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The Arusha Declaration

Nyerere, Julius

Publisher:  Tanganyika African National Union
Year Published:  1967  
Resource Type:  Article

Tanganyika African National Union's policy on Socialism and Self-Reliance.

Abstract:  The principal aims and objects of TANU shall be as follows:
(a) To consolidate and maintain the independence of this country and the freedom of its people;
(b) To safeguard the inherent dignity of the individual in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
(c) To ensure that this country shall be governed by a democratic socialist government of the people;
(d) To co-operate with all political parties in Africa engaged in the liberation of all Africa;
(e) To see that the Government mobilizes all the resources of this country towards the elimination of poverty, ignorance and disease;
(f) To see that the Government actively assists in the formation and maintenance of co-operative organizations;
(g) to see that wherever possible the Government itself directly participates in the economic development of this country;
(h) To see that the Government gives equal opportunity to all men and women irrespective of race, religion or status;
(i) To see that the Government eradicates all types of exploitation, intimidation, discrimination, bribery and corruption;
(j) To see that the Government exercises effective control over the principal means of production and pursues policies which facilitate the way to collective ownership of the resources of this country;
(k) To see that the Government co-operates with other states in Africa in bringing about African unity;
(l) To see that Government works tirelessly towards world peace and security through the United Nations Organization.


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