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An Acre of Time

Jenkins, Phil
Publisher:  Macfarlane Walter & Ross, Canada
Year Published:  1996  
Pages:  244pp   ISBN:  1-55199-002-4
Library of Congress Number:  FC3096.52.J45 1996   Dewey:  971.3'84
Resource Type:  Book

Phil Jenkins tells the life story of a single acre on Le Breton Flats, in Ottawa, Canada.


Table of Contents


One: The Business of Respect

Early Days
Two: The Inside Story
Three: Life Story
Four: The New Tenant
Five: Change of Scene
Six: This Land Is My Land

Days of Transition
Seven: Getting Closer
Eight: Naming Names
Nine: The Ballad of constant Penency
Ten: Setting the Net
Eleven: Possessed
Twelve: Landing Place

Days of Occupation
Thirteen: Matter for Speculation
Fourteen: Lumbering Along
Fifteen: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
Sixteen: Ground Zero
Seventeen: Street Life
Eighteen: Tumbling Walls

Days of Speculation
Nineteen: Whatever Next
Twenty: Dancing Backwards
Twenty-One: Never Surrendered

Twenty-Two: Internal Memory



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