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  1. An ageing population isn't the reason for stunted economic growth - austerity is
    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2015
    In the 2015 World Economic Outlook, for example, the IMF says: "Potential employment growth is expected to decline further in advanced and emerging market economies compared to pre-crisis rates. This is a result of demographic factors negatively affecting both the growth of the working population and trend labour force participation rates."

    But the reality is somewhat different. The IMF analysis is based on 16 countries that excludes more than one billion people from the African continent where half of the population is either 20 years of age or younger.
  2. Canadian Institute of Actuaries
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    Resource Type: Organization
  3. Connexions
    Volume 5, Number 4 - October 1980 - Health/Sante

    Resource Type: Serial Publication (Periodical)
    Published: 1980
  4. Barbara Jaworski, B.Sc., M.B.A.
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    Resource Type: Organization
  5. Pensions Under Attack
    What's behind the push to privatize public pensions

    Resource Type: Book
    Published: 2001
    Townson discusses the forces behind the drive to privatize public pensions and its impact on the financial security of seniors. In doing so, she traces a history from Pinochet's Chile to Thatcher's Great Britain to critique Canada's move toward privatization.
  6. Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
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    Resource Type: Organization
  7. The Vanier Institute of the Family
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    Resource Type: Organization
    A valuable media source and expert resource, for almost 50 years, on families in Canada. Vanier provides access to research data and an extensive network of specialists on family issues/family life. All Vanier publications, projects and networks are inclusive, evidence-based, reflecting Canada's diversity. Ottawa based, non-profit, non-partisan charitable organization.
  8. PJ Wade--The Catalyst
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    Resource Type: Organization

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