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Divide and Conquer
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  1. Connexions Library: Race, Racism, Ethnicity, Multiculturalism Focus
    Resource Type: Website
    Published: 2009
    Selected articles, books, websites and other resources on race, racism, ethnicity, multiculturalism, identity.
  2. Divide and Rule: Red, White, and Black in the Southeast
    The Journal of Negro History July 1963

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    Published: 1963
    Examines the relationship between indigenous and black people in the colonial American Southeast.
  3. Laughing at the People of Walmart While Class Warfare Rages in America
    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2011
    What is it that POW and the TSG are really selling? Conformity, my friends. You there, in your comfortable suburban house or your hipster urban condo pad, yes, you are one of the cool people. You’d never be caught dead out in public dressed like one of these freaks.
  4. Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - July 23, 2016
    Workers and Climate Change

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    Published: 2016
    Working people -- and most of us are workers -- are affected by climate change in every aspect of our lives. As climate change worsens, our lives will worsen. If we are successful in bringing about the needed rapid change away from a fossil fuel based economy, working people are the ones who stand to bear most of the costs, including the cost, for millions of workers and their families, of losing their jobs.
    Many elements of the environmental movement have been guilty of ignoring working people, while others actually blame ordinary working people for climate change and the injustices associated with it. Yet it is working people who are dying, in many places, even now, from excessive heat in factories, fields, construction sites, and homes. And million of working people stand to lose their jobs, homes, and communities in the transition to a low-carbon or no-carbon economy.
  5. Other Voices: The Connexions Newsletter - March 18, 2017
    Public Transit

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    Published: 2017
    Public transit - good affordable public transit - is key to a liveable city. Around the world, there are movements of transit riders fighting for better public transit. A key perspective guiding many of these struggles is the idea that transit should be free, that is, paid for not by fares, but out of general revenues. This is how roads are normally funded: their construction and maintenance are paid for by taxes, rarely by user fees. Free public transit by itself would not be enough, however. We also need good transit, transit that runs frequently and goes where people want to go.
  6. Stoking the False War Between Generations
    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2012
    The world seemed to change dramatically in 2011. On the global stage the democracy movement that started in Tunisia spread throughout the Middle East and beyond, eventually settling into tiny Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan, just blocks from Wall Street. From there, Occupy Wall Street rippled out to become a global protest movement.
  7. Thinking About Self-Determination
    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 1994
    Does that familiar canon of the left, 'the right to self-determination', actually mean anything, or is it an empty slogan whose main utility is that it relieves us of the trouble of thinking critically?

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