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Just Add Water and Stir

Berton, Pierre
Publisher:  McClelland and Stewart Limited, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1966   First Published:  1959
Pages:  222pp  
Resource Type:  Book

Collected columns and articles by Pierre Berton.


Table of Contents

Part I: Five Modern Fables
1. The Great Detergent Premium Race
2. Goliath Tobacco's Big Comeback
3. The Hanging of Roger Mahaffy
4. The Slow Destruction of Harvey J Grebe
5. The Legend of Healing Mountains

Part II: Seven Men and a Girl
6. Joha Brown
7. Glenn Gould
8. Russ Baker
9. Charles Templeton
10. Joe Salsberg
11. Robert Service
12. Milton Berle
13. Jacqueline

Part III: The Wayward Periodical Press
14. Vogue
15. Time
16. Mayfair
17. Playboy and the Bosom Books
18. Mad
19. Justice

Part IV: The Broadcasting Arts
20. The Fastest Hardsell in the West
21. Perry Mason and the Case of the Dapper Detective
22. Fast, Fast, Fast Relief
23. Some Suggestions for Realism in Television Serials
24. How to Broadcast a Royal Tour
25. Down with those Modest-Type Interviews
26. Real Canadian Success Stories

Part V: Verse - Blank and Otherwise
27. Lament for 3 Royal Commission Chairmen
28. A Toast to Woodbine
29. An Ode to Sanitation
30. The 65 Days of Christmas

Part VI: Intemperate Recipes
31. Just Add Water and Stir
32. Tomato Soup
33. Baked Beans
34. Corned Beef Hash
35. Clam Chowder

Part VII: The Passing Show
36. Away back in 1959
37. The Heady Significance of an Office Carpet
38. A Report on free-floating, easily-aroused, sensitive smokers
39. A Modest Proposal for a Divorce Ceremony
40. Shopping for a Coffin on the Avenue of Life
41. Several Openings for Novels
42. Some Untold Palace Secrets
43. A Profitable Song-Writing Career
44. Dear Mr Eaton: What's a Knurled Centre Pin?
45. Fun with Dick and Jane and Little Red Riding Hood

Part VIII: Certain Vagrant Opinions
46. On Dick and Jane
47. On Advertising and the Press
48. On Racial Origins
49. On Thought Control
50. On Flag and Anthem
51. On Modern Torture

Part IX: Some Old Nostalgia
52. Open Letter
53. Circa 1927
54. Circa 1932
55. Circa 1939
56. Circa 1941

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