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'Reporters Without Scruples' fails to derail revelatory conference on White Helmets

Beeley, Vanessa

Publisher:  Russia Today
Date Written:  08/12/2017
Year Published:  2017  
Resource Type:  Article

The Geneva Press Club (GPC) announced an event that would present the darker side of the Oscar-winning, multi-million-dollar internationally funded White Helmets, operating in Syria alongside Jabhat al-Nusra (Al-Nusra Front) and other US Coalition-armed & financed terrorist groups.The event was entitled "They Don't Care About Us – White Helmets True Agenda."



The event promised to give a platform to diverging views on the role of the White Helmets, rarely explored by corporate media in the West who unreservedly promote this hybrid group of self-anointed humanitarians.

Following the announcement of the event, Gérard Tschopp and Christiane Dubois of RSF wrote to Guy Mettan, the head of the Geneva Press Club (GPC) accusing the author and Prof Marcello Ferrada de Noli, chairman of Swedish Doctors for Human Rights, and another speaker from Swedish Doctors for Human Rights, of being Russian "agents." My legitimacy as a journalist was questioned on the basis that I have not written for any "soi-disant" independent media (meaning MSM), but my name is cited over 200 times in the Russian media such as RT and Sputnik. A mortal sin by RSF standards who claim to uphold the Voltaire principles of my right to air my findings even if they challenge the corporate media status quo.

Mettan courageously refused to bow to such pressure and stood his ground against this attack on press freedom in Switzerland, the popularly perceived cradle of neutrality. He upheld the principles that have been the bedrock of the GPC press freedom philosophy by inviting organizations supporting the White Helmets to attend the conference or to organize their own event at a later date. No response was forthcoming from the various PR agencies that manage the White Helmet publicity campaigns.


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