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An Addict, a Confessed Killer and Now a Debut Author

Alter, Alexandra

Publisher:  The New York Times
Date Written:  03/07/2017
Year Published:  2017  
Resource Type:  Article

Despite the voluminous literature produced in prisons very little contemporary prison literature is released by major publishing houses, which are wary of the controversial and ethical pitfalls associated with publishing works by convicts.



The night he killed Thomas Bowman, 48, a house painter who lived in Kalamazoo near the college campus, Mr. Dawkins went first to see Ms. Knutsen and the children. They had dinner together, and he watched a baseball game on TV with Henry, who was 10. He said he was going home to watch a movie and would call Ms. Knutsen later. It was Saturday, Oct. 30, and he planned to come back the next night to hand out candy while Ms. Knutsen went trick-or-treating with Henry; Lily Rose, 4; and Elijah, who was almost 6.

Instead, he went to the north side of Kalamazoo and bought and smoked crack, which he later told the police that he had never tried before. He drank alcohol for the first time in years. At some point, he put on a Halloween costume, a 1920s-style gangster suit and hat purchased at Goodwill, and a menacing flesh-colored mask. He grabbed his gun and wandered down the block to some off-campus Halloween parties.


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