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As Pipeline Construction and Repression Grows, DAPL Protest is Looking More Like a Mass Movement

Ortega, Oliver

Publisher:  CounterPunch
Date Written:  02/11/2016
Year Published:  2016  
Resource Type:  Article

A look at the escalating conflict between the DAPL, Dakota Access Pipeline, and the native tribes and activists who are resisting it. The issue is centered around the construction of a pipeline which risks the destruction of a river that serves as a main water source to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and the more than 17 million people downriver.



As they seek to block construction on the 1200-mile long pipeline, water protectors -- as the activists call themselves -- are getting arrested by the hundreds in North Dakota, victims of a police force now virtually indistinguishable from an occupying army.

In the latest round of mass arrests Thursday, more than 300 cops raided a recently-erected teepee camp near highway 1806; as they rolled through, officers used the tips of their automatic weapons to push open teepee doors, a scene witnesses likened to US Army raids on native villages in the 1800s.

The protectors want the pipeline rerouted -- if not cancelled outright, which is looking more unlikely by the day -- in order to protect the main water source for the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and the more than 17 million people downriver.

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