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Art is a Way of Knowing
A Guide to Self-Knowledge and Spiritual Fulfillment through Creativity

Allen, Pat. B
Publisher:  Shambhala, USA
Year Published:  1995  
Pages:  204pp   ISBN:  1-57062-078-4
Book Type:  Handbooks/Manuals

Library of Congress Number:  RC489.A7A42   Dewey:  700'.19--dc20
Resource Type:  Book

Making art -- giving form to the images that arise in our mind's eye, our dreams, and our everyday lives -- is a form of spiritual practice through which knowledge of ourselves can ripen into wisdom.


Table of Contents


Part One: Beginnings

1. Knowing the Imagination
2. Knowing Memory
3. Knowing How to Begin

Part Two: Basic Steps

4. Knowing Drawing
5. Knowing Painting
6. Knowing Sculpture

Part Three: Personal Content

7. Knowing Obstacles
8. Knowing Background
9. Knowing Work
10.Knowing Soul
11.Knowing Story

Part Four: Deeper Waters

12.Knowing Archetypes
13.Knowing the Dance
14.Knowing Patterns
15.Knowing Life
17.Knowing the Past

Part Five: Continuing

18. Knowing Depth
19. Knowing Fear
20. Knowing Projection
21. Knowing the Unknown
22. Knowing Collaboration
23. Knowing Transformation
24. Knowing Nothing

25. Knowing Something



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