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Annie Kidder and People for Education have made a mark on Ontario schools, but have they become part of the system?

Gordon, Andrea

Publisher:  Toronto Star
Date Written:  02/09/2017
Year Published:  2017  
Resource Type:  Article

A look at the work of Annie Kidder, a public education advocate, who has spearheaded a grassroots movement that has given Ontario parents more of a voice in what goes on inside their children's classrooms.



"I realized I could actually be part of the education, that I could belong in that school community and play a role directly."

So began her transition from actor and theatre director to parent committee chair to rabble-rouser leading marches to Queen's Park, fighting sweeping education cuts brought in after Conservative premier Mike Harris and his "Common Sense Revolution" came to power in 1995.

Today, as co-founder and executive director of People for Education, she leads a non-profit with a $1-million-annual budget, a staff of six and a place at the table with Ministry of Education officials and other advisers when it comes to policies and funding of public education in Ontario.

Under Kidder, the organization has built a reputation as the defender of public schools, a watchdog and a voice for parents, with 15,000 email subscribers.


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