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Life Sentence
Stories from four decades of court reporting - or, how I fell out of love with the Canadian justice system (especially judges)

Blatchford, Christie
Publisher:  Doubleday Canada
Year Published:  2016  
Pages:  376pp   ISBN:  978-0-385-66797-5
Library of Congress Number:  HV9960.C2B63 2016   Dewey:  347.71'014
Resource Type:  Book

Through an examination of notable trials she has covered, Chrisitie Blatchford makes the case that Canada's judicial system is out of control and often inept. Judges, she says, are the new senators, unelected, unaccountable and overly entitled, while lawyers are often self-satisfied and contemptuous of anyone who is not a member of the club.


Table of Contents:

R v Betesh to R v Duffy
R v Abreha
R v Elliott
R v Bernardo
R v Gomeshi, Etc.


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