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Half of UK sees The Sun tabloid as 'negative influence'

Mandhai, Shafik

Publisher:  Aljazeera
Date Written:  18/12/2017
Year Published:  2017  
Resource Type:  Article

Half of Britons see one of the UK's largest tabloids, The Sun, as a negative influence on society, according to a new poll.



The YouGov survey, published on Monday, commissioned by the campaign group Stop Funding Hate, comes amid concerns the media is stirring up anti-Muslim, anti-migrant, and anti-EU sentiment.

The poll said just five percent see The Sun's influence as positive.

The findings revealed low public faith in tabloid newspapers, with 38 percent of respondents also holding negative opinions of the Daily Mail, The Sun's popular right-wing rival.

In comparison, 31 percent of respondents were disappointed with the left-leaning Daily Mirror tabloid, while 12 percent thought poorly of the liberal Guardian newspaper.


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