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Computer Crime
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  1. Campus Activism Against NSA Spying is Growing Fast
    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2014
    EFF has been on the road, traveling to cities and towns across the country to bring our message of digital rights and reform to community and student groups. And while we had the tremendous opportunity to talk about our work and our two lawsuits against the NSA, the best part of the trip was learning about all of the inspiring and transformative activism happening everyday on the local level to combat government surveillance and defend our digital rights.
  2. Computer Capers
    Resource Type: Book
    Originally a series which debued in the New Yorker Magazine much of this short book is a compendium of computer theft. From the auditors who regard printouts as sacred texts (not knowing that the data can be doctored) to the outside computer hackers who can infiltrate armed forces databases to the courts who do not know to apply the ciriminal code Whiteside's book is a humorous look at the issue.
  3. Crime by Computer
    Resource Type: Book
  4. How to Rig an Election
    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2012
    Election fraud in the United States in the era of computerized voting machines controlled and programmed by far-right corporate executives.
  5. Stuxnet on the Loose
    Security for the One Percent

    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2012
    Suspicions that the Stuxnet computer worm was indeed developed by the United States and Israel has once again exposed American exceptionalism. Espionage and sabotage are presented as intolerable criminal transgressions, normally causing our elected officials and military leaders to erupt in fits of righteous indignation. That is, unless the United States is doing the spying and the sabotaging.
  6. US: Offensive Cyber-Warfare is Illegal... Unless We Do It
    Resource Type: Unclassified
    Published: 2013
    The US government declares that cyberwarfare directed against the US would be an act of war -- and, oh, by the way, that it is agressively engaged in cyberwarfare against foreign countries.
  7. US was 'key player in cyber-attacks on Iran's nuclear programme'
    Obama reported to have approved bid to target Tehran's nuclear efforts

    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2012
    Fresh light is shed on the rapid development of US cyberwarfare capability and reveal its willingness to use cyber weapons offensively to achieve policies.

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