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The Accumulation of Capital

Luxemburg, Rosa

Publisher:  Modern Reader Paperbacks, New York, USA
Date Written:  01/01/1913
Year Published:  1913  
Pages:  475pp  
Resource Type:  Book

Rosa Luxemburg's analysis of the inherent contradictions of capitalist accumulation.


Table of Contents:


Section One: The Problem of Reproduction

Chapter 1: The Object of Our Investigation
Chapter 2: Quesnay's and Adam Smith’s Analyses of the Process of Reproduction
Chapter 3: A Criticism of Smith’s Analysis
Chapter 4: Marx’s Scheme of Simple Reproduction
Chapter 5: The Circulation of Money
Chapter 6: Enlarged Reproduction
Chapter 7: Analysis of Marx’s Diagram of Enlarged Reproduction
Chapter 8: Marx’s Attempt To Resolve the Difficulty
Chapter 9: The Difficulty Viewed From the Angle of the Process of Circulation

Section Two: Historical Exposition of the Problem

First Round:
Sismondi-Malthus vs. Say-Ricardo, Macculloch
Chapter 10. Sismondi’s theory of Reproduction
Chapter 11: Macculloch vs. Sismondi
Chapter 12: Ricardo vs. Sismondi
Chapter 13: Say vs. Sismondi
Chapter 14: Malthus
Second Round:
the Controversy Between Rodbertus and Vor Kirchmann
Chapter 15 vs. Kirchmann’s theory of Reproduction
Chapter 16: Rodbertus’ Criticism of the Classical School
Chapter 17: Rodbertus’ Analysis of Reproduction
Third Round
Struve-Bulgakov-Tugan Baranovski vs. Vorontsov-Nikolayon
Chapter 18: A New Version of the Problem
Chapter 19. Vorontsov and His ‘surplus’
Chapter 20. Nikolayon
Chapter 21: Struve’s ‘Third Persons’ and ‘Three World Empires’
Chapter 22: Bulgakov and His Completion of Marx’s Analysis
Chapter 23: Tugan Baranovski and His ‘Lack of Proportion’
Chapter 24: The End of Russian ‘Legalist’ Marxism

Section Three: the Historical Conditions of Accumulation

Chapter 25: Contradictions Within the Diagram of Enlarged Reproduction
Chapter 26: The Reproduction of Capital and Its Social Setting
Chapter 27: The Struggle Against Natural Economy
Chapter 28: The Introduction of Commodity Economy
Chapter 29. the Struggle Against Peasant Economy
Chapter 30. International Loans
Chapter 31: Protective Tariffs and Accumulation
Chapter 32: Militarism as a Province of Accumulation


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