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Against the Grain
The Dilemma of Project Food Aid

Jackson, Tony; Eade, Deborah
Publisher:  OXFAM Print Room, United Kingdom
Year Published:  1982  
Pages:  132pp  
Resource Type:  Book

Jackson and Eade critique food aid programs as ineffective and potentially damaging to developing nations. The authors argue for substantially reduced food aid programs and for their better administration.


Table of Contents

Foreword - by Director General of Oxfam
1. Project Food Aid: An Irreplaceable Tool for Development
2. Food Aid for Disaster Relief and Refugees
i) When is Food Aid Needed
ii) What Kind of Food?
iii) How Should Food Aid be Distributed?
iv) When Should Relief Food Aid Stop?
v) How is Food Aid Released for Disaster Relief and Refugee Feeding?
vi) Conclusions
3. Food-For-Work
i) Public Works
ii) Community Development
iii) Resettlement Projects
iv) Conclusions
4. Food Aid and Mother-Child Health Programmes
i) Supplementary Feeding and Nutritional Improvement
ii) Targeting Food Aid Through MCH
iii) Nutrition Education
5. School and Other Institutional Feeding
i) Conclusions
6. The Cost of Project Food Aid
i) Conclusions
7. The Management of Food Aid
i) Logistical Problems
ii) Targeting and Monitoring
iii) The Conceptual Problem: Programme Objectives and Evaluations
iv) Conclusions
8. Project Food Aid as Competition with Local Food Production
i) Taking Buyers Out of the Market
ii) Drawing People Away from Agricultural Work
iii) Competition for Resources
iv) Conclusions
9. Conclusions


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