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Communist Party of Canada
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  1. Canada's Party of Socialism
    History of the Communist Party of Canada, 1921 - 1976

    Resource Type: Book
    Published: 1982
  2. The Canadian Left
    A Critical Analysis

    Resource Type: Book
    Published: 1977
    The main focus of the book is the emergence and development of Canadian socialist thought. Penner examines the origins of the Communist Party of Canada and its ideological base and the beginings and development of the CCF-NDP.
  3. Mother Russia and the Soviet Fatherland: Canadian Women and the Communist Party of Canada,1929-1939
    PhD. Thesis, Queen's University, 2010

    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2010
  4. Radicals and Revolutionaries
    The History of Canadian Communism from the Robert S. Kenny Collection

    Resource Type: Article
    Radicals and Revolutionaries explores a significant yet neglected area in Canadian history-the experiences of the radical workers' movement and the Communist Party of Canada. Although a minority current on the Canadian political scene, at key points the radical movement posed a pointed challenge to the established order. Within that section of the socialist movement which openly identified itself as revolutionary, the CPC clearly predominated. It was instrumental in building the industrial union movement and played a key role in many of the major strikes of this century. In the social upheavals of the 1930s and 1940s, its influence extended far beyond its numbers.
  5. Raising the Workers' Flag
    The Workers' Unity League of Canada, 1930-1936

    Resource Type: Book
    Published: 2012
    A history of the Workers' Unity League, the Canadian affiliate of the Communist Red International of Labour Unions.
  6. Red Diaper Baby
    A Boyhood in the Age of McCarthyism

    Resource Type: Book
    Published: 2004
  7. Shades of Grey -- A Left Chapter look at strategy, tactics and endorsements in the 2015 election
    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2015
    With just under two weeks to go until election day, anti-capitalist leftists are in something of a quandary.
  8. Toronto's Poor
    A Rebellious History

    Resource Type: Book
    Published: 2916
    Toronto’s Poor reveals the long and too often forgotten history of poor people’s resistance. It details how the homeless, the unemployed, and the destitute have struggled to survive and secure food and shelter in the wake of the many panics, downturns, recessions, and depressions that punctuate the years from the 1830s to the present.
  9. Working Class Experience
    Rethinking the History of Canadian Labour, 1800-1991

    Resource Type: Book
    Published: 1992
    From nineteenth-century tavern life to late twentieth-century cinema, from rough canallers and the first stirrings of craft unionism to contemporary public-sector strikes, this books provides a sweeping interpretive study of the history of the Canadian working class since 1800.

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