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The World Without Us

Weisman, Alan
Publisher:  HarperCollins
Year Published:  2007  
Price:  $18.95   ISBN:  978-1-55468-226-3
Library of Congress Number:  GF75.W454 2008   Dewey:  304.2'8
Resource Type:  Book

A thought experiment to see what would happen to the planet if human beings simply disappeared.


Table of Contents


Part I:
1. A Lingering Scent of Eden
2. Unbuilding Our Home
3. The City Without Us
4. The World Just Before Us
5. The Lost Menagerie
6. The African Paradox

Part II:
7. What Falls Apart
8. What Lasts
9. Polymers are Forever
10. The Petro Patch
11. The World Without Farms

Part III:
12. The Fate of Ancient and Modern Wonders of the World
13. The World Without War
14. Wings Without Us
15. Hot Legacy
16. Our Geologic Record

Part IV:
17. Where Do We Go From Here?
18. Art Beyond Us
19. The Sea Cradle

Coda: Our Earth, Our Souls

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