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The Modern Crisis

Bookchin, Murray
Publisher:  New Society Publishers
Resource Type:  Book

Abstract:  This series of four essays focuses on Murray Bookchin ideas on his concept of "social ecology", a new way of looking at nature and society. His argument can be summed up in two points: society faces a twin crisis of a social and ecological nature neither of which can be solved independently. The breakup of human scale societies hampers our ability to develop. The bigness of the nation state has isolated individuals so that it is practically impossible to to participate in politics. The destruction of the rain forests, limiting seed varieties and the destruction of cultures with different priorities has simplified the natural and social environment endangering the richness of evolution and the whole planet's ability to survive. He sees the answer to our ability to become full participants in society is the reclaiming of power at the municipal level-"libertarian municipalism" the ability to use grass roots activism to bring about change-act locally, think globally. It requires changing the colour of radicalism from red to green. It also brings together the search for peace, feminism, aboriginal rights and ecology into a new social movement.


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