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Alt-right group posts names, photos of 'potentially dangerous' Cornwallis protesters
28 people 'doxed' by national socialist group, some labelled as mentally ill

Meloney, Nic

Publisher:  CBC News
Date Written:  20/07/2017
Year Published:  2017  
Resource Type:  Article

A group of self-described national socialists in Nova Scotia has posted personal information about people who have shown interest in protests calling for the removal of an Edward Cornwallis statue in Halifax, labelling them as "potentially dangerous."



Cornwallis was a governor of Nova Scotia. In 1749, he issued a so-called scalping proclamation offering a cash bounty to anyone who killed a Mi'kmaq person.

On Saturday, a large crowd protested around the statue and demanded the likeness of Halifax's controversial founder be removed from a downtown park.

Demonstators had earlier threatened on Facebook to remove the statue but relented when municipal crews covered the monument in black cloth for the duration of the event.

An anonymous Twitter user affiliated with Cape Breton Alt Right published a list online last Thursday, releasing the names, photos and other identifying details of 28 people interested in the removal of the statue -- in a process known on the internet as "doxing."

The list, later shared and discussed on Facebook, also included categories like:

Group affiliation (anti-Fascist, Communist, anarchist, LGBT).
Associates/sexual partners.
Contact info/social media links.

The final "notes" column identifies some people as being "mentally ill and unstable," "extremely militant and dangerous," having histories of being "drunk and disorderly" and being on police watch lists.


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