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Are You UV Wise?
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Publisher:  Seasons UV Solutions
Date Written:  08/07/2010
Year Published:  2010  
Resource Type:  Article

Though we all need some sun exposure as it#s our primary source of vitamin D, prolonged exposure can puts everyone at risk of developing skin cancer, regardless if your 3 or 30 years old. A cotton T-shirt only provides a UPF factor of 5

Abstract:  Toronto, ON # The 0zone depletion means all people are at risk from harmful UVA & UVB radiation from the sun. In fact skin cancer is the most common form of cancer, more than 1 million diagnosed each year. In 2009 the direct costs of associated with treatment for skin cancer was 1.5 Billion dollars. UV radiation from the sun can also cause skin and eye damage as well as immune system suppression.

Today, children are the most at risk as most children rack up between 50% and 80% of their lifet...
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