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One Europe - 100 Nations

Pedersen, Roy. N.
Publisher:  Channel View Books
Year Published:  1992  
Pages:  144pp   ISBN:  1-85359-123-8
Resource Type:  Book


Table of Contents

Unity and Diversity
The European Spirit
Many Tongues
The Struggle for Democracy
A Territorial Kaleidoscope
The Heraldic Legacy
The Flags
The 100 Nations

Northern Enlightenment - The Scandinavian Lands

Britannia Overruled - The British Isles

The Low Countries - Benelux

Old Gaul - The French Lands

The Iberian Peninsula - Spain and Portugal

The Fatherland - Germany

Europe's Backbone - The Alpine Lands

Rome's Legacy - The Italian Peninsula

The Western Slavs - Poland and Czechoslovakia

The Byzantine Inheritance - South-East Europe

Soviet Transformation - The Former USSR in Europe

Variations on a Theme
Eastern European Minorities
Dispersed Minorities
Nomadic Peoples
The Division of Cyprus
Alternative Developments

Towards a New Europe

1. The Family Tree of Europe's Languages
2. Europe's Religious Spectrum
3. The Persistence of Monarchy
4. 1989: The Year of Revolution
5. Independence Blossoms

Selected Bibliography


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