D4 2003    
  • Telling Tales
    Storytelling in the family

    Published: 2003
    A guide to the art of storytelling.
  • ZA4201.I573 1997    
  • The Internet Handbook for Writers, Researchers, and Journalists
    Published: 2000
  • ZA4201.W43 2002    
  • Web of Deception
    Misinformation on the Internet

    Published: 2002
  • ZA4226.H63 1998    
  • The Extreme Searcher's Guide to Web Search Engines
    A Handbook for the Serious Searcher

    Published: 1999
  • ZA4234 Y33H63 2005    
  • Yahoo! to the Max
    An Extreme Searchers Guide

    Published: 2005
    A reader-friendly guide to online research, communications, investments, and e-commerce through the Yahoo portal.

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