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Alternative America

Gardner, Richard
Publisher:  Alternative America - Richard Gardner, Cambridge MA 02239-1067, USA
Year Published:  1990  
Price:  $59.95   ISBN:  0-933342-15-2
Book Type:  Directories
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)

12,150 organizations, mainly American, listed geographically by zip code, and again alphabetically. A subject keyword index referring to group numbers only.

Abstract:  This is a fat, utilitarian directory of `alternative' organizations, giving their names and addresses, and brief coded keywords to describe the type of organization and the kinds of activities it engages in. The main listing is in geographical order by (U.S.) zip code; Most of the listings are American, but about five pages of Canadian listings are included, as well as about 11 pages worth from other countries. There is a name index, in which the groups are listed alphabetically by name together with their reference number to find them in the main listing. Their is also a subject or keyword index, of mixed usefulness: some of the more-used keywords have hundreds of numbers beside them, and the only way to know which group belongs to which number is to look them up individually. In general, this book makes no concessions to appearance or design, but it does contain basic information about massive numbers of organizations. The groups listed in this volume are also available on mailing labels.


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